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Last updated: 26 March 2012

Sent:	Friday, March 23, 2012 18:23:32
From:	Mark Mittlesteadt (
Been a long time since I added anything to your wonderful site (2006 to
be exact). I've been using my ETX 105 sparingly over the last few years,
but more recently have been sharing it with others so I made a few more
mods to it (along with others over the years).

Attached are a few pics of my mods, upgrades and add-on accessories.

I made a new wooden mount for it, with a large storage compartment (that
is mostly used for my 110 to 12 volt converter), two accessory trays
(one horizontal one and one that tilts with the mount) and adjustable
and removable legs. Very solid, yet pretty light to carry. Though it
doesn't fold up it also does not take up much space. I also mounted a
3-way 12volt splitter for all my electronic needs.

Here are some of the mods I made.

1. The 884 tripod head is being used as a wedge. I replaced the vertical
altitude adjuster bar with a threaded bar. The tripod head comes apart
very easy and replacing the stock bar with a threaded one allows me to
use two wing nuts to not only make large and fine adjustments to the
altitude, it absolutely cannot come loose accidentally. One only has to
cut the threaded bar to length and drill a small hole to secure it to
the mount at the top of it. Get one the same diameter as the stock
(smooth) bar and everything else will fit. Voila! Instant fine
adjustment without making or buying a real wedge.

2. Mounting plate. I made a solid oak dovetail mounting plate. The male
end is bolted to the scope base and the female end is bolted to the
tripod head/wedge. I only have to slide the scope in and bolt it down.
Easy to mount the scope in seconds without fiddling around with the
bolts underneath.

3. RA lock lever. I already submitted this mod (in 2006). I added a
longer lever to access the RA lock from any position easily.

4. Kendrick Dew Remover system. I added the controller to the bottom of
the ETX (on a home made wooden plate) so it clears the base when the
scope moves. I also cut the power cord and installed a mini-connector to
the power cord so neither the controller, heating wraps on the tube or
EP, or the power cord has to come off the scope when taken down. I just
disconnect the longer part of the power cord to the controller and leave
the shorter end on the scope/controller. The longer end stays on the

5. I added a Flexi-focus, Orion Red Dot EZ Finder, Orion RA finderscope
and a Stray Light/Dew shield to the ETX 105.   My ETX 105 is still
working perfectly in every way. Spot on alignments and excellent slewing
and locking on targets. With all my mods, set up and tear down have
never been easier.

Best of luck to you. Always enjoy your site for the ETX!

Mark Mittlesteadt
2nd Nature Creations LLC





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