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Some LXD55 users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message or ZIP or Stuff multiple files). Send to mweasner@optcorp.com. Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site.

"Lynn Laux" (gemmalady@msn.com) [21 Sep 03]
[Top] Mars taken on 7-26-03 with an AR-5 at Portage Lakes State Park with an Olympus C-4040Z.
[Bottom] Here's another (I have LOTS) of Mars taken with an AR-5 at Portage Lakes State Park near Akron Ohio.  This time I used a Phillips ToUCam Pro at prime focus and no filters.
"Robert Zaballa" (gte505v@prism.gatech.edu) [15 Sep 03]
Here's another image taken with the same equipment from the night of Aug. 31.
Mike here: Image cropped from the original 480x640.
"Robert Zaballa" (gte505v@prism.gatech.edu) [30 Aug 03]
Here is another picture of Mars from Aug. 20. I sent another one earlier that was taken on the same date.
Javier Villarreal Nuez (JVILLARREALP@gruma.com) [30 Aug 03]
Mars Mars Mars Mars
I like to share the pictures i took yesterday. Seeing wasnt very good 7/10 i'd say. I took lots of pictures and took the best of every size (i played with the zoom). I used my 5mm lanthanum, the steadypix adapter, polarizing filter and nikon 5000. F4.2, 1/30 (most of the photos). Please let me know what you think. I'm going to darker skies this weekend, i'll be sending you, hopefully, better pictures Monday.
Best regards and keep up the good job on your excellent site,
Javier. ..
Robert Zaballa (gte505v@prism.gatech.edu) [26 Aug 03]
Here is another image of Mars I took on Aug. 24. I used the same equipment.
Robert Zaballa (gte505v@prism.gatech.edu) [22 Aug 03]
Mars fromAugust 15, 2003using a SAC 7b CCD camera and an LXD 55 8 telescope.A No. 21 orange filter was used and gave excellent detail. I believe this is a view showing such regions as Elysium Planitia, Hesperia Planum, Terra Cimmeria, and Terra Sirenum.The south polar ice cap is visible too.
Javier Villarreal Nuez (JVILLARREALP@gruma.com) [22 Aug 03]
Mars Mars
Here is a compilation of 20 or so photos i took yesterday, i found out something, probably you knew it already. I was having trouble with the seeing, there were high clouds moving in and out of mars so i tried removing the Diagonal and attached a 5mm Vixen Lanthanum with a polarizing filter directly and Ohh my god !!! The view improved a lot !. I guess it is because of removing reflecting glasses along the way, and also the standard meade diagonal isn't probably very good. So with this arrangement i took lots of pictures and here is a compilation of the best. In summary, Coolpix 5000 1/30, 1/60 some 1/15 shots, F4.2, ISO 800, 5mm eyepiece, no Diagonal, polarizing filter, Focus set to infinity. Stacked and processed in registax to enhance contrast and dust lanes. Best regards and clear skies, Javier ... PS: The LEFT one i took yesterday, the other is a reprocess of one i sent you earlier from the 17th. I enhanced the dust lanes.

Mike here: Yes, the stock diagonal is really just "OK". When I replaced mine with a 2" diagonal with UHTC (from Meade) the views improved tremendously).

Javier Villarreal Nuez (JVILLARREALP@gruma.com) [19 Aug 03]
Mars Mars Mars Mars
Here are some new fotos i took yesterday 08/17/2003 with the same arrangement, only i removed the focal reducer and used a 12.4 superplossl with a barlow lense. I'm sending 4 compilations of 1/30, 1/60, 1/15 at different resolutions, stacked using registax. It would be very helpful if you let me know what you think of them. Do you think i can obtain better focus ?.

Mike here: Pretty nice shots. Hard to say whether the focus is a little "soft" but the limb does look somewhat out-of-focus. Focusing is a challenge; I just made a "Hartmann Mask" for my 8"SC and have posted info and photos.

JVILLARREALP@gruma.com (Javier Villarreal Nuez) [9 Aug 03]
Here is my very first attempt in digital astrophotography. I took this fotos Saturday at 3:30am, using my LXD55 SCT 8", Nikon Coolpix 5000, each foto is a combination of about 6 fotos taken at 1/30, F4.2 combined with registax (also first time i use it). I used a barlow lens with a celestron 17mm plossl and a focal reducer, which by the way i forgot it was there otherwise i would've removed it :).

It would be an honor if you post one on your excellent site, of course if you have space for it. Please let me know what you think of them, i think they are not very well focused, i know i can do way better ...

jes.sian@summers42.freeserve.co.uk (The Summers Houshold) [27 Jul 03]


I've jus been looking through the Canon astrophotography section of your excellent ETX site and thought I'd send you some of my efforts. All were taken using a Canon A20 with Scopetronix Digi T adaptor on a Meade LXD55 SC8. Saturn was snapped on 2nd March '03. Jupiter was snapped on 6th March '03. Probably over sharpened in photoshop. Feel free to include any of these on your site if you think they are worthy and keep up the good work.

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