Last updated: 31 May 2000

This page is for user comments and information of a general nature and specific items applicable to the original ETX model (now known as the ETX-90RA). Comments on accessories and feedback items appropriate to other ETX models are posted on other pages. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	ETX 90 spotting scope
Sent:	Wednesday, May 31, 2000 14:10:05
From:	Mal47@aol.com
I just bought a T-adapter and Nikon T-ring for my ETX 90 spotting scope
(not the telescope version).  Do you have any information on the
feasibility of taking daylight terestrial pictures with the scope?  I
know you emphasize astronomical uses for the ETX, but I thought you
might know something about daytime pictures, or maybe you could steer me
in the right direction to learn more about it.  The folks at Meade
haven't really been able to tell me much about it.

As usual, I am grateful for your great site, and for any information you
might have.

Take care,

Mike here: The ETX makes an excellent terrestrial scope. Search the site for "terrestrial" and "birding" for more info. You'll find some photographic info there. Basically you'll have a 1250mm telephoto lens.

Subject:	 ETX
Sent:	Tuesday, May 30, 2000 22:33:13
From:	mnkadrs@pacbell.net (Michael DeCaires)
I saw your web site, very cool! But I had one question, can you use the
telescope to look at objects on land also?
Mike here: The ETX makes an excellent terrestrial scope. Search the site for "terrestrial" and "birding" for more info.

Subject:	 Cheap CCD non cooled camera
Sent:	Tuesday, May 30, 2000 21:59:18
From:	wbehrens@kscable.com (William Behrens)
Here is an eyepiece projection camera thats color and very nice for the
price.....FYI. I'm thinking of buying a ETX125 but just haven't made the
jump yet. Have you heard of these guys before? Seems to good to be true.



Mike here: Yep, seems to be a good product. I've been told I would receive one to evaluate but it hasn't come yet. There is an example at the bottom of the Guest Astrophotography - Planets page on my site.

Subject:	 ETX pricing
Sent:	Tuesday, May 30, 2000 10:26:04
From:	L00RLR@FDS.com (Bob Ryan)
I just read your email to Camera World. I think I found a place that is
charging even more. My wife and I took a trip to Seattle and I was
perusing the "SkyMall" magazine that was on the plane. I couldn't
believe what I saw.

When I got home I checked the web site to be sure. The link is below:


     Amazing isn't it?

     They also have the ETX70:


Mike here: At least it includes a case at "no extra charge"!

Subject:	 Color filters and Solar observation
Sent:	Monday, May 29, 2000 15:34:50
From:	stanleyc62@juno.com
Today as an experiment I decided to do some solar observation using a
Thousand Oaks type 2+ solar filter and different color filters.  Most of
the filters I used didn't make any improvements, however I found that by
using a #15 yellow or a #23A red filter improved the contrast of
brighter spots on the Sun, (I assume these brighter areas are flares?)  
Anyway I found the #15 yellow filter gave the most contrast, so I'll
probably use this combination from now on.  As far as solar observing
today goes, there are some nice large sunspots toward the center of the
solar disk with some smaller ones near the edges with the brighter areas
also near the edges.
Clear Skies!!

Carl Stanley
Mountain Home, Idaho
Mike here: Thanks for the report. Those bright spots are called "faculae".

Subject:	 E-mail
Sent:	Sunday, May 28, 2000 07:09:55
From:	jdd411@execpc.com (John Dillon)
I'm sorry to bother you, I'll bet you get a ton of e-mail.  I haven't
gotten any e-mail from the list for several days.  The last message I
got was telling me that my mail was bouncing (whatever that means), but
if I received the message to ignore it.  Is there a problem with the
list or me?

Thank you for all the help that you have put out on your site!
A response (sort of):
From:	Mailer-Daemon@execpc.com (Mail Delivery Subsystem)
To:	etx@me.com
The original message was received at Sun, 28 May 2000 09:33:33 -0500
(CDT) from c.mx.execpc.com []

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
procmail: Quota exceeded while writing "/var/mail/B/85/jdd411"
550 <jdd411@execpc.com>... Can't create output

Final-Recipient: rfc822; <jdd411@execpc.com>
Action: failed
Status: 5.3.0
Last-Attempt-Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 09:33:33 -0500 (CDT)
Moral here: If you suspect you have a problem with your email, don't ask someone else, ask your service provider. I tried sending several replies to John Dillon and got the above error message each time.

