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Sunspot AR2443

Posted: 6 November 2015

I had planned to open the observatory mid-day on Tuesday, 3 November 2015, to observe the large sunspot group AR2443. Unfortunately, strong winds from an approaching storm system eliminated that opportunity to observe it. Clouds began appearing in the western sky as well. Tuesday night received 0.06" rain. Wednesday had several periods of rainshowers. Mid-morning a brief thunderstorm came through with some graupel. Total rain of 0.41" for the day. Thursday morning received 0.03". Thursday, 5 November, had clearing skies mid-morning.

Since the sky was clear I decided to photograph the sun with my D7200 DSLR and solar filter. The first photo is the full-frame version, f/5.6, 1/1000sec, ISO 400, FL 300mm.


This second image is a crop from the full-frame image to better show the sunspot group AR2443:


Thursday evening I attended the regular meeting of the Oracle Dark Skies Committee. Following the meeting I and another Committee member went to Arizona Zipline Adventures, located just outside of Oracle, to make some night sky quality measurements using a Unihedron SQM-L meter. After taking those readings, we went to Oracle State Park to do readings there.

Upon returning home there were some thin clouds visible. Did not open the observatory.

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