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This page is for user comments and information of a general nature or items applicable to all LXD55 models. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	LXD55 mount
Sent:	Sunday, February 23, 2003 04:35:28
From:	"John Paladini" (jpaladin1@rcn.com)
What is max weight that LXD55 mount can handle?
thank you

John Paladini
Mike here: I don't recall seeing any max weight spec for the mount but I have seen reports that the 10"SN may be slightly too much for it. The 8"SC works fine on it.
Subject:	LXD55 SC-8
Sent:	Friday, February 21, 2003 11:14:26
From:	"John Iannelli" (John.Iannelli@aheadcomusa.com)
Just to follow up on the LXD55 SC-8 that I purchased. After sending the
autostar back for the correct version I received my new autostar with
the right configuration for this scope. I did have some problems with
the cord. It seems that is was very loose and the autostar would
shutdown when tugged just right.Never the less I made 3 attempts at
doing a 2 star alignment andall 3 failed. I was puzzled because
autostar put the thealignment starsjust about in the center of the
eyepiece. I proceeded to do an auto align but the first star autostar
chose was behind a tree. I then tried a 2 star alignment again and this
time it was successful. I'm still not sure why the first two failed but
it could still be the cord. I contacted Meade and they are sending me
another cord. On a positive note, once I was aligned the autostar
worked perfectly. All my targets were put just about in the center of
the viewfinder. Was pleased. I was very impressed with the views I
saw. This 8 inch scope is sharp as a tack and a big difference from the
views in my ETX 90. The GEM takes some getting used to. It moves in
mysterious ways. I have a comment on Meade's customer service. I think
they should have there people take some training on the use and
operating of there scopes. They are not very knowledgeable. They are
courteous but that won't get the job done alone. I will be enjoying my
new toy for quite some time. Happy skies.

John Iannelli
Ahead Communications
Middlebury Ct.
Mike here: Thanks for the report. Sorry to hear about the cord problems. Be certain you put the "filter" next to the control panel, not on the Autostar end. I had mine backwards initially and had several random slews. Now that I have it correct, no random slews or MUFs.
Subject:	Re: LXD55 vs. ETX125EC - A beginner's dilemma
Sent:	Thursday, February 20, 2003 08:58:43
From:	"Ronald Marsden" (rmarsden@dtcc.com)

Thank you for responding to me so quickly.

I really appreciate you taking the time to give such a nicely detailed
answer.  While I had a hunch that there were differences beyond simply
being able to see more, I didn't know what any of them could be.
Obviously, you can't tell someone everything there is to know about a
telescope in an e-mail, but you gave me some great insight to some
details that I had no idea existed.

Let me digest this and I'll let you know what we go with and how it
works out.

Thanks again.

Subject:	Meade's Astrofiner
Sent:	Wednesday, February 19, 2003 08:44:42
From:	"Mick & Maureen Stainton" (stainton@attbi.com)
Trying to set up the Meade Astrofinder on my LXD55 SN8 and Im having
some trouble with the right date. I have programmed the Autostar on the
right date but the Astrofinders date will not change, it reads 07 FEB
06. Canyou tell me the fix andhave youfound any other problems with
the Astrofiner.

Mike here: You need the Astronomer's Control Panel update. The link is on the Astronomy Links page under Software on my ETX Site. I haven't used it.
Subject:	Mounts
Sent:	Tuesday, February 18, 2003 16:44:01
From:	"mb mangum" (mangum@tstar.net)
Mike, I am about to purchase another larger scope (larger than my
EXT125) I am leaning toward the LXD55 8"SC (like yours) to enable me
to switch the 8" to the EXT otausing thesame mount ( at different
times--not piggyback) and get around usingthe mount on the EXT. Will
this work and would you recommend a 10" over the 8" for the price?.
Space and weight are not a factor. I want to do some photography --even
some ccd if the price ever gets out of the stratosphere so I need a
stable mount and tripod or pier. Your photos look really good!

Mike here: You would have to make an adapter to mount the ETX-125 on the LXD55 GEM mount. But it could be done. But if you get the 8"SC why would you want to switch to the ETX-125 OTA? The focal length is almost the same but you get more light gathering power with the 8". As to the 10"SN vs 8"SC, keep in mind the different design and focal length as well as the aperture. Which one you want depends upon your primary purpose for the telescope. Also, there have been reports that the 10"SN is a bit too much for the LXD55 GEM mount.
Subject:	meade 495 w/ lxd series
Sent:	Tuesday, February 18, 2003 16:19:46
From:	"T J Koenigfeld" (highrolla7@mchsi.com)
I have been using the meade ds 114 ec w/ autostar 495. (4.5
reflector). I have updated the autostar to 497 through meades updater
off there websiteand would like to know if i could purchase the lxd 55
8 sn w/ electronic controls and use my old 495 autostar which has been
updated to the 497 (which if im not mistaken is the autostar that comes
w/ the lxd series scopes.)

