Last updated: 8 October 2007
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Subject:	[AstronomyOutreach] Countdown to 500 Comets: no 412
Sent:	Saturday, October 6, 2007 12:02:49
From:	Alan Hale (ahale@swisr.org)
Comet LONEOS C/2007 F1

Finally -- it looks like we have a "Countdown" comet that could become
relatively bright. It is currently running 1 1/2 to 2 magnitudes
brighter than originally expected, and if it maintains this trend it
could reach a peak brightness between 3rd and 4th magnitude when near
perihelion in late October. Although currently a morning comet, it will
be conveniently located in the evening sky when brightest, although at a
fairly small elongation (20 degrees).

The comet emerged from conjunction with the sun during the latter half
of September, and for my first observation I had to travel about an
hour's drive away to find a perfectly flat horizon in the right
direction. On September 22.48, m1=9.7, 2.2' coma.

As with the previous comet, I'm posting this late because of the
motherboard failure of the computer with which I maintain the
"Countdown" web pages. Fortunately, the comet is now higher in the sky
(and brighter) and I don't have to make the long drive anymore.

Description at http://www.earthriseinstitute.org/coms41.html#412

This comet should present an excellent opportunity for general public
and student comet observing. Images and reports (including reports of
outreach efforts) are welcome.



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