Subject:	 [Fwd: ATTN ALL EXTers]
Sent:	Friday, May 26, 2000 03:36:52
From:	rodrickse@mediaone.net
I am starting an ETX site. I hope it to be different then others. I
would like my site to be focussed on the actual objects versus the
scope. I would like to compose a data base of astronomical object that
are fitting targets for the scope (and other small aperture scopes.) I
would like user input to aide in making the site. If you have an
object(s) you love to view, please let me know! Tell me what it is and
anything else u can about it (i.e. Magnitude, location, catalogue
designations, etc.) 

Thank you for the help.

                                            Clear and warm skies,
                                                            Joe Rodricks

Joseph D. Rodricks
PO Box 389
East Bridgewater, Ma. 02333

Sent:	Tuesday, May 23, 2000 14:10:01
From:	taylorc34@hotmail.com (Taylor C.)
I was lookin in your Astronomy links section today and wondered if you
would want to add my site to your list under the ETX section. The
address is www.angelcities.com/members/taylorcetx. The name is
TaylorC's ETX Domain. Take a quick peek on it and tell me what you think
of it and if you'll put it under your links section. Thanx.

Taylor Chonis

Subject:	 General Interest - Space Physics etc...
Sent:	Monday, May 22, 2000 17:49:54
From:	scott.patten@eds.com (Patten, Scott D)
G'day Mike,
I hope you have been well.
Found this site and has an amazing amount of info, pictures, movies and
explainations for would be star travellers..



Scott Patten
* mailto:scott.patten@ieee.org
Added later:
By the way , I love the new photo and what you have done with the site.

I was out at my sister's block a couple of weeks back. Heavily treed but
saw enough of the sky. Spent most of the night in black, clear  skies
before the full moon took hold. Black skies does have its drawbacks
though, you really have to know your star positions to get around.  Got
the biggest fright of my life when meteorite burnt up in the atmosphere.
I saw it make its way through about 45 degrees minimum of the sky. It
was a great start. Spent the pre full moon part of the night checking
out Orion and M42/43. I am hunting around to find a good map of Orion as
I had skies dark enough to crank the magnification up to about x260 
which made the 2000 lb telescope pier (Car roof) great for the smalles
of vibrations. Found 4 little stars that I thought might be the
Trapezium so I will check the books and find out exactly what was taking
my time. Once the moon was up slapped on the filter and check out the
craters etc. No Matter what they say anytime is good to look at the
moon.  Winter has set upon us with avengence. 16C and Sunny....Still no
rain, so droughts for Melbourne but that can be a benefit during the

Subject:	 A small but usefull tip for better photographs
Sent:	Monday, May 22, 2000 07:19:22
From:	nkarytia@x-treme.gr (Karytianos Nicolaos)
I am a newbie in the world of astronomy and I plan to buy a Meade ETX90
EC. I looked for info about it in magazines but mostly in newsgroups
(since no sites about it exist) such as sci.astro.amateur and they noted
me your fab site. It was more than I expected with complete and
comprehensive details that no astro magazine or telescope dealer can
provide. Thank you for your invaluable help.

I have seen in your galleries those photographs accompanied with an note
about blur due to mirror/shutter motion. So here is a small tip for long
exposures using reflex cameras: If the exposure is of a considerably
easy to count period of 1 or 2 seconds you can eliminate the efects of
camera vibrations buy using the B (or T in Nikon) setting. First aim at
your subject. Then hold a dark coloured paper in front of the lens to
block all incomming light. Now let's say that the exposure is 5 seconds.
Set the camera at B, fire-hold the shutter, let the system relax for a
few seconds, then remove the paper, count 5 seconds and then block
incoming light and close the shutter. I used this technique for night
scenes with my Nikon and it produces really sharp images.

