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IDA Press Release, Interviews, M33 Observing

Posted: 13 November 2014

BIG NEWS! The International Dark-Sky Association put out a Press Release about Oracle State Park being designated as an "International Dark Sky Park"! I was then interviewed by the Arizona Daily Star for their news report. And at sunset Wednesday, 12 November, I was interviewed at Oracle State Park by KOLD TV in Tucson for their nightly newscast. Their newscast video report is online.

Opened: Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 1812 MST
Temperature: 68°F
Session: 748
Conditions: Clear

1818 MST: viewed Mars, 83X. There was a nice star background surrounding the planet this evening.

On my previous report I mentioned that the batteries in my Antares 7x50 Illuminated Crosshairs Finderscope had failed. I installed new ones in the illuminator and all is well again with my finderscope.

1833 MST: viewed M33 (Triangulum Galaxy), 83X. It was still 17 minutes before the end of astronomical twilight but the view of M33 was really great. The best I've ever seen it through my 8" telescope. The spiral arms were easily seen in the 2" 24mm UWA eyepiece (83X). I switched to a 2" 50mm eyepiece (40X); the view was wider but with less magnification the spiral arms were not as obvious.

Then did some SQM-L light meter sky quality measurements. I've been comparing simultaneous readings from two meters for the past few nights. I'll be returning the loaner meter I've been using now that Oracle State Park has purchased one.

This was planned as a very short session due to many commitments the following day. I'll also be visiting the headquarters of the International Dark-Sky Association.

Closed: Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 1910 MST
Temperature: 60°F

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