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Updated: 13 July 2013

Earth at Night
USA at Night
Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

After posting my "Thoughts on Light Pollution and Light Nuisance" article, I decided to start this "Lighting Hall of Shame" page. I will post "winners" on this page as I take photographs of lighting, day or night, that deserve to be honored here. If you see lighting that should be honored, send a photograph of it to Lighting Hall of Shame. In your email message, describe whether the lighting is residential, commercial, or government. Please do not include the neighbor's name or address but do include the business name or government agency name. Submittals will be anonymously posted here.

Most Shameful
This award goes to the earth's northern hemisphere, as pictured in the two satellite images above. Just think of the reduced energy consumption and lower costs that would occur if those lights were all turned off or made "night sky friendly".

Residential Awards
Here are photos of lighting in use by some of my neighbors. Fortunately, in my area, these types of lighting displays are rare. These three lights directly and negatively impact my observing, and therefore are not only "light pollution", but are "light nuisance".

Blindingly bright floodlights aimed horizontally and not shielded.
Fortunately, they are turned on infrequently. Unfortunately, sometimes the lights get left on all day and night.

Bright "personal streetlight" aimed downward but inadequately shielded and so lights up the entire hill.
I have yet to speak to anyone who likes this.

[UPDATED!] In June 2013, the above light was off at night (apparently due to a change in property ownership). The difference is dramatic:

Bright floodlight aimed somewhat downward but not shielded.
Seems to be on a sensor but gets turned on by passing vehicles and stays on for hours at times.

Recently, my neighbor to the northwest kept turning on a very bright nuisance light. It was lighting up the surrounding area well beyond his property line. About 3 years ago I had spoken to him about his light and even offered to pay to have it shielded. He declined my offer but said he would shield it. Obviously, he hasn't. The light kept coming and I finally figured out that the wind was activating a motion sensor.

Commerical Awards
Businesses who display improper lighting will be honored here.

Circle K
A local restaurant has two floodlights (top of the pole on the right) turned on day and night.
They should turn them off and pass the savings on to their customers.

Circle K
A local Circle K has two floodlights (one on the right near the roof in the photo) turned on day and night.
Too bad they won't turn them off and pass the savings on to their customers.

Almost every night when the weather is good, the local horse stable and riding area is illuminated. Obviously their lighting is for safety. However, the lighting would be more effective if the lights were aimed at the ground instead of being aimed horizontally. One of the lights is aimed directly at my location and illuminates the entire hillside from a mile away.

Subject:	Hall of shame
Sent:	Tuesday, June 18, 2013 09:09:58
From:	James Cleland (
Fredgov- I was waiting on my wife while she was shopping .I watched all
of the employees leave between 4 and 5 pm. After the building was empty
and the parking lot was empty the parking lot lights came on. The New
Brunswick government is in financial difficulties. I have contacted
several people about this and even though they are spending $20,000  to
$30,000 per year they won't change.

Hospital- This is the local Edmundston,New Brunswick hospital. The
parking lots are lit up to at least 20 times what they need with huge
glary lights.Visiting hours end at 8 pm and the parking lot empties
except for a small employee lot. The lights here come on before the sun
goes down and stay on after the sun is up.Here the cost is close to
$100,000 per year .Cuts are being made in the health care system but no
one will shut off the lights.

Regent mall- This is the Regent street mall.These lights stay on all
night even though there is no operating business after 10 pm.

Superstore Edmundston-These lights stay on all night every night even
after a request to shut them off or dim them.

Toyota-Edmundston-This is by far the worst car dealer in the area.These
lights are on all night every night. The cost of these lights adds $400
to the cost of every car they sell.

Candian Tire in Edmundston,New Brunswick.This business turns off all
outside lights after they close.

Closed gas station-This small gas station in Edmundston turns off their
lights after they close.

IGA-This IGA store turns off thier parking lot lights after business

Shoppers Drug Edmundston-This store turned off their lights after I made
a request to them.

Wendy's Edmundston-This fast food restaurant turns off all of its lights
including its sign after business hours.

Government Awards

Subject:	Parking Lot Lights at Oceana High School Pacifica CA - Light Pollution [NEW!]
Sent:	Friday, July 12, 2013 08:14:59
From:	Sylvia Payne (
These lights were installed 4 weeks ago...a real display of light
pollution.  A nuisance to the neighborhood that is flooding the hillside
with unnecessary lighting, unable to enjoy the stars because all you can
focus on are these bright lights...a real overkill by the Jefferson
Unified School District.


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