Best regards,
Karytianos Nikos
Mike here: This is commonly known as the "hat trick" method.

Subject:	 Custom 'ETX' site
Sent:	Sunday, May 21, 2000 10:27:04
From:	guillaume.dubos@freesbee.fr (guillaume dubos)
Hi !
I've decide to transform my ETX into a goto-scope for CCD. Basicaly I
place it on a GP mount, with skysensor2000 and the CCD camera Audine
(KAF-400 based, cheap, so great). I've place on my site,
etxgp.free.fr/indexeng.htm , the whole transformation,
techniques, technical description. It can be a good solution to people
which want to evolve, keeping the quality of the ETX...
Tell me what you think !

Have a nice day (and night!)

Subject:	 Re: Reputable Dealers (or alternatives)
Sent:	Wednesday, May 17, 2000 19:07:32
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
I purchased my used ETX90/EC at Rivers Camera in Dover, New Hampshire. I
was quite impressed by the depth of knowledge of the staff. They have a
large selection of used 'scopes, perform repairs, and (like any flexible
camera shop) would probably be happy to dicker...

Rivers Camera Shop
454 Central Ave
Dover, NH  03820
fax: 603-742-5456

I found out about them by their ads in Sky & Telescope.

Subject:	 ETX 90
Sent:	Tuesday, May 16, 2000 13:59:39
From:	svend.karlskov@post.tele.dk (Svend Karlskov)
I' ll now try to be more explicit.
I shoult like to make photos with my telescope.
I have the camera and the adapter. Whith film is the weight all together
783 g. What I need now is a balance weight.
I think about a short tupe, f.eks aluminum, at the objektive end of the
My questin is, can you tell me aboute the thread lead/pitch.
Best regards
Mike here: Thanks. I'm still not certainly exactly which threads you are talking about. At the objective end there are two sets: one that the cover screws into and the other is what the corrector lens itself screws into. You really don't want to remove the corrector lens so that leaves the cover threads. I don't have any way to measure them but you can take your cover to a local machine shop and they can measure them and thread the tube you want to add. If I've got it wrong, let me know.

Subject:	 ETX photography
Sent:	Sunday, May 14, 2000 22:44:59
From:	analemma@gmx.de (Ulrich Beinert)
I surfed by your site again today, after looking at other sites for
about a year. I still think yours is the most complete site about the
ETX. I enjoy reading the reviews of all accessory products for the
scope, which are of course not geared towards one dealer or the other,
but rather towards what is best for the *user*! Thank you for this.
However, I think some reader reviews should be edited for brevity,
clarity, spelling and grammar, as should the captions on some of the

Regarding photos, I have taken some of my own ETX shots, the best of
which I have published on my web site (http://www.analemma.de). All of
the piggyback and all of the solar lunar and planetary (with exception
of two images) photos were shot using the ETX. This is also noted in the
"Exposure data" part of each page. Feel free to take any of the photos
and use them in the reader gallery; just add my name and the exposure
data. I think, since the pictures are already on the web, it is easier
for you to just take them onto your hard disk instead of me sending each
one to you.

The best photos you might want to use on your site are the following:
www.analemma.de/mooncomp.html (Composite of 3 moon photos taken with EP projection)
www.analemma.de/zetori.html  (Nebulosity around zeta Orionis
www.analemma.de/qtmoonpr.html  (Quarter moon, eyepiece projection)
www.analemma.de/sag.html  (Summer Milky Way)
www.analemma.de/saturn.html  (Saturn, EP projection, great!)
www.analemma.de/jupiter.html  (Jupiter, EP projection)
www.analemma.de/jupmn.html  (Jupiter with galilean satellites)

Take a look at the other images as well; they may strike your fancy as
well. If you do use any of the picture (and I hope you will!), please
send me a note saying so (so that I can take a look at them on your
site) and *please - credit me with a LINK TO MY SITE* (www.analemma.de ).
That way, people who want to see more of my work can surf directly to my

Once again, thanks for such a great and complete ETX site, keep up the
good work!

