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Edmund 3" Newtonian Telescope in 3D

Posted: 25 June 2022

This is a 3D image of my Edmund 3" Newtonian Reflector Telescope that was a Christmas gift from my mom in 1961. It was created with the iOS app Scaniverse using my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

You can view and manipulate the 3D object by clicking the image below on an iPhone or iPad (recent models). Tap the image and then select "Object" if a choice appears. Press and hold your finger on the screen and then move it around to change the viewing direction. Use the pinch-to-zoom gesture to zoom in/out.

Computer users will have the file downloaded to the computer when clicking the image below.

Mac users can open and manipulate the 3D image in Preview (recent MacOS versions). Use your mouse or trackpad and click and hold to change the viewing direction. Hold down the shift key and use your mouse or trackpad to zoom in/out.

Windows users will need to use a usdz 3D viewer. (Android and Windows users: let me know if you are successful in manipulating the 3D image.)

Click the image to view the 3D image

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