Last updated: 11 June 2001

Satellite AOS Patch

Subject:	Lower Satellite AOS/LOS for v21eK
Sent:	Monday, June 11, 2001 9:04:08
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
For those folks who wish to stay in the warm and fuzzy past of
 v21eK, here is the patch needed to lower the satellite track
calculation's cutoff horizon to two degrees of elevation,
 similar to 22eH's cutoff.

location   old  new

 2cf87     41   40
 2cf88     70   00

or, if you use the semi-autopatch program:

;  lower satellite AOS/LOS horizon from 15 degrees to two (2).
; v21eK
R 2cf87     41   40
R 2cf88     70   00

have fun

Subject:	 patch for v21ek for satellite AOS to the second
Sent:	Friday, December 15, 2000 23:54:29
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)
One of my continuing grumps about the Autostar is that it reports
Satellite rise-times (AOS) to only a minute accuracy, and a truncated
minute at that.  So a satellite scheduled to cross the target point
at 08:22:59  shows as  08:22.

The two-byte patch presented here changes that display to show the
seconds as well as the minutes.
You apply this patch to the autostar.rom file sitting in your
Updater>Ephemerides directory, and re-download the Autostar.
Full instructions are at the website cited below, along with an
"automatic" DOS-batch helper program.

The last four lines of this message are formatted for Jim Berry's
patch program for the Autostar.Rom file.

Visit http://www.wolfe.net/~workshop/astro/patcher.html
for full details.

If you already have the patcher, or have a hex editor, here
are the numbers.  The "T" line are a test to verify you are
tweaking the correct file, the "R" lines are the "replace" data.

Ahhh.. a difference in v2.1Ek is that a corded ETX will now first
go to the LOS point, -then- swing to the AOS point.  This avoids
having the ETX crash into its hard-stops during the actual 
satellite pass.  It also means that setup takes longer.

A BUG in v21Ek is that the "[enter] to Pause" function does not 
properly resume the track...  i advise that you just fight the
track with the Slew keys after the first 10 degrees of tilt or so.

have fun

  location:  Old   New   ascii

T 032FE       45          E
T 032FF       6B          k
R 5F001      46     31
R 5F015      46     31

Mike here: See the "All of Dick Seymour's Patches" page for any updated versions of this patch.

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