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Bighorn Fire Smoke,
North American Nebula, Cygnus Loop Nebula

Posted: 8 July 2020

Tuesday afternoon, 7 July 2020, there was some smoke visible from the Bighorn Fire, which was still at 119,020 acres and 78% contained. This was the first time in many days that smoke was visible from here.


Open: Tuesday, 7 July 2020, 1929 MST
Temperature: 97°F
Session: 1498
Conditions: Mostly clear

12" f/8 LX600 w/StarLock
2" 24mm UWA eyepiece

D7200 DSLR

After opening the observatory I prepared the D7200 DSLR for piggyback imaging.

1937 MST: sunset.

I mounted the D7200 DSLR piggyback on the 12" LX600 telescope using the ScopeStuff Camera Mount.


I then relaxed on the observatory patio bench to wait the stars come out.

2030 MST: back in the observatory.

2032 MST: LX600 ON, StarLock OFF, High Precision OFF.

2037 MST: viewed Supernova 2020nlb in M85 (galaxy) and Supernova 2020nvb in NGC4457 (galaxy), 102X.

Slewed to the star Deneb, SYNCed the AutoStar, and focused the 70-300mm lens on Deneb. Then slewed to NGC7000 (North American Nebula).

2052 MST: StarLock ON.

After doing some framing tests I took this StarLock autoguided, piggyback image of NGC7000 (North American Nebula), f/5, 5 minutes, ISO 4000, White Balance 5560K, Focal Length 70mm, slightly cropped.


Slewed to NGC6960 (Cygnus Loop Nebula). Did some framing tests. This is a StarLock autoguided, piggyback image of NGC6960, f/5.3, 1 minute, ISO 6400, White Balance 5560K, Focal Length 210mm, slightly cropped.


2140 MST: StarLock OFF.

2148 MST: the eastern sky was brightening from the rising waning gibbous Moon.

2155 MST: viewed Jupiter and three moons, 102X. Then viewed Saturn through a tree, 102X.

2157 MST: LX600 OFF.

Close: Tuesday, 7 July 2020, 2206 MST
Temperature: 84°F
Session Length: 2h 37m
Conditions: Clear

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