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Last updated: 12 February 2009

Mike here: A few years back I had been looking to buy a 12VDC rechargeable power supply for my ETX and LXD55 telescopes. The one I really wanted then (at Target) was no longer available (according to my local Target store). So I decided I would survey ETX and LXD55 users. I am sure there are many others interested in this so have compiled a table from the inputs I have received. In October 2004, I ended up purchasing a Celestron Power Tank and it has worked out well for me. But I am keeping this table going so if you would like to submit information for your power supply, please copy the lines below and paste into a new email message, add your responses on the same line as the item, use a Subject line of "Power Supply Table", and send it to me at etx@me.com. Thanks.

New entries added on the right side of the table or at the end of the page.

---- begin copy here ----
Product Name:
Model Number:
Where purchased:
When purchased:
Size (width, depth, height):
Warranty length:
Number of 12VDC cigarette lighter ports:
12VDC power normal (amperes):
12VDC power peak (amperes):
Other DC power output ports & voltage:
AC power output ports & voltage:
Power On indicator (type):
Charge level indicator (type):
Charging indicator (type):
Charging power source (car, 120VAC, 220VAC):
Time to charge:
Utility light (type, color):
Included accessories:
What telescope powered:
What telescope accessories powered:
Typical time between charges:
Other comments:
Would you buy it again?
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Product Name: Rally Port-A-Power Power Station Pro User Portable Power Station Portable Power Station w/ 120V Inverter Pocket Generator Jumo 'n' Start Everstart Jump Starter Greenland Outdoors 110V & 12V Power Supply EverStart maxx Jump Starter Vector Industrial Series 900 Portable Power station Vector Pocket Generator power city Powermate Car Starter, 12 volt PowerPort
Model Number: 7241 (61-2801) PS1800 NA VEC018-AC JNS 1880 HP250 none HP450-2 VEC021AC 61-2801 VEC018-AC unknown PMB8110 PB-312
Manufacturer: Rally Manufacturing, Inc Radio Shack. ProUser/ Kingavon Ltd. Vector Vector Roadmaster Everstart Vector Power Pro Inc. for Wal-Mart Vector Manufacturing Ltd. Radio Shack Vector vector Coleman Cutting Edge Enterprises
Where purchased: K-Mart in Oeange Park Florida at Radio Shack. Maplin Electronics, Dublin, Ireland Scopetronix.com Item # VPS120 Target Shuck's Automotive, Seattle Wal-Mart Target Wal-Mart Radio Shack Radio Shack, Denver www.cabelas.com target Radio Shack Internet
When purchased: August 2002 1/14/03. Jan 2002 2000 2001 April? May? 2002 Dec2002 (replaced same modle I have used for 1.5 years that my son "liberated" January 2003 12/01/02 ?/1999 9/20/01 Sept. 2002 8-5-02 March 15, 2003 March 13, 2003
Price: $39.99 on sale $24.95 EUR 66 $99.95 $14.99 on clearance $45.00 29.95us $19.95 (sale price, regular $39.95) $69.95 $49.99 $45 $35 $60.00us $29.99 $89
Size (width, depth, height): 9-7/16" x 3-5/16" x 9-5/8" (23.97 cm x 8.41 cm x 24.45 cm) 7-1/6" x 3-1/3" x 7-7/8" 320mm x 155mm x 355mm 12x7x12 inches 7.5 in.wide, 4.0 in.deep, 6.25 in. high 13" w x 7" d x 12.5" h 10"x10"x3" 8 x 6 x 2" 7 1/2"wide 12"length 11 1/2 high 11 5/8"(29.53CM), 6 1/4"(15.88CM), 11 3/4"(29.85CM) 7 1/16, 3 1/3, 7 1/8" unknown 14x6x11 8"x 2"x 1.5" 5" x 7" x 9"
Weight: 8.33lbs (3.77 kg) 7.5lbs 11.5kg 24 lbs 4.6 lbs. 18 lb about 7.5 lbs 5 lb. 19lbs 18LBS.(8.16KG) 7 lbs., 5.8 oz. unknown 7-8 lbs Appox. 2 lbs. 8 pounds
Warranty length: 1 year 1 year 2 years ? 120 day ?? no idea. 12 months 120 days, extendable to 2 years for $25 - go figure. 1yr 120 Days 90 day 3-years 1 yr? 2 years 1 Year
Number of 12VDC cigarette lighter ports: dual 2 2 1 - I added a 1-2 splitter 1 3 1 (I use a splitter) 1 2, "each DC power port has a built-in automatic resettable circuit breaker for short circuit and overload protection" 1 (One) 2 1 2 1 3
12VDC power normal (amperes): 7 amp-hours 10amp have not measured and not stated explicitly in manual (19 Amp-hour battery) (ad says 17 a-h but unit says 19 a-h) ? 15 amp 10 6 amp-hour (ETX-125 draws less than 0.5 amps with everything slewing at high speed) 10 watts 21 hours,135 watts 1 hour 400 (Cranking Amps) ? 5 unknown no manual available now 4.5 amp hours 12 AH