Clear skies,
Ulrich Beinert        http://www.analemma.de
Eichenstr. 31         analemma@gmx.de
D-61476 Kronberg      Tel.: (+49) 6173-4690  (+49) 6173-703529
GERMANY               50* 10' 48.3"N    08* 30' 19.4"E  200 meters
Mike here: Editing user submissions takes extra time. About all I do is put into the right format for presentation. I only include data that the submitter supplies.

Subject:	 AC Adapter
Sent:	Saturday, May 13, 2000 20:50:56
From:	steve@seametrix.com (Steve)
I have been searching your site and see all kinds of modifications,
accessories, etc. One thing I haven't found is the AC Adpapter
connection. Is the pin positive? I bought an adapter at Radio Shack that
allows me to select polarity but I don't know what the ETX is.

Mike here: There are several power supply discussions on the Tech Tips page. In several places it notes the center is positive.

Added later:

Thanks for the quick response Mike.
Yeah, I guess I was looking for a simple adapter article. All the
articles I saw were explaining how to rewire this or that. My eyes are a
bit tired tonite so I must have overlooked those two words: center pin.

Subject:	 ETX 90
Sent:	Saturday, May 13, 2000 11:56:58
From:	svend.karlskov@post.tele.dk (Svend Karlskov)
I am about to create a tube for my ETX 90.
I need a weight for balance to the weight of the camera.
What I need is the data of the thread.
Can You tell me that.	
Best regards
Mike here: You'll have to be more explicit. Tube for what? Thread to what?

Subject:	 ETX as an RFT
Sent:	Thursday, May 11, 2000 17:28:53
From:	DonMcClelland@webtv.net (Donald McClelland)
I was wondering if you new what the lowest possible power the ETX-90
could use before the secondary obstruction became apparent. Probably an
interesting question for the 125 as well.  I read on your Rini eyepiece
reviews that the ETX could be used as a Rich Field Telescope
(salivating)!  They were talking about the 45mm Rini with the focal
reducer?  I think that would be pushing it.  What do you think? She said
about the 45mm "so much for the ETX being unsuitable as an RFT",
implying that we have more of a scope than I thought.
Clear Skies, Don
Mike here: I used the Scopetronix 40mm eyepiece with the Shutan Wide Field Adapter on my ETX-90RA. Worked pretty good. As to what the limit would be, I don't know.

Subject:	 response to  note on ETX photography
Sent:	Wednesday, May 10, 2000 19:21:47
From:	fgoldner@worldnet.att.net (Frank Goldner)
There appears to be something illogical to Todd Blumer's May 9 note,
posted in your ETX User's Feedback section.  The note refers to
T-adapters for both the ETX and his Nikon camera, and notes an
unsatisfactory object viewed in the camera.

First, only the ETX has a T-adaper; a camera is usally attached to a
T-ring  (or "T-mount" in the ETX manual) after the camera lens is

So, assuming Todd really has a T-ring or T-mount mount for his Nikon
camera, and it screws onto the ETX T-adapter, he is engaged in a prime
focus situation -- unless he stuffs a 26mm ploessel eyepiece into the
T-adapter extension section, as some of us have done, to create a nice
eyepiece projection situation.

If this is the case, his only real problem may be one of focusing;
usually the camera film plane is not in focus when the ETX eyepiece is
focused -- i.e. they are not par-focal; they can be several focus knob
turns apart.  Now, that the Moon is high in the evening sky, would be a
good time for Todd to recheck his setup.

Lastly, using the eye to look into the prime-focus port to check if the
camera setup is o.k. is no good as the eye has a lens, and prime focus
doesn't - other than the main ETX optics.

Good luck Todd. As mike implied, you should be able to do ETX
photography whatever your setup; just look at the great photos in other
sections of his site.

Frank Goldner, Bethesda, MD
And more:
Thanks for the additional information. The problem, I believe (with my
little understanding of the subject at this point), is that my Nikon
digicam cannot have its lens removed (as far as I can tell). I do have a
T-ring for the camera (from http://www.ckcpower.com), but it threads
into what-would-otherwise-be the lens filter threads. So, I believe I
need an eyepiece to "stuff into the T-adapter extension section" as you
describe. Where can I get such a beast? My "normal" eye pieces do not
fit. Thanks!

