Last updated: 28 February 2003
This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade ETX-60AT and ETX-70AT. Additional information on these models is available on the ETX-60AT & ETX-70AT Announcements page. Comments on accessories and feedback items appropriate to other ETX models are posted on other pages. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	Should the tube on an ETX-70 wiggle?
Sent:	Thursday, February 27, 2003 19:46:06
From: (Jim Shellenbarger)
I am new to telescopes and I just bought a new ETX-70 while setting it
up by the book, I noticed when I was taking the lens cap off that the
outer (larger( tube seems to be able to shake or wiggle a bit. I hope
this is normal and I am being paranoid. Please let me know.  One other
thing, when I took my tripod out to look at it, i tried to loosen the
clamp to extend a leg and the handle snapped off in my hand. I was even
being extra careful. Should I contact meade or the dealer that I bought
the tripod from to get replacements? Sorry for the newbie questions but
the sky is cloudy and I can't even set the scope up so I'm sitting here
thinking about bad things.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Your site is fantastic by the way, there is so much information.
Keep up the great work.
Mike here: The objective lens cell will slightly rotate. That part moves when focusing the image in an eyepiece. It should not be loose though. As to the tripod, I would contact your dealer first.
Subject:	ETX-70AT suitable for me ?
Sent:	Tuesday, February 25, 2003 23:05:51
From: (Osmo Rahja)
I  want photographe the night sky by my camera's (Olympus OM-4) own
lenses during some minutes, so camera must track the sky, I thought buy
a ETX-70AT and fix the camera on that telescope, is its motor strong
enough to move telescope with camera, how about my idea ?
Mike here: I believe that is a pretty heavy camera but piggybacking it might work. Check the Helpful Information -- Astrophotography page on my ETX Site for some tips.
Subject:	Re: "Hard Stop"
Sent:	Tuesday, February 25, 2003 18:11:42
From: (Steve Stiffler)
Me again. Finally got a clear night sky Sunday and yesterday, and got a
chance to try out the ETX60 I bought on eBay 2 weeks ago. It was a lot
of fun, but I'm having trouble with GO TO that I am sure stems from
problems with getting the alt-az home. Basically, when it slews to an
object to align, the altitude appears to be fine, but the azimuth is off
(by a lot). Once I slew over and align it by 2-star (Rigel and Sirius, I
only have South view here at home), it seems to do very well. For
instance, I locked on Saturn and it kept it in the field of view (9mm
lens) for a little over an hour until I came back outside. By the way, I
calculated true north (-8 degrees, 31 minutes here), trained the motors,

Here's a quote from Dr Clay's tech tips:
4) Now unclamp the azimuth and rotate the telescope COUNTERCLOCKWISE all
the way to the hard stop, and back CLOCKWISE until its fork arm with
declination circle is OVER the control panel and the optical tube
assembly faces near NORTH; attempt to do a dusk or nighttime so that you
can see Polaris if possible!

I either don't know what a "hard stop" is or I don't have one...I have
tried lots and lots (20+) of counterclockwise rotations and am not
hitting a hard stop (it does seem to have a  very slight increase in
drag at one point in the rotation, but easily goes on rotating past
that) the scope busted or is it that I am doing something wrong?

Thanks for any advice you might be able to give (and by the way I have
ordered your book)

Steve from NC
Mike here: The ETX-60AT and ETX-70AT models do not have hardstops. So you don't have to worry about them and therefore there is no need to do the HOME position rotations. The initial alignment star position can be off due to errors in the True North pointing for the HOME position, a site location error, or a date/time error. Or all of the above, which can compound the alignment error.


You are my hero!

I had read Dr Clay's bit in the tech tips about replacing a broken stop
pin in a 90 and thought , "Oh Geez...$$$"

Looks as though I am going to have to wait awhile until I can try it out
again,,,absolutely awful weather for the next several days...rain, snow
freezing rain, etc....and this is supposed to be North Carolina!

