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Last updated: 8 January 2013

Sent:	Sunday, January 6, 2013 10:18:46
From:	james (
I was wondering if you wanted to post a link to this idea I had for etx
tilt plate tripods, it can save an expensive tipover, also you can use
it as a stop for your latitude!.

It might give anyone an idea if they want to make one. ( I can make them
on my lathe too).

  Thanks, James
Mike here: Sure. But how about some explanatory text to accompany the video?


Here Is a simple Device that I made on my Lathe, as I was worried that
after mounting my scope on the tripod and then setting the tilt plate to
my latitude it was all too easy (if your not holding it firmly) for the
plate to tip right over the top, That would be a Disaster.      It will
also serve as a stop that you can set at your latitude.



It is simply a piece of Acetal plastic of approx 1 1/2" dia, by 1/2"
thick, with a 10mm hole through the middle, then split once from the
Outside diameter to the bore, and an M6 cap screw drilled and tapped
to close the split.

If anyone dosent have access to a lathe or cant make one, I am selling
them on Ebay, (UK).along with a piggyback camera mount, And a
replacement Metal RA Lever.


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