12VDC power peak (amperes): ? (Don't know where to find this info) 7amp hours.   ? (will start a car!) ? socket fused for 15 amps, JumperCables unfused.   Owner info says do not exceed 12 amps 18 900 (Cranking Amps) 10A unknown unknown no manual available now n/a
Other DC power output ports & voltage: 3,6,9 V 1.5v.3v.4.5v.6v.9v. all seperate jacks. none none none none 300amps none 500 amp starting power None 1 @ 1.5A, 3, 4.5, 6, 9 0.5A max none   none none
AC power output ports & voltage: 110 V AC charger jack for in home use none. none 2 120V w/ 150W inverter, 300W peak 1 port, 110volt, 50 watt max, 80 watt peak, modified sine wave none none 1 120V at 80 watts optional inverter is needed....max 200 watts 1 (One) 110VAC 0 110 1 at 120v 200 watts none none
Power On indicator (type): Depress charge level indicator button. The charge level indicator(s) LED will turn ON in sequence to indicate the current battery charge level status. When released, the charge level indicator LED(s) will turn OFF ok,green led, low,yellow led none only on inverter (LED) LED for inverter only green LED led LED on inverter only automatic on/off None Yes, LED lcd progressive 2 color led's LED LED
Charge level indicator (type): LED scale full ,green led,charging,red led. press button to light up 3 LED's Four LEDs none three LEDs - green, yellow, red led three LEDs push button power level lights- low, med, high, plus audio low power beep Progressive LED's (Pushbutton to activate) YES, LED's FULL or CHARGING   progressive 2 color led's LED LED
Charging indicator (type): color LED (green when fully charged) full ,green led,charging,red led. one LED lights when charging, a second lights when charged none, but fifth LED will illuminate when fully charged. none green LEDs led three LEDs green or red light LED Yes, LED's battery level OK or LOW   single led on off LED LED
Charging power source (car, 120VAC, 220VAC): 110 VAC charger jack, 12 VDC charger jack includes car adapter,and 120vac wall adapter. car & 220VAC (via supplied 12DC 500mA adaptor) Car 12V and 120VAC car & 120VAC 110vac Wall wart car and 120vac car (12V) and 120V 120v 120VAC or 10-15VDC Car, or 120VAC w/supplied AC adapter wall socket, car car and 120vac Car lighter socket or optional Radio Shack #22-501 120V AC to DC portable power supply converter ($17.99) 120VAC
Time to charge: 24 hours for the first time charging with 110 VAC charger; 15 hours to recharge with 110 VAC charger; 5 hours to recharge with 12 VDC charger. 12 to 14 hours (empty) havent ran it down yet. Charging for a couple of hours after each nights use keeps it full. Varies - instructions say 24 hours maximum initial 18-20 hours, subsequent 12-15 16 hours if truly flat. 6hrs 12 - 15 hr 1st 24 hrs, battery status high:0-4 hrs, Med:8-12hrs, Low 24-36hrs 8-12 Hours 20 hours overnight 4-6 hrs household longer in car 3 hrs in car or 6-8 hrs with above optional AC/DC converter 8 - 10 hours from complete discharge
Utility light (type, color): On/Off low power, low consumption white light. none. none Yes, very bright white none two white lamps on sides of unit none flexible shaft, white (mine doesn't work)   12V 0.7 amp Krypton (White) ? none white flashlight with amber flashing warning light. Light is removable but not a handy shape so I don't ever use it. none none
Included accessories: AC charger, DC charger,5 universal adapter plugs   AC charger, car charger cable, cable clamps for jumpstarting car. inverter is removable, Also has built-in 3' 12V auto jumper cables. car charger, AC charger, 50 watt inverter air compressor jumper cables & fused AC charger and 12V - 12V charger cord.   110VAC 150Watt Inverter, JumperCables, ACChargingUnit, DC Charging Cord (Automobile Lighter Socket), Work light with switch. Carry strap, 10A & 1A fuses, "Adaptaplugs" for the low voltage DC ports, AC power adapter, 12V DC power cord. none jumper cable system. Inflator-deflator with nozzles Flashlight/trouble light/various accessory cords. none Charger, Nylon case
Handle/strap: Handle part of case shoulder strap and handle on top of the unit. build it, solid plastic Excellent handle (see photo on Scopetronix.com) strap and belt holster strap across top built in handle shoulder strap built-in Built into case, hard plastic YES yes handle on main unit none Designed into nylon padded case
