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IT'S HERE: Meade 12" LX600!!!

Posted: 16 February 2016

The Meade LX600 tripod arrived this afternoon from OPT. I had picked up the 12" LX600 OTA, fork arms and base, X-Wedge, and Meade AC adapter for the LX600 on Tuesday, 9 February, and brought those items, along with some smaller accessories, home in the SUV seen here.


As you can tell from the photo, the really big box on the right (OTA, fork arms and base) and X-Wedge (middle large box) took nearly all the available space in the SUV. So the tripod (tall box on the left) had to be shipped to me. The smallest box is the AC adapter.

If I finish errands early enough on Wednesday, 17 February, I will set up the 12" LX600 and it will have its "first light".

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