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Jupiter, Crater Plato, Straight Wall, Mars

Posted: 8 May 2014

Opened: Wednesday, 7 May 2014, 1836 MST
Temperature: 73°F
Session: 681
Conditions: Mostly clear but clouds in west; breezy, dusty sky

1846 MST: tried for Mercury, low in the western sky, 83X. No luck; sky still too bright. 1849 MST: viewed Jupiter, 83X. Two moons visible: Ganymede and Io. Then slewed back to Mercury and at 1900 MST, it was visible, Viewed it at 83X and 222X. Gibbous phase obvious. 1906 MST: back to Jupiter, 222X. Nice view. Set up for iPhone 5s imaging. 1914 MST: sunset.

This is a stack of 7115 slo-mo video (120 fps) frames (60 seconds) taken at 1917 MST, afocal 666X:


1922 MST: ended Jupiter imaging. Viewed Jupiter using 83X. The moon Callisto was now visible.

Then viewed the moon, 83X. Took the following handheld iPhone 5s photo of the moon, afocal 83X:


Took the following handheld iPhone 5s photos of the moon, afocal 222X and 666X, all cropped from the full-frame image:

Crater Plato, 222X:

Straight Wall, 222X:

Crater Plato, 666X:

Straight Wall, 666X:

Next, I did some brief lunar observing, 222X. Some nice sights were visible.

1951 MST: viewed Mars, 222X. Seeing was not very good at Mars. Only the North Polar Cap was visible, although the gibbous phase was evident. I decided to try imaging anyway. This is a stack of 1127 slo-mo video frames (10 seconds), afocal 666X + one of the Variable Polarizing Filters:


Mars was not as bright as on previous nights. The video appeared somewhat dim so I removed the filter and repeated the slo-mo video recordings. That video was slightly overexposed, so I'll continue to use the filter for now.

2009 MST: completed Mars imaging. 2012 MST: took a final look at Mars, 222X and 83X. Seeing hadn't improved.

Closed: Wednesday, 7 May 2014, 2024 MST
Temperature: 57°F

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