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Short Session of Moon Photography

Posted: 30 November 2015

Open: Sunday, 29 November 2015, 2216 MST
Temperature: 38°F
Session: 890
Conditions: Clear

This was a planned short session to photograph the waning gibbous Moon shortly after it rose over the low hill to the east of the observatory.

2225 MST: viewed the Moon, 83X. Then mounted the D7200 DSLR at prime focus of the 8" LX200-ACF. The entire Moon did not fit in the camera field-of-view but I decided to not add the focal reducer. This photo was taken at 1/250sec, ISO 800, with saturation increased to bring out some colors:


I added the Televue 2X PowerMate and took these photos of the northern and southern terminator regions, 1/400sec and 1/320sec, respectively, at ISO 2500, with some increased saturation for colors:



Removed the camera and PowerMate and took this handheld iPhone 6s Plus afocal photograph at 83X:


Added the 2X PowerMate and did some lunar observing at 166X. Nice views along the terminator.

2252 MST: took a quick look at M42 (Orion Nebula), 83X.

Close: Sunday, 29 November 2015, 2301 MST
Temperature: 35°F
Session Length: 0h 45m
Conditions: Clear

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