Subject:	 New Site for Discussions
Sent:	Wednesday, May 10, 2000 17:02:37
From:	rschlackman@gorp.com (Robert Schlackman)

I just started a new web site called the ETX Communications Project. 
The web site has forum discussion capabilities and is hosted on a
dedicated server. I've created this site with one thing in mind,
creating a high performance forum for ETX users to chat and participate
in online discussions.

Please help get the discussions started.  I've also added a Links page
that will allow anyone to add their links on-the-fly.



Subject:	lens coatings
Sent:	Wednesday, May 10, 2000 10:59:15
From:	Astro1807@aol.com
on the lens of my etx, I have noticed there are a bunch of bright spots.
I think the manual mentions these in the maintenance section, when it
talks about the "flashlight test".  I have also noticed these on Meade
super plossol eyepieces.  Will these degrade the images at all?  Is
there a way to clean and get rid of these?  I'll send a picture of these
so you can see what I mean.
Dew spots?

Mike here: These appear to be "dew spots", which can result from not letting any dew evaporate before covering a lens with a cover. If that's what they are, check the "Cleaning Optics" on the Buyer/New User Tips page.

Added later:

after looking at that i cleaned off a couple of the bigger spots with
lens paper and Orion multi-coated lens cleaning formula.

Subject:	 ETX 90 with the Sony cybershot 505
Sent:	Wednesday, May 10, 2000 04:34:53
From:	nldesign@euronet.nl (Marius van Leeuwen)
I have an Sony cybershot 505  / 2.1 megapixels digitalcamera. The lens
is not removable. And I cannot focus bij using eye-piece projection with
the 26 mm eye-piece in T-adapter. Even in the macro set it will focus
not closer then 80 mm. With my old videocamera it works perfect, you
just put the lens of the videocamera aganst the 26 mm eye-piece, but the
resolutie and the picture is not so nice. Do you know if there is a
solution with a cybershot 505. Or did I bought  the wrong camera  and
must I wait till there is a mirrorreflex digitalcamera with the
possibility to remove the lens and with enough pixels?

Thank, Kind regards
Marius van Leeuwen
Mike here: Focus the camera lens for infinity (normal mode, not macro). Focus the 26mm eyepiece for your eye (using a bright extended object like the Moon or a terrestrial scene). Place the camera lens as close as possible to the eyepiece. You may have to change the angle slightly to ensure the light from the eyepiece enters the camera lens. If all you see if a small dot of light in the camera LCD (assuming this model has an LCD), then the camera lens is too far away from the exit pupil of the eyepiece. If the camera has a zoom lens, trying using it to get the lens closer to the eyepiece. This does take some experimentation but hopefully it can be done.

Subject:	 Web site access
Sent:	Tuesday, May 9, 2000 11:30:25
From:	L00RLR@FDS.com (Bob Ryan)
If I use this URL:


I get the page dated January 22 that says the site will be down until
Sunday. But, if I use the following URL:


I get redirected properly to the menu.html page. I'm afraid that some
people aren't getting proper access to the site because they aren't
explicitly entering a page in the URL.

Mike here: It sounds like you (and perhaps many others) are getting a page that is cached in either some proxy server or in your browser cache instead of going to the proper page.

Subject:	 ETX photography
Sent:	Tuesday, May 9, 2000 11:11:31
From:	tnb@fore.com (Blumer, Todd)
I found your web site, and have a question. Can one do photography with
a digital camera through an ETX, not using eye-piece projection? I have
a T-adapter for my Nikon Coolpix 950, and a T-adapter for my ETX. It
seems, though that I must have another lens in the mix, correct? I
cannot just thread the T-adapters together and expect it to work (I get
a dark picture with a bright spot in the middle, the same as if I look
into the rear hole with my naked eye. Is there a lens that will work for
this setup?
Todd Blumer (tnb@fore.com)
Marconi Communications
Mike here: What you are trying to do is Prime Focus photography. For that you have to remove the camera lens and image directly onto the camera's focal plane. So, unless you can remove Coolpix lens, you're out of luck. The only alternative is to put an eyepiece into the light path and then you're back to doing afocal photography.

