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Last updated: 31 May 2013

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Subject:	Keith'sImage Stacker
Sent:	Tuesday, May 28, 2013 19:17:05
From:	Micki Goodman (
Hello Mike. I was glad to see that you were able to get some great planetary conjunction photos.
Here in Colorado Springs, too many clouds and the Rockies make it difficult.
I hope you don't mind answering a simple question about Keith's Image Stacker program.
What format do you save your stacked images for further processing (such as with Photoshop)?
I have tried saving my stacked RAW images (from DSLR video clips) in all
the formats, but cannot open the RAW or PICT images in either Photoshop
Elements 11 or GIMP version 2.8.2 (both in Snow Leopard).
And (forgive me another question) what, if any, external focusing
display do you use to aid focusing from your Nikon DSLR?
I have a Pentax KX DSLR and cannot find a small LCD TV or monitor that
will take the mini USB or composite signal from my camera.
I have checked on several retail sites, forums and even on Ebay-no luck.
As always, thanks for your fsuperb site, and here's hoping you have clearer skies.
Mike here: The article "How I Do Astrophotography" will answer many of your questions. The Nikon D7000 DSLR and the iPhone both save video as .MOV files. I stack those in Keith's Image Stacker. KIS saves the stacked image as a PICT file. I then typically edit the PICT file in GraphicConverter. When making animated GIFs to show movement of comets and asteroids, I use Photoshop Elements 9. Don't know about using a small LCD. However, if you have a laptop you can probably tether your camera and display the live video on its screen.


Wow! I did not expect such a quick response, especially during your peak
observing time. Thank you for the info.
I will have to purchase GraphicConverter since I don't have any other
app to work with PICT files.
As for tethering my camera,unfortunately, Pentax does not afford that
option, so using a laptop, tablet or smartphone won't do. I have an IR
remote for shutter control, but that's all I have. My megazoom P&S has
it's own limitations, but that's another story.
By the way-your previous help on setting up for polar alignment has been
a great boon, and I can get going in a short time. Thanks again for your
continued help. May the summer skies be fulfilling.
Yours always-Fred
Mike here: Hi from my observatory. But I'm closing up now. Too windy.
Glad to help. You'll like GraphicConverter. Preview should open PICT files and allow some basic editing.

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