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Subject:	My LXD-75 not Align!!!
Sent:	Wednesday, January 18, 2006 04:48:07
From:	V V (g.tarsoudis@freemail.gr)
Has it ever occur to you when you make Calibration and Train motors and
afterwards when you go for Align it goes in stars elsewhere and

The steps that I followed are below:
1. Reset (from menu of Autostar)
2. calibration motors
3. Train drive (RA and DEC)
4. Right hour and + 2 for my site
5. Daylight saves NO for Winter
6. Lat and Log rightly for the place that I am
7. Power off and turn it On.

8. The displey now (0 or MODE for Align)

It searching and give a (eg.) Rigel it going but exceed very much (Dec
axis collides with the body of RA motor)!!!

The Train drive has been made with 12mm eyepiece at 2km nevertheless not
only it does not go there that the star is supposed roughly to be but
the motor of Dec axis collides with the body of RA motor. I tried again
to put the last version in my Auto Star, I had used the same version
when I had the old head, then he sent me the new head without however to
change the remote control and it presented the same problems. I have
telescope but I does not have driving. If any of you has mount with
Autostar #497 and has faced similar problem I would be grateful if he
could help me!!!

My Telescope is LXD-75 8" SC, and version of software autostar is 40Ef

I try 10 times the procedure of train drive but the problem it

I thought of using other publication of software (older)

Or try to reset the autostar in to mother version and then to put the

Friendly & sory for my bad English!!!

George Tarsoudis
Mike here: Instead of doing the Easy Two Star Alignment, try a One Star Alignment. Follow the prompts on the Autostar display. Let me know what happens.


I try tonight (afetr 2 hour for my town) to do this!!!

First I try to Align with 2 strars because yesterday I have doing Train
and after I turn OFF telescope. If doesnt work again I try one star

Thanks again for yours times !!!


The last night I tried with the One star aligment but the problem doesnt
untied.  I  send  one  photo  with  the  problem .  After   the  failed
procedure of  one  star  Align  I  try  to hard reset  my  autostar with
Entet button  &  down key  and  I put  again the  last  version
autostar  40ef. I try now in day to procedure of  Train drive  after of
this procedure what can I do? Turn off my autostar ?  During the night
wish procedure do you advice me to follow?  My Autostar belongs to my
previous  head wich had another  problem.

And now when I start the procedure of  Align the Autostar  eg. searhing
the Rigel but  it cant recognize  the star although the telescope passes
in front of it.

A one question more,

Exists case this  version 40 ef it creates problem. Try to put the older
version. And if yes from where him I lower? But the 40ef version in my
old Head work rightly.

My lat : 40 57.931' N   and Log :  25 54.392' E  (Alexandoupoli, Greece)
and my time zone is +2 hours, the daylight saveings is NO or Yes for
Winter? but this is not very much problem because is +1 or -1 hour.

Thanks Mr Mike for your times again.

Friendly George Tarsoudis

Mike here: Older versions of the Autostar software is on the Autostar Archive in the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page. So you can try that if you want to. But one other comment since you haven't mentioned it; have you selected the proper telescope model and mounting mode in the Autostar? OH WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I think I see the problem from the photo you sent. The DEC drive should be on the West side of the mount, not the East side. At least, that is true on the LXD55 model. Remove the OTA, swing the DEC axis 180 degrees and reattach the OTA.


have you selected the proper telescope model and mounting mode in the
Autostar?    YES

The DEC drive should be on the West side of the mount, not the East
side.  At least, that is true on the LXD55 model.  Remove the OTA, swing
the DEC axis 180 degrees and reattach the OTA.

This is the rigth position on LXD-75 model , the picture that I sent is
from the handbook of  LXD-75.

Have Mr Mike  experience with the 40ef  version  the  last  version of 
autostar. Because  perhaps this is the problem, I do not know what other
problem exists .

Have you  Mr Mike table or  Schematic diagram  of  train drive after I
put a new version of  autostar . When finished the update I turn off the
autostar, now at night what I do fisrt. Can put the target first to
terestial objects and after the train I put it to the astronomical
targets. And  after  finish the Train drive can close the ON-OFF switch.
And  when I put new version  can do RESET and Calibration motors 
options and finaly go for train drive?

Thanks again  Mr  Weasner.
Mike here: I haven't yet installed 4.0Ef so can't comment on that. As to CALIBRATE MOTORS and TRAIN DRIVES, if I understand what you are asking, they should be retained following a power off.
Subject:	LXD55 versis LXD75 trypod
Sent:	Wednesday, January 4, 2006 21:43:46
From:	Harold Ogden (hlogden31@msn.com)
I have a LXD75 SN8 ordered but Meade cannot deliver for at least 4 more
weeks it has been 7 weeks so far my question is 75 trypod that much
better than the 55? I assume everything else is the same. I have the
opertunity of getting new 55 without wateing shoud I wate?    Harold
Mike here: I think the wait will be worth it.
Subject:	LXD75-SC8 Microfocuser
Sent:	Tuesday, January 3, 2006 10:57:41
From:	Dave Wallace (d_wallace@ecrm.com)
Does anybody have experience with the Meade microfocuser?  And which
model is the right one for the SC-8?

I find that even with a Hartmann mask I have trouble hitting correct
focus while trying to do astrophotography because the scope vibrates
somewhat when I manually focus.

(My set-up consists of the LXD75-SC8, the Meade T-adapter and a Canon
Digital Rebel DSLR camera.  I'm a relative newbie to astrophotography.)
Mike here: I don't recall seeing any comments on it. How do you like the LXD75 mount?


The mount works very well for me (now that the RA drive issue has been
corrected).  Tracking is pretty good, the mount is up to the task for
the SC-8 and its vibrational characteristics are excellent.

I'm still trying to calibrate the polar alignment scope, though.  It's
close enough for visual work but a 30-second or longer exposure will
show that the Autostar has to jog the DEC drive every so often while
following the sky.

I've not yet tried enabling PEC; I figure I might as well wait until the
polar scope is properly aligned.  No point in correcting minor RA errors
when I still have major DEC corrections.

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