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This page documents Quickcam, ToUCam, and similar video/web cameras comments, tips, and photos. Also, see the Quickcam references on the Astrophotography - Basics page. webcam the site for other items about webcams. Contributions welcome.

Subject:	ETX-125 Photos
Sent:	Friday, December 10, 2004 21:06:18
From: (
Some of the last photos I took with my ETX-125 and the ToUCam Pro were
pretty good.  Here's a composite of Saturn and its moons that you are
more than welcome to post on your site.

Also, check out the pics on my pages. 

With the exception of the M42, one
Saturn pic and maybe one other, all the pics on the page are taken with
the Mighty ETX.

I'm awaiting return home to Texas where a newly supercharged ETX-125 and
an uponed Meade DSI await....more pics surely to follow!


End of today's update
Subject:	Webcam pics
Sent:	Thursday, December 2, 2004 10:31:54
From:	Didier Lehoux (
My first pics after having modified my webcam for long exposures. Two
stars and my first real attempt of deep sky imaging. As you can see, I
have lots of progress to do...

Theses pictures have been taken near Besanon in France, with a TouCam
Pro SC1 and an ETX125.

Vega  : August 15th - 21h40 TU. 10 x 0.5s pics registered with IRIS.

Albireo : August 15th - 22h40 TU. 25 best images / 76 - 1/25s regsitered with IRIS
M57 : November 15th - 19h20 TU. 13 best images / 72 - 13s exposure.
Feel free to show some of them in your guest gallery if you thing they're worth while. Thanks, Didier (Didier Lehoux - Besanon France - mailto: )

End of 4 December update
Subject:	Saturn and Toucam
Sent:	Sunday, November 7, 2004 07:50:18
From: (
AT last we have had a clear night in the UK. I finally managed to get
Saturn onto the laptop via my Toucam and a Barlow. I attach my first
efforts, they are not the best but considering it was my first time and
Saturn was pretty low (at the start actually behind branches and then at
the end of the session just above them) I think they are okay. I also
captured Venus one morning last week, but that  is to bright so not
bothered attaching.



End of 10 November update
Subject:	Toucam and Planetary Imaging
Sent:	Sunday, October 10, 2004 02:48:17
From: (
I have now bought a Toucam Pro and am very pleased with the pictures of
the moon that I have taken. I attach them so if you wish you can show
people what a complete novice can achieve. (all taken with an ETX 90 and
the Toucam in the eyepiece holder)






However being the total amatuer that I am, I have a question that hopefully people will be able to answer. Though I am happy with my moon pictures I have so far completely failed to capture anything else, 4am this morning, nice clear sky, point at Saturn, nothing on screen, can somebody give me some tips please? One solution I have thought of is to stick with the moon and work out exactly which part of the moon is hitting the ccd and where abouts it is in the eyepeice and hopefully by putting the planet in the same place it should appear on the screen. I was hopeing that somebody may however have a quicker solution. Thanks in advance Chris
Mike here: it is certainly possible to image planets but it is made more difficult by the smaller size (mostly). You need to be certain your finderscope is well aligned to the telescope optics, which will include the imager. Even then it may take some slewing around to get the planet on the imager. It can take a LOT of patience but it can be done.


Thanks for the tips. I am going to keep at it and hopefully will get
Saturn soon.

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