Any advice would be great!! thanks, 
T. J. 

--love the site by the way. very helpful info.
Mike here: Yep, the #497 will work. Once you connect it to the LXD55 it will offer you that choice of telescope model. Remember, you will need to Calibrate and Train the drives when you switch telescopes.
Sent:	Monday, February 17, 2003 17:12:16
From:	"Shane Allen" (shanea@danka.com.au)
Have posted this question in a couple of different groups with little
response.  Perhaps you can help?

I am interested in doing some eye piece projection astrophotography with
my SN6. Scopetronix seems to have the right idea with the Digi- T
system, but what would be the best digital camera to pursue?

What functions are necessary on a digital camera to get the most out of
this type of photography?

I understand camera's with small lenses are best suited.

Don't want to spend more than $1000 Australian pesos. ($500 US)

Any input would be greatly welcomed.

Shane Allen
Mike here: You can find a lot of info on various types of digital cameras on the Helpful Information --> Astrophotography page on my ETX Site. In general you need to be able to control the exposure duration and lock the camera lens at infinity. Additional capabilities can include noise reduction, ISO speed setting, zoom lens or macro mode (to reduce vignetting), and remote release cable or self-timer to avoid vibrations from tripping the shutter.
Subject:	AutoStar & Focusers
Sent:	Monday, February 17, 2003 13:12:09
From:	David Sherfy (sherfy@fum.com)
An opinion please?

Since the AutoStar will control (4 speed) Meade 1240 focusers using a 9v
source, if one was to remove the circuit board from a 1240 & interface
it between the control box and the motor on the JMI focuser (which is
also a 9v dc motor), would the AutoStar then think it is running a 1240
and give 4 speed control from the AutoStar?

What do you think?

Mike here: Sounds like it should work. If you try it, let me know the results.
Subject:	Stable Mount
Sent:	Sunday, February 16, 2003 05:44:40
From:	"joedesrosier2001 (dc1000000@aol.com)
Hi Mike - Thanks for your help with my "Best Scope for Mars" decision.
Of the 2, LXD55 8"SC or ETX125EC, which has the most stable mount.
Thinking I will use this scope for sidewalk and star party's. Thanks,
Mike here: With the tripod legs NOT extended, both mounts (Alt/Az for the ETX) will about the same. The only difference you'll likely see is when focusing. The ETX is more prone to vibrations from being touched than the LXD55 telescopes. A lot of users will add enhancements to the ETX to reduce the vibrations (electric focuser, focus cable, or a larger knob) or even a "clothes pin"). A few people will do this to the LXD55 telescopes but I've not find it necessary with the 8"SC. If you use the ETX in polar mode the mount will be less stable due to the shift in center of balance away from the central core of the tripod. The GEM mount doesn't have this problem. If you need to extend the tripod legs, especially with the ETX, slight breezes or even people walking nearby if the telescope is set up on a hard surface, can create vibrations. You can use "vibration suppression pads" to reduce this effect. I use a small carpet under my LXD55 since I set up on my concrete patio. The carpet also keeps my feet warmer and protects anything that I might drop (like an eyepiece!). One last point: since I have both the ETX-125EC and the LXD55 8"SC I can tell you that the views of the planets are dramatically different in the two. The 8"SC provides a lot more detail in a brighter image.
Subject:	Next scope
Sent:	Saturday, February 15, 2003 12:15:40
From:	"mb mangum" (mangum@tstar.net)
Haven't been to the ETX site for a while. I have the EXT125. Love
the optics but the mount and autostar drove me nuts. I notice you have
another scope (LDX 55 8"?) I want to move up to an 8" or 10" Meade or
Celestron. For visual and minor (camera) photography what is your
suggestion? (Or direct me to your articles)

Hope Clay Sherrod reads this or if not please say hello for me. He is
one of my very favorite persons.

Thanks and Good Luck with the new scope!