Subject:	 Re: Reputable Dealers (or alternatives)
Sent:	Saturday, May 6, 2000 19:06:12
From:	ronsilver@erols.com (Ron Silver)
guess since I haven't done this before, I'd like opinions of which
dealers are most willing to accept my parts as trade-ins.  By the way,
under what category will you post my letter?

Thanks for your invaluable site,   Ron
Mike here: I haven't asked any dealers about trade-ins. Shutan Camera and Video does take used ETX-90RA telescopes. The topic of this message was more general in nature and so was posted on this User Feedback page.

Subject:	 Reputable Dealers (or alternatives)
Sent:	Saturday, May 6, 2000 12:21:43
From:	ronsilver@erols.com (Ron Silver)
I own a new ETX125.  I have some spare Meade accessories (brand new,
still shrink-wrapped) that I do not need, and I would like to buy other
accessories instead.

I would appreciate recommendations from you or your readers on
appropriate, reputable dealers to sell me items I want, and who may give
me credit on my accessories.  (Or perhaps there are better alternatives
you & your readers can suggest.)

What I Have,and Don't Need:
1 - Meade Series-4000 Super-Plossl 26mm eyepiece, (#07175)
1 - Meade 8x25 viewfinder (#825),(standard on etx125, add-on for etx90)
    (Both items are new, un-used, and still in factory shrink-wrapping)

What I Want to Buy:
1 - Meade Series-4000 8-24mm eyepiece, (New-Only)
1 - Solar Filter for ETX125, (Transmittance approx. .0003, [shade#14])
     (possibilities: Thousand Oaks, Rainbow, etc. ..)

Thanks for any help.

Mike here: I don't know about trade-ins but as far as I know, all the dealers listed in the Dealers section on the Astronomy Links page are reputable.

Subject:	 Re:  Re: ETX
Sent:	Friday, May 5, 2000 18:58:46
From:	pgoelz@eaglequest.com (Paul Goelz)
I'm oscillating.  I like the idea of the ETX, but I'm afraid it is a bit
small for me.  However, anything much bigger defeats the portability
part of the equation.

In the end, I am coming to realize that there isn't much to look at
right now other than the moon.  One main use would be to introduce
people to the wonders of the sky at music festivaI attend.  I have in
the past taken my 8" but it is a lot to travel with.  The ETX would be a
nice choice except that all the gas giants are hiding now and the
pickings are slim for "wow" things to look at except the moon.

I'll probably end up with one... just wish it was a bit better
constructed. Actually, I wish the 125 ETX stored more compactly for
travel.... I assume you can't swing the tube through the forks?  hat
must make it kinda long?

Ya know what I'm REALLY interested in?  I'd like to hear from someone
who mated the ETX with the Collins intensified eyepiece.  Except for the
obscene amount of money, THAT would be an interesting travel combo!  The
light gathering power of a much larger scope in a tiny package.

Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI
pgoelz at eaglequest dot com
Videoastronomy and music web site:
Mike here: The ETX-90 has been used successfully by users who participated in the Messier Marathon. So, it is not just the Moon (and Sun and planets) that can be seen. The OTA does go between the forks, but only one way (pointing towards the zenith). That's true of all ETX models. I've wondered about the intensified eyepiece myself.

Subject:	 field report
Sent:	Thursday, May 4, 2000 19:25:38
From:	edmosser@home.com (Edward Mosser)
I made it out a couple more times recently and had pretty good success. 
With the moon starting to come back it will be awhile before I return to
the backyard.  Lately I have enjoyed going out at dusk and enjoying the
transition to darkness.  What a great time of the year.

April 27th found me outside at dusk and I started on the easy double
Gamma Leo.  Next I moved up about 3 degrees to Zeta Leonis plus 35, 36,
and 39 Leonis.  Nice pleasant grouping of stars.  It is not a binary
system, but hey, I am no double star snob.

