Last updated: 12 July 2001

Automatic satellite start-tracking patch

Sent:	Thursday, July 12, 2001 20:04:09
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (richard seymour)

This is a patch for v22eR to start the telescope automatically 
tracking a satellite when the count-down timer reaches zero.

Since the low altitude that it wants to start tracking at is
frequently behind something, or in the smog, trying to visually 
acquire the satellite before pushing the [enter] key is almost

What works for me is to push [enter] when it beeps, and watch as
the scope rises until i can actually see the satellite.  When i
see it, i use the slew keys to center it, and the tracking continues.
("the chase is on" is closer to the truth).
That touch-up slewing can be done with the scope still tracking,
although if the scope is -ahead- of the satellite you can push [enter]
to pause, and then [enter] again as the satellite moves into the
eyepiece's field of view.

But i'm lazy.  Why stare at the handset, or get distracted and miss
the beep?  Why not have the *Autostar* start the tracking when the
count reaches zero?

And that's what this patch does.  In short, it replaces the jump
to the "make a beep" function with a jump to the "start tracking"
function.  The countdown will reach "1", and then the display will
 say "Tracking satellite..." and the motors will start.
You can still override the countdown by pressing [enter].

The v22eR patch is:
    loc   old  new
R  8a128   bd  20
R  8a129   1e  2a

That patch has no other effect upon Autostar operations.

An additional patch i use changes the power-up version display
from "22E"  to "22r".  This has no other effect upon operation
(well, the statistics version display becomes 22rr).
   loc   old  new
R  032fe  45  72

See Mike's 
for how to use the above numbers to patch the firmware.
You will then have to re-send [firmware to autostar].

have fun
--dick (ol' lazy)

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