Last updated: 9 December 2001

Lower Case, Punctuation Patch

Subject:	old Name Entry patch, revisited
Sent:	Sunday, December 9, 2001 17:57:20
From: (richard seymour)
Back in 20h and 21eK, i provided a patch which allowed the use of the
(nearly) full ascii character set in keypad entry of Names for user
bodies (instead of the current limit of UPPERCASE and numerals).  The
following patch is for v22eT, and allows lowercase and quite a few
punctuation symbols. At the penalty of having to scroll through all of
those characters when you're entering a name.

This is for 22eT, and can be applied to either a plain (unpatched)
build.rom, or to one which has already been converted to  22tT. The
checksum correction is embedded in this patch, and does not affect the
main checksum.

Patch instructions and assistive programs at:



P.S.  "2.2tT" is a previously patched Autostar ROM.

> This 22eT/22tT Patch will allow access to almost all ascii 
> characters for Object Names, etc. via the scroll up/down keys
>  Dick Seymour 1/23/2001 rev 09-dec-2001
> v22eT, 497 Autostar (11 changes)
> loc    old  new
R 2B011   41  21
R 2b015   5A  7a 
R 2b029   5A  7a
R 2b03b   41  21
R 2b057   39  7a
R 2b05d   41  21
R 2b061   5A  7a
R 2b079   5A  7a
R 2b07f   41  21
R 2b087   41  21
R 30fd0   ff  de
;   22eT

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