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Last updated: 4 September 2013

In my editorial of 22 December 1999, I mentioned that there were costs to maintain this Site. I suggested that there were two ways to recover some portion of the costs: accepting advertising or charging a small subscription fee. Based upon reader feedback I decided to do neither. However, to recover some of the costs to keep this Site online I decided to use the United States Public Radio/Television model of accepting pledges. I began accepting pledges in 2000.

Pledge contributions, while similar to a subscription fee, are totally voluntary. Those who choose not to contribute will not be restricted from accessing any pages on this Site.

Although the ETX Site is no longer being updated (see the Site Announcement page for more information), there are still costs associated with keeping the Site online and available to all ETX users and amateur astronomers worldwide. Therefore, pledges are still gratefully accepted.

To make a payment via PayPal, click the PayPal logo below and then click the "Send Money" tab at the top of the PayPal page. Enter my email address (, your email address, and the amount you wish to pledge to "Weasner's Mighty ETX Site". If you are a PayPal member, you are probably familiar with this process. But if you are not a member of PayPal, for many people, joining PayPal may not required; just enter the requested information.


Once I receive notice of your Pledge from PayPal, I will contact you via email to verify your Pledge and to confirm whether you wish your name or "anonymous" to be used on the Site Membership page as recognition of your contribution to sustaining this Site.

As I have stated many times since 1996, this Site is really your Site and your contributions of tips, reviews, photos, and user feedback made it the most popular small telescope site on the World Wide Web. For that you have my thanks. With your pledge support, the ETX Site will remain online for the foreseeable future.

My thanks for all the past and future support, and for letting me be your host.

Mike Weasner

Legal fine print: Acceptance of your Pledge constitutes no warranty on continued availability of this Site. While it is my intention to continue to make this Site available online for as long as there is reader interest, various circumstances could arise that would result in the termination of this Site. Pledge refunds will not be made in the event of site termination. Neither I, nor service providers, can be held responsible for lost pledges, or other circumstances beyond my or their control.

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