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Subject:	Meade AR 5" LXD 55 feedback...
Sent:	Wednesday, August 16, 2006 12:43:39
From:	mike Arsenault (mikea@cablevision.qc.ca)
my name is mike and i have a Meade AR5 refractor mounted on a LXD 55 EQ.
Me and my wife are situated in north eastern Ontario canada.  You know,
the place were you can see the veil with binocs...

I have a lot of thing i would like to pass on to your fellow readers
regarding the AR 5...   Some are positive others are to be taken at face
value or as is...the following letters will bring some details to light
if you want...

Good bye for Now and Clear skies tomorow.

Mike And Barb Arsenault
Mike here: "You know, the place were you can see the veil with binocs..."
Oh WOW!!!!


"following letters"?
exactly... they will be coming in the near future, if I get permission
to post them...
just kidding about the Binocs...The real truth is we saw The veil
nebulae two nights ago using the Celestron 4 inch F 5 refractor, a Meade
4000 series 26 mm and Orion contrast booster filter, their was no
problem seing the entire lower part of the nebula , is was so beautiful
and bright..

The North American nebula is a  naked eye  object  .  The  swan  was 
super bright   so was lagoon but Trifid was a bit hard to see... then we
swung over  to  Andromeda galaxy M31 took up the whole field in the 20
mm,  then M33,   WOW ...then M 101 cool...   after that M 51 small but
cute...back up to M81 ..82 what a nice pair..

After that, the ring M57  then M 27 Dumbel it was so bright, you could
see the extensions.

Could not find NGC 891 and NGC 7331.by then it was 11:57 PM it 11.2
degrees and 94% humidity, everything was wet...what a great night lots
of meteors and dozens of satelites. Seeing was at least 8.5 of Ten.

finished up with M13 almost completly resolved by averted vision., M22
what a big globular cluster.

NUFF said I wish you could come and see our skies , nobody would believe

sky ahead..  MIKE and BARB

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