Last updated: 14 December 2004

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Subject:	Orion Nebula with a coolpix 995
Sent:	Friday, December 10, 2004 22:16:41
From:	Luis Villa (
After months of not being able to use the scope, due to work schedules
and weather... I had a chance tonight to not only just use the scope but
also do some imaging with my coolpix 995.

My first real shot of any of the Messier Objects.  The Pleiades and
Orion,  ETX 125 with the 40mm eyepiece and a Scopetronics adapter,
various exposures, I would include this info but I FORGOT to turn on the
info text on the camera!



11 Messiers to go! I will try to image as many as I can and submit them. Thx! Luis

End of today's update
Subject:	Ring Nebula (M57) Pic
Sent:	Monday, October 4, 2004 13:34:15
From:	David Mann (
Weather here in England has been awful for moths now.  Only had the ETX
out a couple of times.  Since the last pic I sent you I've changed my
digi camera and I'm now using a Nikon coolpix 4500 with a scopetronix
Digi-T adapter.

This is my 1st attempt with the new kit. Details as Below. ETX-105 Alt/Az easy align Meade 4000 40mm eyepiece Nikon Coolpix 4500 connected to eyepiece via digi-t adapter Shutter Priority mode 8 Secs F2.6 No zoom ISO 800 Noise Reduction on I've cut the middle 1024x768 section out of the original to keep sizes down. I think next time I'll try with a bit more magnification to get more detail. Thanks for a top site. Keep up the good work Dave
Mike here: I adjusted the levels somewhat to bring out the nebula.

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