Again many thanks,


Subject:	Oh, yes, on the car battery...
Sent:	Monday, February 24, 2003 18:34:27
From: (Kepler Nigh)
I forgot! PLEASE pay attention to the polarity. Im not sure what
protection the ETX-70AT has against reverse polarity, if any, in the
best case, it wouldnt work and in the worst it would burn up the poor
telescope. Remember that when connecting one 9-volt clip connector to
another, the polarity is reversed So be sure to get it right. I suggest
checking the polarity coming out of the standard battery pack, and being
sure that the clip connector that is attached to the car battery
provides the same polarity (+ and -) as the standard battery pack that
comes with the telescope. Check it twice, or even three times, before

Kepler Nigh

Subject:	scope stops turning
Sent:	Monday, February 24, 2003 9:28:48
From: (De Ruddere Peter)
I appriciate your help, verry much !

So i have done what you  told me, and rotate the scope several time by
hand, it was a litle bit better, but stil after a few degrees, the scope
stops turning, and motor goes on, i must say, that then the motor makes
an other noise (when the scope stops turning). I must help the scope
with my hand to move, other wise it stops or is 'slipping'.

I think even when i help the scope with my hand to move, i think that my
autostar will not work correct.

Thanks again,
Mike here: Well, it sounds like something is catching on something. You open the base and look to see if you can see a wire or something else catching as you rotate the base.
Subject:	ETX 70AT question
Sent:	Monday, February 24, 2003 7:30:10
From: (Pitcairn, William (EXP))
Great site! 

Recently bought a #124 x2 barlow for the etx 70, it does not just slide
on like the supplied 25 and 9 mm eyepieces!

Instead I have to apply some force and twisting to get the barlow on or
off the telescope. Is this usual for Meade or should I return to my

Regards Will
Mike here: Could the silver tube be slightly out-of-round? Or perhaps have a small "burr" that is protruding? It should just slip in. If not, contact your dealer.
Subject:	ETX 70 and book
Sent:	Sunday, February 23, 2003 9:58:13
From: (De Ruddere Peter)
I purchased a ETX 70, and have tested the oppitals and I am verry happy
to see the first results. Jupiter seen with the moons and saturnus and
his rings where verry good to see. But I have a question. I am still
trying to allign the scope for use with the autostar, with no results
each time when he choose the star sirius, the scope points 10 till 15
degrees bellow the star. I have purchased the scope on ebay, it is a new
one, but the autostar and manuel are in german. So please could you help
me with these questions i have;

A/ When the scopes turns, sometimes its stops turning ( horizontal ) but
the motor is stil running ?

B/ When i allign the scope, and level it horizontal, on the scale is
marked +5 a 6 degrees, when i set the scope on 0 degrees it is not level?

C/ Where here in Europe can i purchase your book, or can i order it on
internet ? It would help me to use the scope, becouse the manuel is in
german, I have download a englisch manuel on the site Maede, but it is
not so complete .

Thanks to read me questions, look forward that you can help me.
Thanks again.
Peter De Ruddere
Mike here: The altitude scale can be adjusted; see the FAQ page. But I don't even use that; I just eyeball the leveling of the base and tube. Pointing errors of about 15 degrees always sound like a time error of one hour. Check the Daylight Savings setting. When tracking (compensating for the Earth's rotation) the drives will run even though you can't see the telescope moving unless you watch it over a period of time (sort of like watching the hour hand on an analog clock). The Using the Meade ETX book can be purchased online from See their international page for services near you:


Thank you verry much for your quick answer, il will purchase the book on
amazon, but this evening is my problem getting worse; The scope motor
drive horizontal is slipping. I have read on your site that the problem
must be grease ? But the scope is brand new, and i have only used it for
1 hour ? I was so lucky with my scope, but know i am dispered and in

If i look at your site, i must open the scope, but it is brand new, and
i am afraid to open a new scope. Can you give me some advice please ,
sending back the scope to the dealer, is not so easy, i  both it on ebay
in germany,(you don't find  a lot Meade products here in Belgium ) could
i contact meade USA ? Or contact the importer of Meade products in
Belgium, or pherhaps you can give me a cleu to resolve the problem.
Mike here: Can you describe this slippage?


