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Last updated: 16 March 2012

Subject:	ETX 125 - Experience
Sent:	Wednesday, March 14, 2012 14:19:09
From: (
I have now been the proud owner of the discontinued 125PE for one month.
I must admit after a couple of weeks in, I was seriously thinking of
cutting my losses and buying something else. I had major difficulties in
alignment, focusing, using the red dot finder, basically everything!

However, I have just come in from a two hours observing session and have
been thrilled with the views I mysteriously seem to have enjoyed. The
question I have asked myself is what has happened in the last two weeks
to transform my observing?

Well, credit where it is due! I have scoured your sight and found the
advice contained therein invaluable. For anybody who is feeling the same
as I did, please persevere, you will be rewarded spectacularly. The
advise I found of particular value is as follows, but in no particular

* When aligning the red dot finder scope, do it at night and use POLARIS
as your distant object and use a Barlow to refine the centring process
more precisely.
* Train the drives using POLARIS. I did it every other day for one week
to make sure the drives were truly bedded in. Perfect!
* Make sure the OTA is perfectly level using a spirit level and the DEC
scale shows "0" degrees. Mine showed 10 degrees when perfectly level!
Adjust by loosening the dome and rotate the disc accordingly.
* When searching for alignment stars, make sure you are slightly out of
focus, the "doughnut" effect. Worked for me.
* Buy a 12v power extension cable. The power supply is constant and thus
drive training is performed consistently.
* Let the scope achieve temperature equilibrium. Stick it outside and
leave it for 40 minutes.
* By a focus extension cable. So much easier!
* Have patience! Read your site. Digest & learn. This is a fabulous
instrument and needs time to appreciate its functionality.

best wishes
Mark ( St.Albans, England)

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