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Back in October 2007 I wrote about Scopetronix. I asked for user comments about both Scopetronix and CNC Parts Supply, Inc. Since that time only one report came in about CNC Parts Supply and none about Scopetronix. This lack of response about Scopetronix is certainly not the ringing endorsement that I used to get about them during the time of Jordan Blessing's management several years ago. Here's the response I received:

Subject:	CNC Parts Supply report
Sent:	Monday, October 29, 2007 16:47:22
From:	Anonymous
I just read your editorial about scopetronix and CNC Parts Supply.   CNC
lists items for sale on EBAY. I have purchased some items for my ETX 105
and I did so when their EBAY feedback was zero.  A little risky, but at
the same time it was obvious to me that they are selling similar items
to those that used to be available from scopetronix and if you  bid
"smart" you can buy them at a significant discount.  All my three
purchases so far have been totally to my satisfaction and the quality of
the items was exactly as described, shipping was prompt and the items
where properly packaged.  As far as I can tell they are shipping out of
a location in Cape Coral, Florida.  I hope this helps you in updating
your research.

Clear Skies!,

Orlando Florida / Sautee Georgia

If you have something you wish to add about either or both of these companies, please write me.

Here's another response:

Subject:	CNC Parts Supply report update
Sent:	Monday, January 28, 2008 06:15:11
From:	Jack Fox (Jack.Fox@vdacs.virginia.gov)
I ordered a 2" Eyepiece Adapter for ETX 90/105/125 from CNC Parts online
on Jan. 23rd. and received it on Jan. 26th. (from Florida to Virginia).
Service, packaging and delivery were excellent.  I would order from them
again.  I plan on doing a product review on this adapter for your
Product Showcase as soon as the skies clear.
Jack Fox

And another response:

Subject:	need help: contact info for ScopeTronix 
Sent:	Friday, February 8, 2008 15:55:27
From:	Jiang, George (JiangG@medamerica.com)
Like your site a lot! I have a question and hope you can help 
I placed an order several weeks ago from ScopeTronix, but have received
nothing. I tried all the contact email addresses posted on their site
and got 0 responses. Do you know of a number that I can reach them?
Mike here: See "Other: Editorial Page" for a couple of recent Scopetronix articles. Your email is one of the reasons I'm not ready to endorse the "new" Scopetronix yet. Sorry, I don't have any better contact info than what they show on their web site.


Thanks for the speedy response (Gosh I wish you worked for ScopeTronix
:). Looks like I have to report them to the BBB then.

BTW, I am sorry to hear about your loss - these guys must have learned
about your gears and travel plan well (maybe from your website). The
fact they took all the small pieces tells me that they're somewhat into
astronomy... I wish they would look right into the sun one day!!

Best regards,

Mike here: I hope the stolen items ended up in a good home.

And yet another response:

Subject:	FYI Scopetronix closed
Sent:	Friday, February 15, 2008 13:34:56
From:	Perry Duke (Perry.Duke@stratagene.com)
Just wanted to let you know that Scopetronix, the only company I can
find that makes ETX accessories is closed down. My wife ordered some
items from them in January and we haven't seen anything or been able to
get a response from phone or email. I called Anacortes and they told me
Scopetronix is out of business. Do you know of another source for ETX
accessories? I really wanted the flexible focus cable and the tool that
is a compass and a level that fits in the eyepiece hole. I have an ETX
60BB since December and am still being amazed by this wonderful little
scope. Well, I appreciate your web page, it has been very helpful and
keep up the good work.
Thank you,
Perry Duke
Mike here: As I've been noting on the ETX Site (see the "Other: Editorial Page"), Scopetronix seems to have not recovered yet. Don't know if they have closed down but an alternative would be CNC Parts Supply (http://www.cncsupplyinc.com/) but I'm not ready to recommend them either.

And one more response:

Subject:	Warning about Scopetronix
Sent:	Sunday, February 24, 2008 13:30:53
From:	Jens philipp (jens@philipp.com)
Thanks for your great website that helps me a lot in running my ETX105.

I am writing to you about Scopetronix.

About 5 weeks ago I placed an order at Scopetronix, after reading lots
of recommendations about them. I have not heard from them since, nor
have I received any goods, even after writing four e-mails to them
asking for the status of my order. No name, adress or telephone number
of the comany is to be found. As I ordered from Germany giving my credit
card information, this gives me a bit of a headache. Currently I do not
know if they deducted money from my card.

In the meantime I saw a number of comments on the internet suggesting
they Scopetronix is going through troubles or even out of business.
Definitely they do not fulfill their "100% customer satisfaction" stated
on the internet.

1. Can you tell me what is going on at Scopetronix?

2. There a number of old postings in your archive that praise
Scopetronix. I would like to make you aware that in my opinion they give
a wrong impression of the current situation. Maybe it would be advisable
to either takes theses praises from your archive or mark them with a
word of warning. With your site being an ETX hub an Scopetronix having a
lot o ETX accessories, maybe this could keep others from making this bad

Greeting from Berlin, Germany,


Dr. Jens Philipp
Mike here: Check out the Other: Editorial Page for more recent information about Scopetronix.


Thanks for the quick reply.
The cncsupplyinc site looks like a Scopetronix clone, but with an
adress, at least.
But for the moment I will just keep on waiting.......

Greeting from Berlin!
Mike here: Yep, as noted on my October 2007 Editorial, CNC does have a very similar look to their web site.

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Mike here: More responses on Scopetronix and CNC Supply:

Subject:	Scopetronix Address
Sent:	Saturday, March 1, 2008 03:31:36
From:	Niall J. Saunders (niall@njs101.com)
Curiosity got the better of me, and I looked at the "Scopetronix
Dealers" link at the bottom of the Navigation Menu sidebar (on the
www.scopetronics.com website).

On this was a link back to Scopetronix themselves. Is this the contact
information that you need?


ScopeTronix Astronomy Products 
914 SE 14th Place
Cape Coral, FL 33990
Phone: (239)945-6763
Fax: (239)458-9325

Niall Saunders
Clinterty Observatories
Aberdeen, SCOTLAND

Subject:	Experience with CNC Supply (ex-Scopetronix)
Sent:	Monday, March 3, 2008 15:13:10
From:	Jay Lewis (mktscope@bellsouth.net)
I followed your thread re: Scopetronix and learned of CNC Supply.
I got on their site (a Scopetronix clone) and ordered a Digi-T adapter
on Friday (02/29) night.  The next day I received and e-mail with my
order number, and I 9am another e-mail that my order had been shipped
USPS with a tracking number.  Today the mailman delivered it, all in
order.  Interestingly enough, the product is marked "Scopetronix" as are
the instructions.
I guess they (whoever that is) is back in business with excellent service.
Jay Lewis
Passenger & Shipping Institute

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