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ETX-70 iPhone Andromeda Galaxy

Posted: 1 December 2019

Wednesday, 27 November 2019, was overcast as the next storm system arrived. Friday, 29 November, before sunrise there were tornado warnings in the area. After sunrise freezing rain began (not forecasted). That was followed shortly afterwards by snow (again, not forecasted)!


The snow ended about mid-day with a total of about 1", but rain continued at times. The total precipitation from the storm was 0.98".

Saturday, 30 November, there was more rain (0.1") before the sky became partly cloudy.

Open: Saturday, 30 November 2019, 1755 MST
Temperature: 45°F
Session: 1409
Conditions: Partly cloudy

Equipment Used:
1.25" 25mm eyepiece
1.25" 26mm eyepiece
1.25" 40mm eyepiece

iPhone 11 Pro Max

When I arrived at the observatory the crescent Moon (with Earthshine) and the planets Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter were nicely lined up in the sky.

I took this photo with the D850 DSLR (f/2.8, 1/15sec, ISO 1600, FL 38mm):

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As the electrician would not arrive until Monday there was still no electricity at the observatory. So once again I set up the Meade ETX-70AT on the observatory patio.


1819 MST: ETX-70AT ON.

Viewed the Moon, 14X.

I then mounted the iPhone 11 Pro Max on the ETX-70 using a Meade Smartphone Adapter. Took this afocal 14X photo using the iOS app NightCap Camera (ISO 32, 1/90sec, 1X lens).


I then increased the exposure (ISO 800, 1/10sec, 1X lens) to capture Earthshine.


I removed the smartphone adapter and switched to a 40mm eyepiece (9X). Viewed the Moon.

Slewed to M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) and viewed it, 9X. Nice view. The satellite galaxy M110 was faintly visible. I could not see the satellite galaxy M32, probably due to the low magnification.

Mounted the iPhone on the 40mm eyepiece using the Levenhuk Smartphone Adapter. Took this afocal 9X photo of the Andromeda Galaxy using NightCap Camera (ISO 12500, 1sec, 1 minute exposure, 1X lens).


Removed the iPhone and adapter. Viewed M33 (Triangulum Galaxy), 9X and 14X. It was faintly visible in the moonlit sky.

1900 MST: ETX-70AT OFF.

Close: Saturday, 30 November 2019, 1910 MST
Temperature: 38°F
Session Length: 1h 15m
Conditions: Partly cloudy

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