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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site. You will also find astrophotography examples on the Helpful Information - Astrophotography page.

nvogho1 ( [20 Jun 04]
Last night I took some decent images of the Ring Nebula. Again, from the light polluted city of Chicago! The Ring Nebula is a composite of 11 frames each at 15 sec using my Canon A60 digital camera, ETX-90 and a 40mm Orion Highlight eyepiece.
nvogho1 ( [16 Jun 04]
Attached to this email are two pictures of M57 that I took a week ago from my home in Chicago IL using my ETX-90. The sky here is heavily light polluted. But I managed to get these two images. The images were taken using my Canon A60 and ETX.
For the larger image: 8 x 15 sec exposures + partial zoom at f4.0
For the cropped image: 9 x 15 sec exposures + partial zoom at f4.0
M57 M57
N Mukkavilli ( [31 May 04]
I was able to grab what I think is quite a nice picture of NGC 2808- a globular cluster in Carina that desrves to be better known than it is IMHO , on May 17 and would like to share it with others if you consider it appropriate.
ETX 70 AT-standard alt azimuth
webcam-Atik 1 C
20 sec exposures -10 frames stacked K3ccd
post processing in Photoshop
suburban light polluted conditions
Gary Tripp ( [27 May 04]
Please find attached my first dos M13 taken with theETX90ec,fr0.6 and Toucam sc1.81x10sec captured in KCCD Tools,stackedwith registaxand some minor Photoshop adjustments.
M13 [19 May 04]
Took some months but now it was beautiful. Good seeing and good transparancy. Wanted to do M101 for a long time, now was the night! Really difficult one for the ETX. I pushed my ETX90 to the limit. So here it is: M101.
M101 was really a challenge and it worked. Needed to take 40 seconds exposures, thats the maximum for my ETX.
Also in this picture a single RAW frame.
So it took me quite a lot of work (10 hours) to get this piece!! Needed K3CCDTools, Photoshop, ACDSee, AviRaw, Graphicconverter and Neat Image.
Really hope you'll place it on the deepsky place without scaling it.
Here's a good one. Cat's EYE Nebula (NGC6543) with ETX90. This was a good weekend!
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands
Cats Eye
Kacper Wierzchos ( [16 May 04]
Please, find in attach the image of 9 (nine!!!) galaxies (the brightnes: M84 and M86) layed in Virgo constalation from so called "Markarian's chain" for your Guest Deep Sky Gallery. All these galaxies are in one field of view of ETX90. I took this image on 24/04/04 (0:15) using two focal reducers and TouCam (SC). The best 80 single frames (from 120) were stacked (Registax) and some Adbe Photoshop enhancment was done.
M84, M86 [16 May 04]
Some things are even with an ETX90 NOT possible :-)
Click for full size image [8 May 04]
Messier 5 (hazy conditions).
M5 [30 Apr 04]
Here the last one of my Leo triplet for yoy despky galery. I had to be quick, because the object is dissapearing behind the rooftops here on my balcony.
NGC3628 [25 Apr 04]
Clear night, but a little misty very high in the sky. So good enough forsome doubles and clusters.Job Geheniau,The Netherlands
M40 M53 [22 Apr 04]
A beautiful night and finaly after many nights of searching and trying the last months I got M97 (Don't forget I live in a big town). One of the more difficult Messier objects. Especially for the ETX90! To be honest, I think I am the first one with an ETX90 and webcam who got M97 (sometimes you may be proud on yourself I think :-)) I also wanted to do M65 and M66 in 1 picture. I saw that Kacper of Spain also did this nice object. Here my results. My FOV is too small to get the complete Leo triplet in 1 picture. Maybe in the future I'll make a mosaik. And M49.
M49 M97 M65-M66
N Mukkavilli ( [22 Apr 04]
Please find attached a picture of M42 taken yesterday 18th April 2004 with an ATK1C (modified ToUcam) and my etx70AT alt azimuth. 2 20 sec images were stacked in Registax and processed in Photoshop. The object was rather low in the night sky and our backyard location is Sydney with a fair amount of light pollution.
M42 [18 Apr 04]
Clear skies but bad transparancy, so a double star. Also M106. M106 has some strange raster since my webcam update so I updated my webcam back to the older settings from now.
Double Star


Kacper Wierzchos ( [14 Apr 04]
Im sending a image os the gallaxies M66(left) and M65(right). The image was taken with an ETX-90, TouCam SC and two modiffied 0.66 focal reducers. Its the result of stacking 50 frames (of 120) with registax and leveled witch photoshop.
M65-M66 [11 Apr 04]
Attached ngc2683. Made with ETX90. Wanted to do more exposures, but clouds were coming...
Happy Eastern,
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands

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