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Subject:	looking for a 37mm filter adapter for thru the eyepiece camcording with my sony dcr-trv720 & etx60
Sent:	Tuesday, September 7, 2004 18:03:59
From:	suttonsc (
Well, it has been a few years, but now my son (for whom I purchased the
etx 3 yrs ago) is taking astronomy in HS, and has expressed interest in
the subject above. I have researched and found a few adapters that might
work, but not sure if they will work. By the way, I also have the t-ring
& t-mount for a canon slr. My dream is to set the camcorder up to the
etx eyepiece, plug that into the laptop, and then by using the etx
remote control, be able to vie the heavens on the laptop siting down on
a camp chair! What decadence, you say? Can you help me out finding the
filter adapter for the camcorder? Have you heard of anyone trying to do
(and succeed) what I've described?
Thanks for a great web site!
Mike here: Certainly it will work. Check for adapters; they may have one that works. However, keep in mind that the camera weight may or may not be a problem. You may need to add a counterweight system.

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