When i push the buttons to move the scope i hear that the (horizontal)
motor is turning but ,the scope doesn't move, when i help it turn with
my hand than it moves.It is getting worser. When i do not tighten the
horizontal lock, it moves in shocks a little bit better.

I hope that this discription is clear for you
Thanks again
Mike here: Try changing the slewing speed to see if the telescope movement improves. If not, my first thought would be that the axis lock is not fully locking even if you move the lever fully to the locked side. Again, see the FAQ page for info on correcting that. Let me know.

And more:

Thanks for your time, i have done as told in your site,so loosen the
lock and move the lever to the right, strange as more thighten the lever
how less the scopes moves, how more he is slipping, when loosen more the
lever the scope turns but not smoutly it stops after 5 a 6 degrees on
horizontal scale, but the motor is stil turning. Thanks again Mike, you
give me hope that pherhaps we can find a solution.

Mike here: OK, now we may be getting somewhere. Loosen the lock all the way and rotate the telescope by hand several full rotations in each direction. All that may be required is to redistribute the grease.
Subject:	Please forgive my ignorance; does AutoStar 497 work with ETX-60?
Sent:	Friday, February 21, 2003 20:57:24
From: (Steve Stiffler)
Thank you very much for maintaining such a useful site

I'm a rank amateur with stars, but not a  stranger to optics (I'm a
birder). Recently bought a used ETX-60 with the #494 handbox. Can I
easily upgrade to the #497?

Reason I'd like to do this is to permit control the scope with a laptop.
If feasible, What software would you recommend?


Steve from NC
Mike here: You can control the ETX-60AT with the #494; you would need to purchase a Meade #506 serial cable. Alternatively, you can buy a #497 Autostar, which works with the ETX-60AT, and buy or make a #505 serial cable. Or a third alternative is to buy a used #495 Autostar, and buy/make the #505 cable; the #495 will be upgraded to a #497 when you download the latest version of the Autostar ROM from Meade's site. Meade's cable comes with software but there are many other options. All the good "planetarium" software (commercial and shareware) will control it. You might want to check out Scopedriver and Astroplanner (links on the Astronomy Links page).


Mike, much appreciated

I'm really looking forward to being able to put some of my new-found
know-how into practice. I haven't seen a clear night sky in 2 weeks. Ice
storm last weekend and tornados today...

Thanks again for all the great insights and advice you provide.


Subject:	Car battery and ETX-70AT
Sent:	Thursday, February 20, 2003 17:14:55
From: (Kepler Nigh)
Concerning the question of using a car battery with the ETX-70AT, as you
point out, the adapter from Meade is 12v, 1000ma. A Car battery will
provide 12 volt, but far more amperage. Therefore, using the ETX-70AT
with a car battery should work fine, but I would want an inline fuse! I
suggest that anyone attempting this, obtain an inline fuse holder and a
12 V, 1 amp fuse (1000ma is 1 amp) from an auto parts store and wire the
fuse in the circuit (in series). I would try a standard fuse first, but
if it blows quickly, try the slow-blow version, however, my guess is
that the standard version would work fine. Nine volt battery tops (caps)
may be obtained at Radio Shack (just bought some myself). Meade uses the
nine volt caps, but the voltage, as you indicate is 12 volts (8 AA
cells: 1.5 volts X 8 = 12 volts), so don't be mislead by the use of the
nine volt cap (connector) since it is really being used with 12 volts in
the ETX-70AT. In summary, there should be no problem using the car
battery, but having it fused is important because of the tremendous
amount of current available from a car battery.

Kepler Nigh

Subject:	ETX-70 on 12 volts
Sent:	Wednesday, February 19, 2003 20:11:23
Has anyone tried running a -70 off of a 12 volt batt, and if so did the
Autostar and motors hold up to the higher voltage?
Mike here: The Meade AC adapter for the ETX-70AT has an output 12VDC 1000mA.
Subject:	Q: ETX-60AT RA clutch assy. nut removal
Sent:	Thursday, February 13, 2003 22:03:41
Many thanks for a WONDERFUL, useful website!