What telescope powered: LXD-55 etx90ec and etx 70at. LXD55 10SN Several ETX-60, ETX-125, LX200 10" etx90-ec usually 10" LX200gps lxd55 10"sn/ nexstar80 at same time ETX 125 and ETX 60 ETX-125 or 8" Meade LX50, LXD55 10"SN, AR6 ETX-90EC ETX125 lxd 55 ETX-70 ETX-60 and LX-90
What telescope accessories powered: None at this time Vidio monitor, Dew heater. CD player :) Heaters, laptop none Laptop via external AC inverter dew shields and red 12v redlight none but could handle a couple at low power. 6" lcd screen and dew shield None None none 115v hairdryer none Dew Heater on separate power source
Typical time between charges: I always recharge after an observing session so I don't know. I just completed testing it and so far, has passed between charges takes a few hours depending on time used and what was used on the power supply. I recharge after each use. (recommended every 6-8 weeks when in storage) It is recommended to recharge after each use to extend battery life. (Lead Acid) Running the ETX-125 or -60 only it will go for several days, I'm not sure, it has never gone dead or even dropped below 100% reading on Autostar. The Laptop will bring it down to a recharge indication in a few hours. A full set of Kendrick heaters on the LX200 10" will only last a couple hours also, but that is as of today with the battery over two years old. I suspect that the battery is only rated as a two- or three-year battery, like cheaper car batteries are. This is not specified in the available info, maybe Jordan Blessing at Scopetronics knows. I charge it after every use to keep it "topped up" 2 weeks 4 to 6 GOOD trips to dark skies recommended to recharge after each use but should last many typical 4 hour nights or a couple all nighters in warm weather. 1-2 weeks Variable, unit is used for other hobbies Haven't used it frequently enough to provide useful data a few weeks I charge after each use. Still testing, but will hold a charge for up to 2 months Recharge after each use for best performance
Other comments:     About the current specifications I use a 70-80 amp-Hour marine deep-cycle battery ($70) (Kmart) when I really need battery power, LX200 + heaters and laptop at a remote site for a couple days, probably would run an ETX w/ AS for a month or two, but weighs 65 lbs A cigarette lighter outlet with clips to the battery posts is about $15 but not sure where I bought them. it's a nice, small grab and go unit. like the etx. the battery is a 5 amp hour 12-volt sealed lead acid battery. jumper cables non-detachable, but well shielded and stored. If I didn't respect you so much for your web site, I would package up my rejects and send to you. Very easy to carry at the same time with ETX-125, sleek package worked great when a neighbor's car wouldn't start...<G> Power from the battery is controlled by a master switch to prevent accidental discharge. This was a great buy at the time, normally $149. Current price is around $79-99 U.S. Very portable. I hang it from my tripod and it also provides some extra stability. I believe Radio Shack has discontinued this model, however they may have replaced it since I purchased it. much better than internal batteries. Scope slews much faster, no more MUFs since I switched can jumpstart large truck engines if battery at full. Great, small compact power source. Will Velcro on upper inside of field tripod leg. Options needed are a Radio Shack #273-1745 adapter plug ($2.99) Very nice compact design
Would you buy it again? Yes I would definatly buy again if i lost or damaged this one. Based on my experience so far, and Ive only tried it for a few nights, yes. I could not find a similar product on sale in Ireland. If my opinion changes I'll let you know! I'd find out what the rate life of the battery is first. If it is three years or more, I'd buy it again. for this purpose, yes I would. yes (might hunt a little for one with AC, without Air) I did and will do again! Yes, especially at the sale price Yes Yes Yes yes yes Yes Yes
Owner: Lynn Laux (gemmalady@msn.com) etxjim@yahoo.com (jim abbey) cadelor (albertw@netsoc.ucd.ie) edutton@infi.net (edutton) ryanr@one.net (Bob Ryan) rseymour@wolfenet.com (Richard Seymour) WSims523@aol.com edutton@infi.net (edutton) divenuts@gte.net deportz@direcway.com (Dean Portz) RBSAUER@aol.com mwrogers7@attbi.com (Michael W. Rogers) steve golaski (steve@kscstudio.com) jackfox@mindspring.com (Jack Fox) jwlk3@ix.netcom.com (Joe Walker)