Mike here: The LXD55 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain is a fine visual telescope and you can do some astrophotography with it. The GEM mount is different than an Alt/Az or even wedge mounted telescope. The 8"SC OTA and optics are the same as with the LX90 8" and LX200GPS 8"SC. The lower cost of the LXD55 is due to the lower-end mount. Depending upon your budget you might also want to check out the other LXD55 telescopes.
Subject:	LXD55 vs. ETX125EC - A beginner's dilemma
Sent:	Wednesday, February 12, 2003 12:04:19
From:	"Ronald Marsden" (rmarsden@dtcc.com)
I was doing some research for my wife's birthday gift and happened upon
your site.  From what I read, you have a lot of experience and your
opinions carry some weight.   I have no knowlege of telescopes so I'm
hoping that you can help steer me in the right direction.

My wife has expressed an interest in getting into astronomy and I
thought a scope would be a nice gift.

A little background info.

As usual, I'll wind up having to help her so I will get involved (and I
will eventually want to take photograghs).  This will be our only scope
(and I'm 99% sure that we won't be getting anymore in the future).  With
that in mind, I'd rather spend a little more and not have to sell and
buy again in the future. No long trips.  We will be using it in our
backyard in PA.

They have what appear to be some nice promotions on the ETX, but based
on some of your comments I was thinking about going the extra bucks for
the LXD55 8".

With all that in mind, any recommendations or comments would be
appreciated.  Just remember, this is a birthday gift so I can't have her
go around trying to find scopes so that she can try them for comparison.

Also, what may seem like a stupid questions:

Is one more difficult to set up and/or work with (for a beginner)? On
either one, is it worth it to go for the UHTC coatings

Mike here: The LXD55 series uses a German Equatorial Mount (GEM), which can take some getting used to for best operation. The ETX-125EC (and other ETX models) can use an Altitude/Azimuth mounting (when used with an Autostar), which is much simpler to use and more stable in many configurations due to having the telescope's center of gravity mostly over the tripod's center of stability. But the mount is not the only factor; you need to decide upon HOW you want to use the telescope and WHAT your expectations are for viewing. If you want nice wide-field views you might go for an LXD55 Schmidt-Newtonian; if you want to see more details in the planets you might go for the 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain. If budget is not too much a factor and the LXD55 8"SC is something you might consider, then the LX90 8" gets you the same optics but on an Alt/Az mount (and still uses the Autostar). The downside of not having the GEM mount is if you plan to do long duration exposure astrophotography; for that with an ETX or LX90 you would need to mount the telescope in Polar Mode (using the tripod or optional wedge). Short duration photography, up to a few seconds or minutes depending upon many factors, can be done with the ETX series or LX90. But even the LXD55 series will take a long of work to get good long duration astrophotographs. The best choice for that would be an LX200 but they cost a lot more. As to UHTC, from what I've experienced and read, yes it is worth the extra cost, even on an ETX-90.
Subject:	SN-6 go to problems
Sent:	Wednesday, February 12, 2003 11:52:06
From:	John Gilkison (jgilkiso@zianet.com)
I was looking at your instructions on the polar alignment scope and the
instruction manual for the LXD-55 and a inconsistancy popped up!

In the instruction manual they say on pg 48  in Item 6. that you should
"Move the telescope mount until the crosshair is centered over Polaris".
The drawing from the website I have on "Using The LXD-55 Polar Alignment
Scope" clearly shows that Polaris is to be put in the circle, and that
the the NPC will then be under the cross hairs.

This creates some confusion in my mind and a potential to be at least
0.8 degrees off of alignment. I think you are correct, and that the
manual is incorrect but I just wanted to be sure. It seems to me the NPC
should be in the center of the finder, where ever that is?

John Gilkison
President, National 
Public Observatory
Mike here: Yes, for precise alignment Polaris is offset (on the circle, angle depending upon date/time). Of course, that is assuming you have aligned the Polar Alignment Scope to the rotational axis and that the telescope optical axis is also aligned to the rotational axis when at 90 degrees declination.


Do you have a clue as to why this seems to the opposite in the Meade
Manual? Also I have tried to reproduce a detailed map of the NPC and I
can not find any four star pattern that agrees with this configuration
in the proper area opposite the pole star and the NPC. I do find a bowl
shaped star pattern straddling the zero hour line consisting of the
following stars

SAO 3816 most southerly
SAO 3721 next in the bowl north
SAO 181 brightest star in the bowl
SAO 3916 most northerly

This pattern is only apparent to me with the pole star being under the
cross hairs and the circle indicating the NPC. Am I misidentifying the
bowl pattern stars? Another such pattern is possible in the
configuration you have indicated but they are dimmer and harder to make
out? Does anyone have these stars identified positively so one can print
out a proper map?