I bought my cute little ETX-60AT used and I'm refurbishing it.  (I'm
quite impressed so far, for the $$)  In particular, I need to degrease
the DEC clutch, (it slips) and so far I understand that to remove the
OTA from the fork, I need to get into the base to unscrew the fork
mounting screws.  (Am I wrong?)

HERE'S the question:  Does anyone know how on earth the white plastic
"nut" comes off from the base RA clutch assembly?  Does it really
unscrew CCW?  Is it pressed on?  Is it LocTite'd in place?  I've
aaaaalmost rounded it off by using a 11/16" socket and I want to ask
before it's too late.  I've searched the website pretty well and I've
seen the photos in
but it's not very clear to me.

Thanks again and I appreciate all your efforts.

Eric Guinn
Sevierville, TN
From: (Clay Sherrod)
Hmm.....first I would recommend to NEVER take off the large locking nut
on the RA base....there is nothing to be gained by going in there and
everything to loose in terms of sheared wires and loose connections;
just do what you can get to the easiest and no more.

The fork arms do not have to be loosened nor removed from the base to
get the OTA must gently separate the fork arms from the OTA
while pulling backwards...two pins (one on each side of the OTA) will
snap loose for you to remove the tube; if you remove carelessly or at an
angle, you will snap those off and that is permanent damage.

Best of luck...for the most part the Technical Tips for the 90 and 125
on the Mighty ETX Site will get you through the most that you can do....

Dr. Clay
Arkansas Sky Observatory
MPC/cbat Obs. H43 / Conway
MPC/cbat Obs. H41/ Petit Jean Mt.

Subject:	etx70 inAlaska
Sent:	Wednesday, February 12, 2003 22:00:34
I am in Juneau hope to give some real scripts on observations here. all
spots are good here due to min daylight in winter. just bought scope but
weather not so hot. orion is 25deg out my front door. so we'll see. how
bout some specs  on o-rings for eye pieces? min/max 3/32,1/8,??
thickness,should matter but no other info than 10cents!
Mike here: not certain what you are asking about.


something about 10 cent o-rings over eyepiece for par-focal? does it
matter what diameter of oring? 3/32,1/8 inch
Mike here: won't matter.
Subject:	chromatic aberration on ETX-70
Sent:	Tuesday, February 11, 2003 13:28:45
I wrote to you  sometime ago regarding a yellowish haze when viewing
Jupiter and Saturn, if I adjust the focus the haze disappears but the
planet is fuzzy. I think this is chromatic aberration as the yellow
light isn't focussed. The scope is still under warranty so I can return
it but do think I would end up with something better?Also I noticed tiny
'dots' on the lense after the condensation dries , any suggestions on
how to prevent condensation when I bring a cold scope into a warm house.
I'm thinking about getting an 8 inch scope so I find your LXD site very
Thanks .
Mike here: All low-end refractors will experience chromatic aberration; just the physics of light and glass. I have read about a filter to correct this but it's name escapes me right now. Dewshields can do wonders for preventing dew forming. So can dew prevention heaters. You can cap the lens before bringing the telescope indoors; sometimes this will reduce the amount of moisture reaching the lens.
Subject:	External power 
Sent:	Tuesday, February 11, 2003 10:22:36
From: (Gareth Morris)
Is it possible to power the ETX-70AT via an external mains electric
power source rather than use 6x1.5volt batteries.  Also can the Autostar
494 be updated?

