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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site. You will also find astrophotography examples on the Helpful Information - Astrophotography page.

Dieter Wolf ( [31 Dec 03]
Mars Mars
please attach this to Guest Astrophotographic Gallery - The Planets. Thanks.
A few days ago I took a last look at Mars. Standing bright and still high in the evening sky one might think that Mars is a fine object to watch with our telescopes, but - have a look.
[Left] Picture 1 shows Mars on December 28th, 2003 with an ETX-125EC, ToUCam pro, 200 frames stacked. Yes, there are some 'spots' on that 8" small, crunched disc and a tiny-tiny whiteish dot on top (the southern polar cap) But you really can't say you have seen details.
[Right] Picture 2 is a reminder of the 'good old days' for Mars observation late this summer (September 20th, 2003; ETX-125EC, ToUCam pro, 2 times barlow lens, 400 frames stacked) A lot of details on that 22" disc.
So good by Mars; catch you again in 2005...
Dieter Wolf (Munich, Germany)
"Justin J. Jerzak" ( [31 Dec 03]
I will have clouds on New Years Eve, so heres my early submission of the New Years Saturn taken last night on my ETX125 with Celestron 2x Short Barlow, and ToUCam Pro 840.
"Mauro Rizzi" ( [17 Dec 03]
I wanted to share my first ever astro picture with you and hope you will post it onto your web site - I've learned so much from your site and this pic is the result of it!! Thank you very much and keep up the excellent work!! All details are in the pic.
I take this opportunity also to send you my Holiday greetings!
Mike here: I cropped the original. [17 Dec 03]
Saturn Saturn
I took this images the 9 dec at 01:00, they were stacked with registrax. I used the following equipement: Etx-125+2xbarlow+toucam pro(1/25s, 10 frame/s)+uv-ir baader filter. (Charles Falcone) [14 Dec 03]
Hope you don't mind me sending you another photo. This is a compsoite I made of my last attempts to capture Saturn and Jupiter. All information is detailed on photo. (tim TAYLOR) [14 Dec 03]
Attached above is my best effort with Jupiter taken on the 7th December 2003 using my ETX-125, a x2 Barlow and a ToUcam Pro II at 10fps. I then stacked the video (roughly 800 frames) using Registax and processed the image with Stellar Magic VII. (tim TAYLOR) [14 Dec 03]
Attached above is a recent picture of Mars taken on the 7th December 2003 using my ETX-125, a x2 Barlow and a ToUcam Pro II at 10fps. I then stacked the video (roughly 1200 frames) using Registax and processed the image with Stellar Magic VII. Unfortunately I missed this years closest approach as my Meade telescope was only delivered in November however you can clearly see in the picture that Mars is only illuminated about 85% at present, about the lowest it gets. (Nick Howes) [10 Dec 03]
I have enclosed my latest image of Saturn and Titan taken from NW London, ETX90EX, 1244, Creative Webcam EX, K3 CCD tools, Barlow, seeing very good for a change, Stacked 500+ images using Registax 2. Hope you can put it up on your site [10 Dec 03]
Great site on the ETX you've made !
I join a picture of Saturne made with my ETX90/EC and ToUcam pro. It have been made by stacking 350 frames using avi2bmp, then unsharp mask/level contrast (software IJ). Location : Houilles (France) near Paris. Time : 07th Dec'03, 21h30 UT (Charles Falcone) [10 Dec 03]
I took advantage of some time off and went outside to try a different tecnic in capturing Saturn. I don't have a barlow so I used the zoom feature on the webcam (Quickcam Pro 4000), along with a light yellow filter. Scope is a ETX125. Camera settings were approximately... gamma at 25%, saturation at 50% and gain at 30 %. The AVI was 5fps for 2 minutes. I then stack with Registax. Seeing conditions were close to excellent, (some turbulance). Saturn was 60 degress above horizon. I hope this information will help others in there indeavors as your website has helped me. [7 Dec 03]
Finally a good night! Good seeing also. This is possible with ETX90 and Saturn. (Alan H Leutloff) [23 Nov 03]
Jupiter Moons
Well the nights are now getting cold and clear...woke up this am at 4:30 am and fired off a series of shots of Jupiter on my ETX 125. I was thrilled with this shot as the 4 major moons were finally captured. The image of Jupiter was imposed on this pic...otherwise Jupiter was overexposed. I used a Canon A70, ISO 100, f=3.8, 1/20 sec exposure for the pic. Pic of Jupiter from 2 images processed using Registax. (Dick Kafka & Val Hildebrand) [23 Nov 03]
Mars Mars
Two photos of Mars on different dates and with slightly different equipment All with ETX-125, Phillips ToUcam, AVIEdit sampler, Registax 2 for processing
[Left] 11/17/03, 9:30 PM EST you can see the Syrtis Major "triangle" in this little photo
[Right] 11/21/03, 7:30 PM EST, Meade 2X Barlow and #21 orange filter. Some processing in Image Expert, Toshiba Digital Camera program to reduce the harsh red that came in with the photo. I find color differences with different programs, so I hope this looks OK on the webpage. Central Meridian was about 250, so the dark band should represent Mare Cimmerium.
