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Subject:	My Answer to M Arsenault
Sent:	Saturday, April 10, 2004 09:05:52
From:	ZygmoDean@aol.com
I would like to comment on Mike's Post from March 7, 2004, about his new
LXD 5in. Refractor.

I recently purchased an LXD AR5 from scienceandhobby.com. (excellent
service, by the way). The scope arrived in perfect condition.

After spending a couple of afternoons practicing with the Autostar, I
set the scope up on the night of March 27, 2004. I used a compass to
roughly point north, and sighted through the empty scope mounting rings
to aim at Polaris. Mounted the OTA, never used the polar alignment
scope, and never trained the drives. The moon stayed centered in a 20mm
eyepiece for several minutes without obvious drift.

The moon through my Meade Plossls was perfect, without any of the color
fringes that I have heard plague the cheaper Refractors. I have been
using an old Edmund 4 1/4 Newtonian, and a Celestron 8SCT, and I can
honestly say the view of the moon was considerably better in the AR5.

The enclosed picture of the Moon was taken that night through a Kodak
DX3500, on a Meade Universal Camera mount, through a Meade Plossl 20mm
eyepiece. It is a composite of three pics, hand stitched together in
Adobe Photoshop 7. This was my first night of Astrophotography through
any scope.

Click image for full-size version (272KB)
I am VERY pleased with this telescope, and recommend it highly. Maybe Mike received a Lemon.

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