Gareth Morris
Mike here: There are several power supply articles on the Telescope Tech Tips page. Currently Meade does not provide any software update for the #494 Autostar.
Subject:	Meade EXT 60-AT
Sent:	Tuesday, February 11, 2003 8:50:08
From: (Sally)
I just bought a second hand Meade EXT 60-AT.  When I attempted to go
through the quick start, it did not ever ask for city,state location. 
It went right into align.  I also noticed that the horizontal movement
does not seem to work.   The vertical movement works fine.  Is there an
adjustment I need to make for the horizontal movement to work, and is
there a way to input city/state info?
Mike here: You can edit or add a Site under the Setup menu. But you might be better off doing a RESET to clear out any left over data. That puts you back at a "factory default" condition. I would recommend doing the RESET, CALIBRATE, and TRAIN. If that doesn't clear the azimuth slewing then you might need to check that the axis lock is actually engaging.
Subject:	Meade ETX 70
Sent:	Monday, February 10, 2003 8:16:18
Great site by the way. I am moderately new to astronomy, returning after
flirting with it during my teens (20 yrs ago).

I am seriously looking at buying the Meade ETX 70. Do you know if there
are any images of what users can expect to see using their ETX 70? I
have been unable to find images of , say, planets, or the moon as seen
through the ETX 70. I wouldn't want to spend 400 ($630) on the ETX-70 to
find that I am only getting images that I could get with good bino's
costing less than half that price.

Can you point me in the direction of some images please?

Grateful for any help on this matter.

Best regards,

Paul Anderson.
Mike here: For starters, read my comments on the ETX-70AT (linked from the top of the current "ETX-60AT, ETX-70AT" feedback page on my ETX Site. And depending upon your expectations, the ETX-70AT may be the perfect telescope for you or you may be disappointed in the limited magnifications that it can provide due to its small aperture and short focal length.


Nice one! Thanks Mike.

Paul Anderson.

Subject:	Observing the Sun with the ETX-70 AT
Sent:	Monday, February 10, 2003 8:00:21
From: (Big John)
I would like to do some solar observing with my ETX-70 AT with the scope
automatically tracking the sun across the sky. I have a good solar
filter already.

I have no problem using the 2-star alignment process when I'm setting up
at night to do some stargazing. But I'm wondering how the scope would be
aligned during the day for solar observing? Also, if the scope can be
aligned for automatic tracking of the sun, should I set it at the
siderial tracking or lunar tracking rate? Finally, are there any other
adjustments I should make to the Autostar settings to track the sun?

Thanks for any help.

Mike here: You can stay with the sidereal setting; it will work just fine for the duration of most of your solar observing sessions. What I do is a "fake alignment"; I put the telescope in the HOME position just like I would at night (feel free to mark where the tripod legs go on your patio...) and do the two star alignment and just accept the stars as centered. If you HOME position was accurate the stars will be accurate. And even if not, the "alignment" should be close enough. Then just slew to the Sun using the telescope's shadow as a guide. Alternatively you can skip the alignment altogether and just select "Setup-->Targets" instead of "Setup--> Align" and then "Astronomical"; the telescope should start tracking. I prefer to do the alignment though since I can then GOTO Venus to try to observe it during the daytime.
Subject:	ETX60 upgrade
Sent:	Thursday, February 6, 2003 10:14:41
From: (J B)
I own an ETX 60 at bought in 2001.  I notice that Meade isn't offering
this model anymore and has replaced it with the ETX 70 at.

I read all the specs on both scopes and it appears that the only
difference is the objective lens.  I called Meade to get an EYX 70
objective lens.  They said that the 60 and 70 lenses are interchangeable
but refused to sell one to me saying that it would be an unauthorized
upgrade.  The cost of the lens is only $50.00 US dollars. They also said
I wouldn't even notice the difference if I switched the lenses even
though their own brochures say that there is a 35% improvement with the

My questions are:

1. Why won't they sell this to me?

2. Is there really a noticeable improvement 60 vs. 70?

3. Can I get a 70 lens elsewhere?

4. I own the 9mm and 25mm eyepieces that came with the ETX 60 plus I
bought a 2x barlow.  Is a PL 4 eyepiece a better option than trying to
get the 70 lens?

5. Do filters really help?

6. I live in the Northwest.  Should I buy a dew shield?

I'm disabled now and I plan to use the scope for planets at night and
ocean viewing in the day time.