Some people sent me other information on power supplies:

From: gooddealonly@hotmail.com (gooddealonly (gooddealonly@hotmail.com))
I use the this one myself:

Ringo Li (reseller)

From: srapp2@bellsouth.net (Sam Rapp) This looks a lot cleaner, and cheaper too. http://bartswatersport.com/roadpropor12.html
From: gjyoung@cfl.rr.com Heres another, with 3, 6, 9, and 12 volt taps. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2701385231&category=383 I've never used it, but power systems tend to pe pretty simple. I guess the only drawback could be the possible flimsyness of the case or connectors. Gil
From: johns@eeea.com (John Spaar) I use this one extensively. It works for the scope and any lighting or even small heating(creature comforts) requirements. Also it justifies the cost as it has helped out during power outages here. Here is the link. They were 200 US, but I got mine at Wal-Mart for $49.97 . I think they were discontinuing them, but should be able locate elsewhere. http://www.centuryonline.net/catalogue/catalogue.asp?productID=2&catagoryID=11&modelID=50
From: rseymour@wolfenet.com (Richard Seymour) First, a tale: how i selected the pack i use for my LX00gps: (the ETX90 runs on internal AA cells or RadShack 500ma 12 AC adapter) One lunchtime, I walked to the nearest automobile parts supply shop ("Shucks", a local chain). I asked what types they had. They had a 17AmpHr battery-only for $99, and an on-special 17AmpHr with 3 12 outlets, integrated air compressor and white flood lights for $45. Which i bought. That was how i chose: price and availability. Target/Costco/etc. stores aren't immediately convenient for me, so i still haven't priced them there. In the ensuing 9 months i've looked at other units (i would have -preferred- one with an AC output, and an integrated charger, instead of this one's wall-wart, but i haven't seen one of those in my usual circle of shopping). The unit has only failed me once: after a week or so of observing without recharging, (average 2 to 3 hours per night), it failed to start my car the next morning (dead cell in car battery). After a day's recharging, it -did- start the car the next morning. I see your list of specs doesn't include -capacity- (the AmpHour rating) To connect, I use a no-longer-available Radio Shack fused Radar Detector power cord. It's a little shorter than i'd like, but came with the proper connectors. It also has an LED on the plug, so i can tell if it's fully seated.
From: jksmit0@uky.edu (Jim Smith) I purchased a 12 volt rechargeable battery pack(Century Portable Engine Starter) from Sam'sClub for about $35.00(on sale). It has 1000 mAmp hours capacity. It is designed to be an emergency car battery and has the large cables and clips for starting your car. It also has two cigarette lighter ports. I modified it by removing the two large cables and replacing one of the cigarette lighter ports with an adapter so that I could plug in my power cable for the telescope. I did this because the cigarette lighter ports were not too good and became disconnected too easily. I did not connect my power cable directly because I can use this battery for other things as well. I use the other cigarette lighter port to power an alternater to run my laptop. Jim Smith
From: Flundberg77@wmconnect.com I see that you are requesting information on 12v power supplys suitable for ETX and LDX telescopes. I recently ran across an interesting rechargable battery in a Cabela's catalog. Cabela's is a major mailorder sporting goods retailer located in Sidney, Nebraska. They sell a 12 volt, 7 amp hour rechargable gell cell battery for powering fish finders which should also be suitable for the above telescopes. The price ranges from $24.95 to $49.95 depending on whether you want just a battery or a charger with one or two batteries. Pretty cheap! Cabela's web site is: www.cabelas.com To find the battery on their site look under STORE and click on Marine, then look under FISHFINDERS and click on "Fishfinder Accessories" and then look for the Cabela's Rechargable 12v Battery. I hope you find this interesting. Forrest Lundberg
From: jimabbey2002@yahoo.com (jim abbey) Here is a 2 photos of my scope with the Radio Shack Power Station attached, You will notice the 2cigarette lighter sockets in the front of the unit. also just above them are the multiple power outlets power supply

Subject:	ScopeStuff power sources for the LXD55
Sent:	Saturday, March 15, 2003 16:57:47
From:	Jim Henson (jimh@bga.com)
I wonder if you would consider adding our LXD55 power source products to
your fine LXD55 site Power Supply Listing.

