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Preliminary Report on the Total Solar Eclipse

Posted: 21 August 2017

Here are three photos, unedited, from my Total Solar Eclipse experience in Hopkinsville, Kentucky:





Earthshine during Totality!


This report was delayed due to web server issues until after I returned home. I will post a full report with many more photos after I get a chance to edit the photos. In the meantime you can view a report at Universe Today that I contributed to:

    Tales From Totality: Standing in the Shadow of the Moon

As mentioned in the above report, we were part of a Sky and Telescope magazine group. Here is the report from our tour leader, Kelly Beatty, Senior Editor at Sky and Telescope:

    Experiencing Totality: S&T's Eclipse Stories

Prior to the Eclipse, our local newspaper ran this story and mentioned me:

    The Great American Eclipse in the Copper Corridor

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