NGC 2392 is a planetary nebula in Gemini which is easily located and
observed with the 90mm ETX, even in suburban skys.  It is not star like
but a small disk - easy to see why they are called planetary nebula. 
Jump off of delta Gemini  to a group of stars SW and follow your star

90 Leonis is a very nice triple system.  I spotted the 9th mag "C" star
at 96x (2x barlow with 26mm). 88 Leonis was resolved @ 48x.  It has a
9th mag companion 20arc seconds away @ 340 degrees. Denebola is always a
treat.  It's binary companion is wide 264" at 204 degrees.  Leo is just
a great constellation.  Last year I was pretty bored with it, as I
couldn't spot any galaxies, but the doubles are just great and M65/66
are do-able with the 90mm.

Why scanning around I stumbled onto an old friend from last year M53. 
After looking at faint galaxies all spring, the 7.79 mag globular was a
treat.  I searched for NGC 5053, which is a 10th mag globular about 1.5
degrees away, but couldn't locate it.  However, my disappointment was
shortlived as I easily located and observed M64.  Couldn't find it last
year.  A year of observing really improves your ability to see.

On May 2nd I went out for an hour.  Started with 15, 16, and 17 Canes
Venatici.  The three 6th mag stars for a triangle and are all about 15
arc minutes apart.  Revisited M94.  My son turned on his bedroom light
and that took care of any detailed observing.  Still a "fuzzy patch"!

2 Canes Venatici is an easily resolved double at 48x.  It is 11 arc
seconds @ 260 degrees.  I didn't have anyluck with Struve 1624 and 1632.
The clouds started coming in and I was thinking about the cherry cream
cake inside...with Diet Coke.

Ed Mosser

Subject:	shirt
Sent:	Wednesday, May 3, 2000 15:59:32
From:	WML5992@aol.com
Received the etx t- shirt today-nice job!!!!!!! Looks good ,fits good.

Finally got some time  and skies to take out the ETX last weekend. Took
it to our observatory and set up to show some members what it would do.
I set out to do some doubles in Ursa Major, Draco, and Bootes. Started
with Mizar, then Dubhe, Kappa and Iota Bootis, I-25 and Struve 123,
tried for 78 Ursa Mjoris but no luck. The  members were startled by the
crisp ,sharp pinpoint star images and the ability to break apart the
doubles. What really got them was the tracking ,went in the lab and had
coffee, came back out 35 minutes later and Dubhe was still in the E.P.
Then came the clouds !! This ETX Classic (RA) never ceases to amaze me.
Clear Skies
Mike Lewis
42d 45' N
84d 22' W

Subject:	Thanks
Sent:	Tuesday, May 2, 2000 13:45:59
From:	PlasmaBeast@aol.com
Thanks Mike!

I have been trying to find a feed back line for the ETX for 2 years, In
the AOL Planetarium I have sold several people on the ETX, and they love
them too! :)


Subject:	ETX/TELRAD/45° prism Combo
Sent:	Monday, May 1, 2000 21:06:14
From:	PlasmaBeast@aol.com
I would like to send along my comments on the ETX ra ...

The combo of the Telrad  bullseye finder, the 45° prism, and a 2x barlow
& 26mm eyepiece is a real easy way to love the ETX. that combo offers a
fine 112x @ 1450mm image, with basically no eye strain!

M42 M31 M57 M17 M18 M7  M22 M45  Ngc869 Jupiter Saturn Mars (when its
close) Uranus Neptune & the young Moon are my usuals with the ETX. I did
observe the triple moon transit over Jupiter as first light though,
followed closely by the Saturn occultation in Dec 97.

I live in SW Utah on the grand staircase between the Grand Canyon, &
Bryce canyon, the sky here is dark as it gets, in good weather. Contrast
& detail  offerd by the ETX optical coatings  are better than some broad
band filters, for OIII/HyB emmissions, & on the Jovian Planets...The ETX
offers a fine view of star clusters useing the 45 prism, & 26mm
eyepiece  without the barlow too!

Properly allowed to come to ambience, and in the configuration above,
the ETX compares in many ways to a 9" Alvin Clark refractor, an 8" SCT,
& the Questar 3.5" for image quality!

                         Plaz (co-founder Vermont Astronomical Society)

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