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Arizona Monsoon Storm Update, Hail Damage

Posted: 17 August 2014

Cloudy skies have continued at Cassiopeia Observatory. Had an exciting monsoon thunderstorm Saturday, 16 August. 1/2" hail was hitting the house windows really hard due to strong winds. Received over 0.4" rain in 15 minutes. Total rain from the storm was 0.48". This is some of the hail that was left as the storm was ending:


Two Vine videos were tweeted during the storm. Click the photos to view the six second videos. Turn up the sound to hear the hail hitting the windows.

photo photo

There was no damage to the POD or water in the observatory from the heavy rain, strong wind, and hail. Unfortunately, several of our red pathway lights were damaged by the hail:


Will have to try to repair them.

I will be participating in the "Dark Skies and Emerging Technology Conference" this week. I'll report on the conference in a future report.

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