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Subject:	ETX 80 BB 2x flip Barlow broken
Sent:	Friday, October 27, 2006 19:15:32
From:	dave grayson (
I have an ETX 80 Backpack version scope  I am enjoying it. However, a
few months ago the flip barlow came loose.  I tried to fix it but
ultimately just had to take it out.  I tried calling Meade tech support
but go no response.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?  I sure would like to get that
added magnification for  challenging objects.
Mike here: I suspect it will have to go back to Meade. Have you tried submitting the problem report through their web site?
Subject:	re: Meade ETX 80bb
Sent:	Tuesday, October 24, 2006 20:37:59
From:	richard seymour (
To many people, the images of planets that you'll see in -any-
small telescope will be "just a dot".
Once you've gained some practice, or do a little homework
or engage a bit of imagination, you'll see that the Jupiter dot
actually has cloud bands and 4 moons orbiting as you watch.
Saturn's rings may only appear to make the round dot appear
as an oval (they change their tilt across the years, so
some periods don't show the dark gap between the rings and the

On the same night that your question appeared on Mike's site,
the "DSX" page had a nice posting comparing current pricing
on 3 slightly larger scopes than the ETX 80-BB... all lower
than the "street price" i'm seeing online for the ETX 80-BB.

Take a moment to read the OCtober 19th posting at:

(i have an ETX90, and used it every clear night for the first
two years i had it (its usage dropped off a bit when i upgraded
to an LX200gps)).

have fun
From:	Bailey, Neal (
Thank you both very much for the info! It was very helpful.

Thanks again, 


Subject:	Meade ETX 80bb
Sent:	Friday, October 20, 2006 06:50:09
From:	Bailey, Neal (
I am looking to buy the ETX 80BB, I'm new to the whole telescope thing
but was curious how good can you actually see planets like Jupiter or
Saturn?  My son is getting interested in viewing planets and stars etc. 
But wonder he is just going to see a dot or will he actually see a
really good pic of the planets? I was reading the product detail and it
states you can see the rings around Jupiter is this true?


New Telescoper
Mike here: You won't see the rings around Jupiter (unless you visit Jupiter) but you will see the Ring System around Saturn. I discuss the ETX-70 (very close to the ETX-80) on the Helpful Information: Buyer/New User Tips page. Also, there are reports from users on the Helpful Information: User Observations page.
Subject:	ETX 70 AT & Barlow
Sent:	Thursday, October 19, 2006 13:24:08
From:	Derek Rooney (
I have searched high and I have searched low, but my search to find the
best barlow for my ETX 70 has been a confusing one. I currently have the
Meade model 124 short barlow "designed for the 60/70" but this does not
inspire my confidence as I find most things designed for the low end ETX
to be cheap. This is my grab and go scope and I try to tweak it to the
best of my abilities. I am looking for an upgrade, I am focusing on the
shorty type barlows as the best options for an short tube ETX. I am
currently considering the Celestron Ultima, Orion Shorty Plus, and Meade
140 APO. I am looking for an 3 element design to cut back on chromatic
issues when pushing this scope. From my reviews the Ultima seems like
the perfect shorty but I have generally that the Meade 140 out performs
it especially when coupled with 4000 series eyepieces (the bulk of my
collection) however it is also bulky. Finding reviews specific to the
ETX, especially the 70, have been hard to come by can you give me your
best guess/general impression in regard to which way to go?
Derek Rooney
Silver Spring, MD
Mike here: I don't have the #140 (nor the other ones you mention) but have used my #126 effectively with my ETX-70.
Subject:	Is the MEADE ETX-60 a good buy?
Sent:	Monday, October 16, 2006 20:43:08
From:	Danielle Brooks (
I wanted to get your thoughts on the MEADE ETX-60. I want to buy it as a
gift for my boyfriend, (age 28) who is just getting into astronomy. I
don't want to spend too much, but he has expressed interest in the Meade
brand and this particular model; just want to make sure it is a good
buy. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
Mike here: You can read my comments on the ETX-70 on the Helpful Information: Buyer/New User Tips page. The ETX-60 is essentially the same telescope BUT with a slightly smaller aperture, meaning the objects will appear just slightly less bright and with less detail than with the ETX-70. You can also read comments from other ETX-60 and ETX-70 users on the Helpful Information: User Observations page.
Subject:	ETX 70 Filters and Eyepieces
Sent:	Thursday, October 12, 2006 12:01:50
From: (
I have a ETX 70 with the standard eyepieces and a 9mm and 12mm PL. I am
not impressed with the quality of these Meade 70 pieces and even the
18mm WA didn't impress me. I am now considering upgrading to the 4000
series, and perhaps a 8-24mm zoom. I have heard many differ things
regarding upgrade eyepieces for the ETX 70, including some pans of using
Plossi eyepieces. I wanted to get your take on upgrading perhaps to a
6.4mm and a few other 4000's and what are some good pieces you could

