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Subject:	Meade AR6 with Moonlite focuser
Sent:	Saturday, May 5, 2007 03:11:01
From:	DMD COLLINS (dannymcollins@btinternet.com)
I came across your site after researching a problem I have in trying to
use a Moonlite Crayford focuser on my AR6.

I have had the scope for about  3 - 4 years now, but was always
reluctant to put a 2" diagonal and eyepieces in it, as the dovetail and
screw system does not hold them securely, and also seems designed to
scratch the diagonal barrel. After seeing the Moonlite Telescope
Accessories ads recently, I bought a crayford design CF Model 2 focuser
from them, specifically designed to replace the original focuser on the
AR6. It is a beautiful piece of machinery, and you can imagine my
disappointment when I put it on the tube only to find that it rattles
about like a size 10 shoe on a size 6 foot! It is impossible to clamp it
securely onto the tube, the gap between the inner and outer flanges on
the MTA focuser is about twice the thickness of the tube wall, and
cannot be compressed.

I got in touch with Ron Newman at MTA, who was very helpful and
explained about the Meade system of using tape on the outside of the
rear edge of the tube to fill the gap between the tube and focuser. He
said the MTA focuser was designed to take account of this tape. This was
news to me, I had never heard of this tape and my tube definitely
doesn't have any on it, the Meade focuser is a tight fit on the tube
through its own design.

Have you any experience of this problem? I am stuck with a lovely MTA
focuser I can't use unless I find a way to fill this gap and get a
secure clamp. Help!!!

Danny Collins
Mike here: I don't have either an AR or the Moonlite focuser so can't comment directly. But I don't think you should feel stuck with the MTA focuser; since it doesn't work on your model I would think they would take it back with a full refund. However, perhaps someone else has experience with these and can offer a solution.

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