Our #CC12 cigarette lighter cord and #PS12 AC/DC power supply are used
by LXD55, LX90, lots of LX200-GPS owners and also a few ETX folks.

Both products are 100% tested here before shipping, and there is no
danger of getting the polarity wrong as with the adaptaplugs.

#CC12 Fused 12VDC Power Adapter Cable is at:


#PS12 12VDC Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC Input for LX200-GPS,
LX90, LXD55 is at:


Keep up the good work,

Jim Henson
jimh@scopestuff.com or

Subject:	Power supply
Sent:	Saturday, May 1, 2004 19:06:41
From:	"David Guibert" (PlutoVIP1@cfl.rr.com)
Just responding to your request on power supplies. Hope it's not too
late. Try a Vector 400 Amp 17 hour(VEC021AC) It has a 200 watt AC to DC
power inverter and car battery jumper cables. It's a tank, it keeps
going and going. Helpful hint, I purchased it from ScopeTronix for a
hundred bucks, but if you check out the manufacture's site it cost
around fifty-nine bucks,(son-of-a-gun).

I also purchased the Orion Dynamo, it's not bad but on a long night it's
good for only about four hours. (Keep in mind that I had three heating
elements connected to it for my Kendrick System). Maybe that's really
good on second thought, but I haven't used my Vector in it's place, I
use it for the drive on my LXD mount.

Dave Guibert
Melbourne, FL

Subject:	More on Portable Power Stations for the ETX
From:	Anselmo Perez Serrada (anselmo@relojesdesol.org)
Perhaps many ETX users in Continental Europe would like to know that I
am succesfully using with my ETX-125-AT the EGS-12 EINHELL Power Station

It is a 'plug and slew' rechargeable gel battery & power supply unit,
very small, light and affordable (you can easily find it in many
european supermarkets* for about 30 EUR). It works great with the ETX
and I warmly recommend it.

Its main drawback?  Well, it needs ca. 15h charging for ca. 8h working,
but it's more than OK for just 30 EUR, isn't it?

Best regards,

Anselmo Perez Serrada

(*) For instance, MAKRO stores sell it for 29 EUR, Leroy Merlin for 34
EUR and so on...

Subject:	Portable Power Supply
Sent:	Sunday, July 25, 2004 11:42:04
From:	Lorcan (LAdrian@nacrol.co.uk)
I have just purchased a very nice portable power supply unit, a TRONIC
KH3106.  It's only 8"x6"x3" in size and I intend using it outdoors with
my Meade ETX 90.

I have two questions

a)         The connecting cable plug can be either point (+) barrel (-)
or reversed.  Which is the format needed for the ETX 90??

b)         What is the best setting for the EXT 90?  I have a choice of
1A or 1200 mA

I have looked in the manual, but it only refers to a Meade accessory
#541 that run off 115V

2. Technical data

Energy station

Rechargeable gel battery                            12V===/7Ah

Low voltage jacks (DC Output)                   3V===/4,5V===/6V ===/9V ===/12V === un-stabilized / 1 A        

Motor vehicle socket                                   12V-=--/10A (DC 12V /max. 10 A)

Screw connections                                    12V-/10A for max. 2 min.

Mains charging adapter

Power supply                                              230V~/50Hz

Charging output                                           12V===/0,5A

Charging time                                              approximately 15 hours with empty battery

Protection class II


Mike here: As noted on the FAQ page, the central pin is positive. I'd suggest 1200mA. Less may be in adequate during high speed slewing.
Subject:	power supply
Sent:	Sunday, July 17, 2005 03:11:30
From:	Rik Delaet

Product Name: Tronic 
Model Number: KH3106
Manufacturer: Kompernass Handelsgesellschaft mbH/ 

Where purchased: LIDL (Belgium)
When purchased: 2005/5/10
Price: 16.99 euro
Size (width, depth, height): 19.5 cm, 8 cm, 18 cm
Weight: 2.790 kg
Warranty length: 3 years
Number of 12VDC cigarette lighter ports: 1
12VDC power normal (amperes): 1
12VDC power peak (amperes): 15 (2 minutes)
Other DC power output ports & voltage: 3/ 4.5/ 6/ 9/ 12
AC power output ports & voltage: 0
Power On indicator (type): led (green)
Charge level indicator (type): led (green = OK), led (red = to be charged)
Charging indicator (type): led (green = charging), led (red = charged)
Charging power source (car, 120VAC, 220VAC): car, 220 VAC
Time to charge: 15 h
Utility light (type, color): ??