Thank you for your site and thank you for the advice in advance.

Mike here: 1. Policy and marketing. Ever tried to buy a discontinued car from Ford? 2. You probably won't notice it. 3. Used ones from EBay or elsewhere. 4. Doubling the 9mm using the 2X Barlow Lens gives you an effective focal length of 4.5mm. You won't see much magnification difference with a 4mm. The only difference would be the slight image deterioration due to the extra glass in the Barlow Lens over just an eyepiece. But with the -60 (or 70) you probably won't see any difference. 5. On some objects, yes. A Moon filter or polarizing filter can help a lot when viewing the Moon. Light pollution filters may help see some objects depending upon your viewing conditions. Planetary filters may not be that useful on the -60 due to the small size of planetary images. A Solar Filter can be fun. For more on filters, see the Accessory Reviews - Filters page. 6. Is dew a problem when you observe? If so, then a dew shield can be very useful.
Subject:	Re: Re: re: German #494 Controller...
Sent:	Wednesday, February 5, 2003 14:04:38
From: (Vampire Le Stat)
I've picked up a #495 from Las Vegas for $35 plus shipping, I just have
to wait for it be delivered.

Am I right in thinking that I need to program it to recognise the scope
as per your instructions for the ETX90 on:

One other thing; I have read a lot on your website about converting a
#495 to #497 by using a data cable. What advantages/differences are
there between the two?

Thanks for your help, I see you have a correspondent from Malta in the
same situation as me!


"Pain in Mike's Rear" Vamp
Mike here: Even if you don't upgrade it to a #497, ETX-70AT should appear in the menu so you won't need to do that adjustment. If you do upgrade the #495 to a #497 using the software on Meade's site (linked from the Autostar Information page on my ETX Site), the ETX-70AT will also be recognized and appear in the telescope selection. The biggest differences (besides bug fixes) are that the data will be current, you'll have 30,000+ objects in the database (more than you will be able to see), and you'll be able to use the Autostar desktop application to manipulate objects. Definitely worth doing.


Just remembered! One more thing:
The seller says it is #495 used for DS models. My question is, will it
work "Plug'n'Pray" with an ETX70AT? Or will I need to upgrade it to a
Mike here: As shown on Meade's Autostar page ( it should.
Subject:	RE autostar 494
Sent:	Monday, February 3, 2003 8:37:09
From: (Bajada)
Hello and thankyou for reading my e-mail. Name is Joseph and live in
Malta EU. A friend brought me a used ETX70AT with the 494 autostar. When
i turned it on i found it was in german. I asked for help and they said
that with the 506 cable i can upload the latest version in english from
Meade website. I have already found who is willing to supply the cable
but then came across a query for a similar problem in your website,
saying it cannot be uploaded. Now i am a bit confused, my 494 autostar
has a menu option "Download", the 506 cable is for download and
connection, the manual says you can download.....

I will really appreciate your advice before ordering the cable.

Joseph Bajada
Mike here: Currently there is no user update for the #494 Autostar that would give you another language. The capability of downloading updates is in the software but Meade has not yet released an update for the #494. You could go for a used #495 or #497, which can be upgraded with a purchased or homemade #505 cable.


Many thanks for your prompt reply Mike. I`m new with ETX , you mean the
494 is the latest HBX version?. But I hope that Meade can fix this
problem, can you give me any email contact?
Mike here: Sorry to have confused you about the model numbers. The #494 comes with the ETX-60AT and ETX-70AT. The #497 is the current Autostar for other ETX (and LX90 and LXD55) models. The #495 was available for a short while; people sell them on eBay (and probably elsewhere). Meade does not use email for technical support; contact info on their web site.
Subject:	Ref. The older Meade deluex fieldtripod.
Sent:	Monday, February 3, 2003 7:57:58
This is J.B. in Indian Trail, N.C. I'm a cop in Matthews, N.C. I am
looking for the older, Meade deluex field tripod, the one with adj.
mount and GOOD heavy sq. legs. I am sure you know the one I an refuring
to. I have a friend that has one, with her ETX 90, mounted on it. It
looks like a much better one than the 882 that came with my ETX 70. Any
info.on where I might find one sence the 884 replaced it? 

