Last updated: 22 January 2010
Sent:	Wednesday, January 20, 2010 21:35:32
From:	John Aurentz (spunky99@verizon.net)
I saw this wonderful modification on your site. 

I decided to change from 5/16" rod to 7/16" rod for my newly acquired
ETX-125EC and copy his design.

I saw in another tripod modification where the poor guy had to pay
$250.00 to get the gears fixed after the latitude control bar slipped.
You have my permission to post this if so inclined.

Thank you for the site as it contains a wealth of knowledge. I plan to
do lots of astrophotography with this setup.

I have lots more mods coming too.
Here is the parts list:
1              7/16" threaded bar stock 14.75" long
2              7/16" wingnuts
2              7/16" id x 1.5" od washers
2              7/16" id x 1" od washers
1              rubber spacer or stack rubber washers to about 1" high
Instructions for modification
1.       Drill the end of the threaded bar stock for the original hinge
2.       Drill the latitude control latch just enough for the 7/16"
threaded bar stock to slide through.
3.       Use a rasp or round file to open the hole a little on the large
flat washers so that they move easily up and down the 7/16" threaded
4.       1 large washer and 1 wingnut above the control latch.
5.       1 large washer and the rubber spacer then 2 smaller washers and
the wingnut below.
I couldn't find the rubber spacer so I cut washers from a rubber sheet
and stacked them.

It works fine in equatorial mode as well as alt-azimuth and there is no
way for the ETX to fall down.
1.       Rod with original hinge pin.
2.       7/16" threaded rod.
3.       7/16" wingnut.
4.       1.5" od flat washer.
5.       1.5" od flat washer.
6.       Rubber washers.
7.       2, small flat washers
8.       Wingnut.


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