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Subject:	Add autostar to a manual 90mm Meade
Sent:	Tuesday, January 29, 2008 21:40:52
From: (
First, I must say , thank you so very much for your site! It is truly a

Second, I tried finding a answer to my question on your FAQ's as well as
the Web to no avail, lest I burden you unnecessarily.

I bought a scope, site unseen, and from what I understand it seems to be
a 90 mm and it says Maksutov-Cassegrain on the end. The scope has yet to
arrive, but from conversations with the owner, it appears to be a manual
scope without Autostar. Is it possible, and or, financially practical,
to add Autostar to the scope, and how do I approach this?

PS I will gladly pay for your help. Please send a Pay Pal invoice for
your needs and I will promptly pay it.
Mike here: See the FAQ item "Q. How do I upgrade a non-AutoStar ETX to an AutoStar capable ETX?". That should answer your question. As to contributions to support the Site, see the "Supporting the Mighty ETX Site: Making a Contribution" page.
Subject:	Convert ETX-90RA to Autostar
Sent:	Saturday, January 5, 2008 20:02:41
From:	Thomas Tarter (
First, let me say I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your observing
equipment.  I'm sure that must be completely devastating.  I can only
hope the items turn up or that insurance may help you with the
replaceable items.

I own an original Meade ETX Astro.  I recently read a post on your site
from 2002 ( ) about
someone converting their original ETX Astro using the Meade DS 60 and
created a computer controlled scope.  Are you aware if that is still
possible with any of the scopes currently on the market?  Any advice you
can give me would be helpful.  Instead of a conversion, perhaps I could
look for a 90EC base somewhere with a damaged tube and put my tube on
it.  But I don't think that is very likely because if the tube is
damaged, the base probably would be too.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your thoughts.  Again, my
condolences on your loss and I wish you the best of luck in recovering
your observing equipment.

Best regards,
Thom Tarter
Mike here: You can mount the ETX-90 OTA on several different mounts. You just need an adapter. There are some articles on this on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page.
Subject:	re: Purchasing a Meade ETX 90
Sent:	Monday, December 31, 2007 21:54:11
From:	richard seymour (
Although the ETX90 (which model?  There are ETX90M, ETX90R, ETX90EC)
is an excellent optical instrument, you're paying a premium on the
newer models for the GoTo functions.

If you'd like to -see- more, then a Dobsonian, such as Meade's Lightbridge
family, or Orion's SkyQuest Classic XT6 ($270 plus $30 shipping) or XT8 ($370 + $35)
will gather 4x or 7x the light compared to the ETX90.
And "aperture wins".

Those models lack motorized mounts, so you'd have to keep moving
the telescope manually to keep an object in view.

If you wish a "push to" attached computer, they change the name
to SkyQuest XT6 and XT8 Intelliscope and add $230 to each price.

My first scope, like Mike, was a 3" similar to a model Tasco eventally sold.
Then, many years later, i bought a used (another way to save!) ETX90EC.
I added the Autostar a few months later.
The ETX90 did not gather -more- light than the 3" Tasco, but it
controlled it much better, so that views were very clear and sharp....
out in the country. In city, air conditions proceeded to fuzz the view a bit.

have fun

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