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Posted: 6 November 2014

Opened: Wednesday, 5 November 2014, 1811 MST
Temperature: 66°F
Session: 740
Conditions: Clear

SYNCed observatory clock to WWV. Then viewed the moon, 83X.

Next, I began setting up for some astrophotography tests using my new William Optics Binoviewers. Ended the tests at 1922 MST. The results will be included in my product review.

Did some lunar observing of the nearly full moon using the Binoviewers. Switched back to the 24mm UWA eyepiece (83X) for a final look at the moon. Took this handheld iPhone afocal photo:


The moon's disk was just slightly too large to fit in the camera field-of-view.

Closed: Wednesday, 5 November 2014, 1945 MST
Temperature: 58°F has alerted me to an ISS-Sun Transit on Thursday afternoon, 6 November. I plan to photograph it.

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