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iPhone 5s: Nearly Full Moon; D7000 DSLR: Jupiter

Posted: 17 March 2014

Opened: Sunday, 16 March 2014, 2105 MST
Temperature: 55°F
Session: 664
Conditions: Mostly clear but some clouds

2114 MST: viewed the moon, 83X, about 11 hours after Full phase. Slight terminator visible. This handheld iPhone 5s afocal 83X photo was taken at 2116 MST:


2121 MST: viewed Jupiter, 83X. Four moons visible. Began setting up for eyepiece projection (222X) imaging using the D7000 DSLR. After mounting the camera on the 8" LX200-ACF, I noticed that the Great Red Spot was visible on the D7000 "Live View" screen. This is a stack of 272 frames from an HD video recording, 1/30sec, ISO 2500:


2133 MST: viewed Jupiter, 222X. Nice view of the clouds and the Great Red Spot.

Clouds were increasing now. Slewed back to the moon and viewed the lunar terminator, 222X. Began closing the observatory at 2140 MST.

Closed: Sunday, 16 March 2014, 2152 MST
Temperature: 53°F

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