Included accessories: 5 types of contacts
Handle/strap: strap
What telescope powered: ETX 70AT
What telescope accessories powered: autostar + telescope motors
Typical time between charges: many days
Other comments: I have made a simple connection cord myself but I have
a (little) problem when it wraps around the telescope base when it
turns around. Maybe somebody has a simple solution for that? Maybe it's
a good idea to tape the 12V outlet off. So you cannot use it
inadvertently and damage the telescope.

Would you buy it again? YES

Rik Delaet

Subject:	ETX - AC Power Supply 
Sent:	Monday, November 17, 2008 03:40:17
From:	Ludwig Krijgshaftig (ludwig.krijgshaftig@xs4all.nl)
Having read a number of reports on your site re. good and bad
experiences with AC power supplies for the ETX, just wanted to add my
personal experience as well.

I have only purchased my ETX little over a week ago, so not much
experience yet, but have been using it with either a 12V jump start
battery pack or an AC power adapter.

I did not really want to purchase the Meade AC adapter. I live in the
Netherlands and they charge over 60 EUR for the device, while I could
get any other no-brand AC adapter to deliver 12V for less than 15 EUR. I
did purchase it anyway because I was in a hurry and needed the long
cable to connect the ETX control panel to the jump start battery pack
with a cigarette lighter plug, which is included with the "Meade" AC

I stated "Meade" here, because the AC adaptor comes in a non-descript
cardboard box, with just a label stating Meade AC 220V Adapter. It also
states ETX90 125 105 LX90 and a part number 24455120. That's all.

Inside is the power adapter from Sunny Computer Technology Europe s.r.o.
Made in China. Model SYS1319-3012, switching adapter, input 100-240V,
50-60Hz, output 12V 2.5A (30W Max).

So, it does not really appear to be so special made for Meade that it
would value over 60 EUR. Although it is a switching adapter and I have
read somewhere on your site that that is a Good Thing.

Contrary to another contribution on your site, there is no clear warning
that this is for indoor use only. Though I must say I still have to
"decode" all these symbols the European Union forces suppliers to put on
their products. There is a symbol of a house there, perhaps it means
safe to use in the house, perhaps it means indoor use only, have to find

Anyway, I have only used it indoor so far. For a couple of hours at a
time while fooling around with the ETX and the connection to my PC. It
has run without any problem, did not fry the ETX board or motors due to
excessive voltage, slewing the ETX went OK all the time.

All I can say for those wanting to buy an AC adapter but afraid to use
one: at least this one works fine.

Kind regards,

Product Name: Power station (Energiestation)
Model Number: EGS 3600
Manufacturer: Einhell
Where purchased: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When purchased: November 2008
Price: 67 EUR (about 84 USD)
Size (width, depth, height): 25, 13.5, 35 (size in cm)
Weight: 7.3 kg
Warranty length: 2 years
Number of 12VDC cigarette lighter ports: 1
12VDC power normal (amperes): 10
12VDC power peak (amperes): 600 (max. 5 sec)
Other DC power output ports & voltage: 3V, 6V, 9V (all 1A)
AC power output ports & voltage: none
Power On indicator (type): Green LED (Red LED when Empty)
Charge level indicator (type): Green LED (when Full)
Charging indicator (type): Red LED
Charging power source (car, 120VAC, 220VAC): 220VAC
Time to charge: Have not done that yet (will update this info)
Utility light (type, color): 12V, 5W, Bright white bulb (Car light)
Included accessories: AC charger, cigarette lighter plug and cable for
DC, jump start cables and clamps
Handle/strap: Handle is part of fixed construction, No strap
What telescope powered: ETX-125PE
What telescope accessories powered: None (will use for Dew Heater)
Typical time between charges: Do not know yet (will update this info)
Other comments: It is rated for 18Ah (capacity appears not to be
included in the standard parameters for this table)
Would you buy it again? Yes, probably. Need to work with it longer to
obtain a firm opinion. Did prefer an older model (no longer available)
without the lamp and with an additional cigarette lighter plug, but I
suppose I can split the one here when necessary.

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