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More Binoviewers Tests

Posted: 8 November 2014

Opened: Friday, 7 November 2014, 1810 MST
Temperature: 70°F
Session: 743
Conditions: Clear

1817 MST: viewed Mars, 83X. Then began doing more observing with my new William Optics Binoviewers. Since the waning gibbous moon had not yet risen I had a chance to observe several Deep Sky Objects though the Binoviewers. My product review is nearly finished and should go online later today.

1849 MST: After being clear all day and into the evening, some clouds appeared in the northeastern sky and were illuminated by the rising moon. The clouds were moving south and west and so became somewhat a factor during my observations.

1905 MST: moon appeared over the hill to the east. At 1926 MST I took this handheld iPhone 5s afocal photo (full-frame) of the moon through one side of the Binoviewers while using a focal reducer on the telescope:


Took a final look at the moon, 83X, and then began closing up for the night.

Closed: Friday, 7 November 2014, 2000 MST
Temperature: 58°F

I have posted my review of the Baader Zoom 8-24mm Eyepiece.

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