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Short Waning Gibbous Moon Session

Posted: 10 November 2014

Opened: Sunday, 9 November 2014, 2203 MST
Temperature: 61°F
Session: 745
Conditions: Clear

I had opened the observatory later than planned this evening. Watching the Green Bay Packers win big over the Chicago Bears was just too good to leave the TV.

When I finally did open the observatory the waning gibbous moon was already high up in the eastern sky. 2210 MST: viewed the moon, 83X. Seeing was good this night.

This handheld iPhone 5s afocal 83X photo was taken at 2214 MST:


Switched to my Explore Scientific 2" 9mm 100° eyepiece and did some lunar observing. Mare Crisium was a fascinating sight. As seen in the handheld iPhone afocal 222X photo (cropped), mountain shadows were impressive:


The southern terminator also provided some nice sights, as seen in this handheld iPhone afocal 222X photo (cropped):


Did more lunar observing at 222X. There were some great views. BUT it was hard to leave my new William Optics Binoviewers in the accessory drawer and do lunar observing using only one eye!

2237 MST: final look at the waning gibbous moon, 83X.

Closed: Sunday, 9 November 2014, 2246 MST
Temperature: 59°F

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