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Altitude Clamp Mod
Last updated: 30 June 2011
Sent:	Monday, June 27, 2011 16:06:08
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One afternoon I decided to "tinker" with the altitude adjustment clamp
on my Etx-125. I noticed that the clutch clamping action was applied to
the right fork bearing with a small steel thrust bushing about 5/8
inches diameter.

I dropped the small 5/8 inch bushing and replaced it with a 1&1/2 inch
diameter x 1/8 inch thick nylon washer with a 1/2 inch center hole. I
then tapered or "re-leaved" the 1/2 inch center of the nylon washer, (on
the inner or telescope side) so it would slide more easily over the
plastic center where the adjusting knob screws in.

Then I lubricated both sides of the new nylon thrust bushing wit a very
small amount automotive synthetic di-electric grease, lithium grease
seems to react with the aluminum on the right "false setting circle

Clamping action seems much improved.

Mike Amonett

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