Last updated: 28 February 2006
Subject:	Saturn & Moons
Sent:	Tuesday, February 28, 2006 16:14:41
From:	Tom Mordasky (
This is a composite shot Taken through my ETX 90 on Monday Feb 27th 2006
around 9:45 PM EST. The Planet is 540 stacked frames through the Meade
LPI Camera. The moons a a single 6 second frame through my Canon
Powershot A80. There is just a hint of Cassini's Division. I am very
pleased with the moons, though Saturn itself has proven frustrating for
me, detail greater than this has so far eluded me.


Subject:	Meade LPI Imaging with 105EC
Sent:	Tuesday, February 21, 2006 09:54:07
From:	Dave Miller (
First night our with the LPI and my ETX105EC.  I am happy with the
imager and program in general but I cannot figure out why the images are
blue when in normal "color" mode.  I played with the histogram bars but
they only either made the image more blue or erased the image all

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


It did not do it on the second night (the blue image).  LPI working
great with my ETX105EC in polar alignment mode.  Here is an image taken
last night (Feb .21,2006) with relatively clear/ transparent sky in
Guelph, Ontario.  This pic taken with a Pentium 2, 266 mhz, 96 MB Ram
laptop taken on my deck in the back yard.  52 images stacked in LPI
exposure is 0.354, 65% image quality and 10 images base.  I process
slightly in Registax to get it brighter but no color enhancement done. 
I am happy with the results for the second time using it.  You can post
on your site if you wish.

Thanks again.


Subject:	ETX 125 Jumping
Sent:	Friday, January 27, 2006 12:44:13
From:	Jan H Kolst (
I've been out tonite taking pics after the problem with jumping.I'm
reasonable satisified with the pics.Hopefully I won't have any more
problems concerning "jumping".

Supplied 2 pics of Saturn.Seeing under normal.Orion was very weak.Would
like your opinion of the pics if possible.

Thanks again for your valuable first aid.

1 with LPI and 1 with Envisage.I think LPI takes better pics than



Mike here: Envisage one seems a little overexposed.
Sent:	Saturday, January 14, 2006 19:45:33
From:	Kris phil (
I've been trying to learn Meade LPI Suite and I updated it yesterday.
Where can I get Writen information on this update and how to use it
best? It's asking for a IP# to connect to the focus movement controls,
The program could be alot user friendly. If anyone knows LPI & ETX-125
it's you mike. Thanks    Terry
Mike here: There is a PDF file on the update on Meade's site that discusses Drizzle. As to an IP address, see the networking and the Mac articles in the Autostar Suite section on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page.

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