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Review - ETX Rear Cell SCT Adapter

Posted: 10 March 2021


ETX Rear Cell Thread Adapters with 2" SCT Schmidt Threads

As the guy known as "Mr. ETX" who has several models of the Meade ETX telescope, ScopeStuff asked me to test their ETX Rear Cell Thread Adapters with 2" SCT Schmidt Threads on my ETXes. I was happy to do that for them.

As seen in the photograph at the right, the SCT Adapter screws onto the rear port of the ETX. Once attached, your ETX can then use almost any adapter or other accessories designed to fit the SCT port on other, typically larger, telescopes.

The photos below show a visual back adapter and the 1.25" star diagonal, both from my Meade 12" LX600 telescope, on an ETX.


The Adapter worked well on my ETX-70AT, ETX-90RA, ETX-105PE, ETX-125AT, and ETX-125 Observer. A word of caution: the ETX models have limited focus travel so focusing with some SCT accessories may be impossible. You can easily test whether focusing will be an issue before ordering the Adapter. During the daytime you can handhold your accessory (e.g., adapter with eyepiece or camera) at the ETX rear port. While observing a distant object rotate the focus knob to see if you can reach a focus.

There is a different SCT Adapter for the Observer models than for the older "classic" ETX models. Be certain to get the proper Adapter for your ETX model. See the ScopeStuff product page for more information on the models.


The ETX Rear Cell SCT Adapter is black anodized, machined aluminum. It provides a secure mounting for SCT adapters and accessories on your ETX telescope. As expected from ScopeStuff, this is another useful product.

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