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Last updated: 24 July 2013

It is easy for users to overlook specials/sales, and announcements that they might be interested in if they don't frequently visit many dealer web sites. So, as a service to both ETX users looking for specials/sales, and announcements, and to dealers offering such to ETX owners, I have started this "Dealer Specials/Sales and Announcements Page". Dealers (and only dealers) are welcome to email me with their specials/sales information and announcements. These should be restricted to items that current and prospective ETX and DS owners would be likely to purchase (ETX or DS models, accessories, cases, tripods, etc.). Please let me know when the information has expired so that the entry can be deleted. Info not from dealers will not be posted here (but may be posted on one of the Feedback pages). I hope this service is valuable to both dealers and buyers. Feedback welcome.

No current specials.

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