Another concern is I was considering filters, I read somewhere that the
#3200 lunar and color filters were good for the ETX 70 because they were
not too strong (since the light gathering capability of the 70 is
small), I wanted to know should I just go with those or get the 4000
series filters - and would there be any problems with threading?
Derek Rooney
Silver Spring, MD
Mike here: I have used many of my Series 4000 eyepieces on the ETX-70 and they work fine. I don't have a zoom eyepiece so can't comment on that. As to filters, a Moon filter works fine (on the Moon). As to other filters, yes they should be as light (not dense) due to the small aperture.  And given the short focal length, you may or may not actual see any change in the object being viewed.
Subject:	AutoStar: Change display-language
Sent:	Wednesday, October 11, 2006 14:08:20
From:	Janiche Pettersen (
I appreciate your site, but unfortunately I couldn't find a solution to
my problem, so I hope you are able to help me. :o)

We bought a Meade ETX-70AT in Spain this spring, and we are totally
amateurs concerning use of telescopes....

At that point we didn't know that the Meade AutoStar we bought only
supported spanish - and I am very losy in the spanish language. :)

How can I change the display-language from Spanish to English on a Meade
In advance I thank you!  :o)

Janiche Pettersen
City of Bergen, Norway
Mike here: See the FAQ page. If that doesn't work then you will either have to exchange the AutoStar #494 or get a #497.
Subject:	other scope mounted to a ext 70
Sent:	Thursday, October 5, 2006 18:02:30
From:	Michael Pisto (
i've known about your site since 2001 when i bought a first gen ETX90. 
I just sold it to get some money to buy a william optics zenithstar 66
triplet apo.  i'm wondering, have you seen or know of any site on the
net that would have anything on mounting my new refractor to a etx 70
mount. I just want to mount it for casual observations, etc.  I have a
LX200 that i'll mount it on for any ccd work that i will do with it.  i
say the etx 70 since there is one on ebay that is for sale cheap.
Mike Pisto
Mike here: There is an article "Putting ETX-90 on ETX-70 forks" on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page that might help you. Beyond that, don't know of any other sources of such information.


Ok cool.  Thanks mike, I appreciate the help.  I'll google it and see
what I can find.

Thanks mike

Subject:	not sure which to buy
Sent:	Thursday, October 5, 2006 11:09:30
From:	Dustin Lewis (
i would just like to say thank you for your site; you are very generous
in giving you time to help others. the question i have is,  i am
interested in the meade etx 80, but there are two different models, what
is the difference between the etx 80 at tc, and the etx 80 bb??  also
which is the better telescope in your opinion??  thank you :)

Mike here: The BB model included a "backpack" for "camping". I don't recall whether it included the tripod or not but may not. But the telescope is essentially the same.


thank you for your quick response. i had called the meade company
direct, before your response, and they couldnt tell me really anything..
i asked her if the telescopes were the same and she really didnt know..
i am glad you got back to me :) thanks again!!

Subject:	New 494 or 2 y.o. 497 controller to use with a new ETX-80AT-TC
Sent:	Monday, October 2, 2006 10:18:51
From:	Glen Ilacqua (
I'm just about to sell a DS mount that came with the 497 Autostar. For
reasons I won't get into, I'm also buying the ETX-80AT-TC that comes
with the 494. So I will have the choice of running the new ETX-80 on
either of the controllers. A few questions: Does the TC chip offered in
the the New ETX-80AT-TC reside in the 494 autostar paddle, or is it part
of the mount? And if so, Which of the systems 494/497 is better to use
with this type of little refractor scope? Any thoughts are appreciated.
Mike here: The #497 will be a better choice with the ETX-80 as you can keep it updated with updates from Meade. If you load the current version from Meade's site it will know about the ETX-80 (or should).

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