Last updated: 19 April 2001

Altitude Play Fix

From: Thomas Meier (thomas_meier@gmx.de)

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OK-the OTA moves slacky up an down. Uncle Clay says: Once off, merely take some inner tube rubber repair material (from Wal Mart) and glue with rubber cement a shape to conform to the curved front edge INSIDE the OTA support arms. This acts as a tight but soft bushing to give strength and support to the OTA when back in place and reduces up to 1 degree of DEC/Altitude slop from your system.

I tried another way:

A 1mm thin steel rope in a plastic tube round the OTA presses the two OTA support arms at the OTA - Play over...


Upside Down with the screw assembly for tightening.

I drilled 4 3mm-bores in the support arms, threaded the rope through the arms and tightened all.

Perfekt - no play!

At least I want to thank Mike Weasner, Clay Sharrod and all other contributers for their great work!

Thomas ( in Mannheim - Germany)

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