Thanks J.B.

Note: Sence I am new at this, I have learned soooo much from your site,
Mike here: I would suspect that some dealers might have the #883 tripod. If you favorite dealer doesn't have one, you might try the Telescope Warehouse (see the Dealer Specials page for contact info); they seem to have some discontinued items. But for the ETX-70AT, the #882 is perfectly acceptable.
Subject:	Best add-ons for ETX-70
Sent:	Monday, February 3, 2003 6:10:28
To counter the trend you rightly point out of most messages dealing with
problems/issues, I would like to say the new ETX-70 I've had for several
months is working perfectly!  It slews fine, tracks fine, points where
it's supposed to point, batteries last a reasonable time (when it says
'motor fault', replace them), 2 star alignment works every time, it's
light, easy to carry (I leave it on its tripod  in the living room, then
carry it 100ft down an embankment to the bike trail/old railroad
right-of-way to observe...((Well ok, one of the clamps on the Meade
tripod broke, but a quickly answered phone call got me three free
replacements by return mail))

Two must haves: a red-dot 1X finder.  Makes finding those alignment
stars (and everything else) MUCH easier.

A 10 cent O-ring to slide on one of the supplied eyepieces to make it
par-focal with the other.  Once this is done, so little focusing is
needed that even the slightly hard to grasp knob hasn't been a problem
for me.

Thanks for the site! (It's where I learned about the two must haves that
have made life so much easier.)

Subject:	Updating Autostar # 494 (c) 00 V 1.0 to a working version
Sent:	Sunday, February 2, 2003 18:34:54
From: (Abu-Bakr Magued)
I am happening that you might be able to help me, I have recently
purchased an ETX 60 telescope with an Autostar # 494, it was on a
special offer, I ordered a 506 Cable kit from Meade through my Ottawa
supplier, I had to wait for three month for its delivery, I tried to
install and run the accompanying software to hookup to my computer in

No documentation indicates what is the Autostar # 494 current working

The ACP documentation indicates:

a.. At the time of the release of ACP 1.2, July 1999, the firmware for
the Autostar computer was at release 1.2c. DC-3 Dreams has made every
effort to fully support the Autostar's external control features.

b.. We have decided to release ACP 1.2 at this time knowing that there
are some issues with the Autostar firmware release 1.2c. These issues
cannot be overcome with corrective logic in ACP, so please don't ask us
to "fix ACP".

[ACP documentation deleted]

There is no more reference to ETX 60, Autostar # 494 that makes sense to
this problem

Finally if you can help please tell me is it: -

  a.. Autostar # 494 connectivity
  b.. Telescope
  c.. Computer software Version compatibility
Mike here: There is no update available for the #494 Autostar. But you should get the latest ACP from their website; it should work with the #494. Alternatively you can purchase a new or used #497 or even a #495 which can be upgraded to a #497 via software. You would then need to purchase or make a #505 cable. The reference to 1.2c in the ACP documentation is old; the current #497 version is 2.6Ec.
Subject:	Meade ETX 70
Sent:	Saturday, February 1, 2003 9:02:12
From: (De Ruddere Peter)
Great site, i consider to buy a Meade ETX 70 autostar, but here in
Belgium we do not find much dealers and retrieve also no information.

Could anyone tell me if the ETX 70 autostar is  good telescope, or do
they recomend the ETX 90 ?

Also are there any sites whith viewing results of tje ETX 70 and 90.

Look forward for a reply,

Peter De Ruddere
Mike here: You can read about each of the ETX models on the Site. Check the User Observations page as well as the various feedback pages. You can read my report on the ETX-70AT (linked at the top of the current "ETX-60AT, ETX-70AT" feedback page.


Thanks, for your quick reply,

Peter De Ruddere

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