Not bad for looking south from my front yard with a street light at the corner, aiming over Washington, DC.
Thanks to all the folks who have posted advice and help for using webcams and Registax. (Paul) [18 Nov 03]
It was a real pleasure meeting you at the OPT Meade day today! I enjoyed out chat and talking about ways of using the ETX 90RA for astrophotography. And thanks again for signing a copy of your book as well. Here is a shot of Saturn that I took a few days ago with the ETX 90RA. The stats are:
Scopetronix MaxView 40
2x Meade Barlow
Canon G3 at 4x optical zoom
F3 at -6/10 second
Stacked 18 of my best shots and processed in Registax 2.
Mars Mars Mars Mars
Here is a selection of shots of Mars that I took on different days before and during and after opposition. The stats are:
Scopetronix MaxView 40
2x Meade Barlow
Canon G3 at 4x optical zoom
F3 at 1/20-1/30 second
Images stacked and processed in Registax 2. [7 Nov 03]
Jupiter Saturn
please post this to Guest Astrophotographic Gallery - The Planets. Thanks and always clear skies.
Just wanted to see if my 'old friend with the red eye' ist still outside. So I went up early in the morning and - yes - he was twinkling at me. Not a really good shot as Jupiter still is too low above the horizon. But you can clearly see the Great Red Spot and 'imagine' two other, smaller storms (one dark and one white spot) in the Northern Equatorial Belt.
Saturn is positioned much better high in the sky and closer to oppsition. You can clearly see Cassini's Division over a long part of the ring system and the shadow of the planet on the rings, which is getting smaller now as we are approaching opposition, and finally the shadow of the rings on the planet and one belt.
Dieter Wolf (Munich, Germany)
MEADE ETX-125EC (5", 1900mm)
Philips ToUCam pro (prime focus)
Jupiter 350 out of 600 frames
Saturn with 2-times Barlow 400 out of 700 frames
November 05th, 2003
South up, East left (Franck Bouquerel) [4 Nov 03]
Please find here some photos done with an ETX125 with barlow 2x :
Mars, Jupiter, Satune and Uranus
Authors = Florence CLEMENT and Franck BOUQUEREL
Webcam ToUcam Pro
Acquisition with QCfocus
Treatment with Registax 2
About 60 for each planet (Alan H Leutloff) [31 Oct 03]
We were evacuated from Big Bear Tuesday due to the ETX 125 was the first thing in the vehicle. After packing the 2 vehicles...there was still room so I threw in my ETX 90-M. The fire threat seems to be getting better...and we are staying at a friends home in Moreno Valley-with excellent views of the sky. Last night...the air was clear so I set up my ETX 90-M in the morning and took one of my best shots yet of Jupiter (Canon A-70 thru the eyepiece). Have to do something to occupy ourselves until we can return home. (Dick Sontag) [28 Oct 03]
I was out on 10/25 AM and got this shot of Jupiter with my 125 ETX and ToUCam using RegiStax. I stacked about 30 of the best frames. Thought you'd like to see it. [28 Oct 03]
Here are three astrophotos I made last night and this morning. [18 Oct 03]
2 Pallas
I am not sure but, the change in days is clear, so it must be 2 Pallas.
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands [7 Oct 03]
Mars Saturn
I haven't seen any photos through the DS2130AT scope that Walmart sells, so I thought I would show 2 of them. They were made in mid Sept., 2003 Toucam Pro, 2x barlow, no IR filter They were only Stacked from 4 or 5 images. The air was wavy from city concrete heat waves. (Yoshi-K) [4 Oct 03]
Please your site put..
ETX-105EC and 2.5x PowerMate
ToUcam (1/25sec, 20fps), 1660frame stack(Registax 2)
and All ETX-105 images.

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