The reason I am asking about all this is that I am trying to put
together a star wheel which will clarify any position for anytime of the
year. Once I am sure I can teach others but the confusion only seems to
be thickening at this juncture.

On the other side in agreement with your positions I have the stars

SAO211 most northerly left side
SAO2012 most southerly left side

They are near the 12 hour line at 87.45 dec and 86.4 dec respectivily.
am I getting closer?
Mike here: The Meade manual is incorrect (or confusing, at best). The 4-star pattern is for Southern Hemisphere use.


Thanks, that clarifies everything. I would think there would be a
pattern for Northern Hemisphere use. I will leave you alone for now and
go try to polar align my scope as soon as I can. Now you do have me
interested to find this four star pattern near the SPC.
And more:
Ok, I did a set up tonight. The pole star has been absoulutely verified
by splitting it in the main scope. Using my newly made polar alignment
star wheel I did a polar alignment using the telescopes polar scope
(aligned with the mechanical axis).

The site information was verified, time, date, etc. The scope was
typically still off at least 1 degree. Without the piggy back F/9 80 mm
refractor I never would find and center objects. Objects in this scope
using a 32 mm eyepiece with a 2.2 degree field of view are on the edge
of the field usually.

At this point Mike I am about as flustrated as one can get with a go/to
mount short of throwing the mount over a cliff. Unless you have some
idea we haven't discussed before I really think something is wrong
enternally with this mount.

When you had me move mount after going to the first align star instead
of moving the scope the telescope was way off the pole. I could tell
that visually just by looking at it (2 or 3 degrees away from the pole).

The telescope typically failed good two star alignments when I choose
the stars and I know I have the right stars no question. When it goes to
the alignment stars itself it is off by 2 or 3 degrees.
Mike here: Definitely doesn't sound right. One last resort, if you haven't already done it, would be to download (or re-download) the latest Autostar ROM. If fact, to totally clear out any garbage in the Autostar I would suggest doing the SAFE LOAD procedure. Then following the update do a RESET, CALIBRATE, and an accurate TRAIN drives (both axes).


Me and a friend who is computer savy have been talking about doing this
very thing. We do not have a 505 patch cord at this time. If I call OP&T
on Monday and order one can you ship one right away or will it get back
Mike here: OPT should have them in stock. Alternatively you can easily make one; see the info on the Autostar Information page (linked from my LXD55 Site home page). Remember that you need Windows and a serial port. You can use a Mac with VirtualPC; if your computer has only USB then you will need a USB-serial adapter.
Subject:	The Age of the Universe Revealed!
Sent:	Wednesday, February 12, 2003 15:54:15
From:	Scott Roberts
Dear Fellow Astronomer, 

We live in truly amazing times... dangerous in terms of human struggle
that never seems to end on this almost indescribably tiny speck of a
planet, and wondrous in terms that humans have started to close in on
the true age of the universe. The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe
(WMAP) team has made the first detailed full-sky map of the oldest light
in the universe! NASA reports that these scientists have analyzed the
data and discovered that the universe is 13.7 billion years old with an
age determination accuracy of plus or minus 1 percent! This is an
incomparable achievement, and it marks a major milestone for the human
race. This is required reading!

This news and more is on the  AstronomyOutreach network, the source that
presents people, news, events, programs, clubs and other resources for
outreach in Astronomy and Space. Go to www.astronomyoutreach.net to
learn more!

Clear skies to all,

Scott Roberts - Editor  

Subject:	Crack in Optical Tube Assembley LXD55 6" SN
Sent:	Tuesday, February 11, 2003 16:54:13
From:	Thomas Rutherford (rutherfordt@earthlink.net)
Just like a previous post, I also have a crack in the tube assembly.  It
is in the paint and is about 4 inches long and around 2 inches wide-- it
actually forms a flap that can be lifted up and the bare metal tube
looked at underneath.  It was there when I unpacked it after receiving
it a few days ago (2 1/2 month wait).  When I spoke to Meade, they said
that they would have UPS come by my house and pick it up using a prepaid
address label.  It has now been a week and so far no sign of the UPS
man.  After reading the other post, I am beginning to wonder if he is
actually coming.  I guess that I will wait a few more days before
calling Meade back.

Tom Rutherford

Subject:	LXD55 SCTvs. LX90
Sent:	Tuesday, February 11, 2003 08:01:05
From:	"S. Barton" (ssbarton@westelcom.com)
Thanks for the info on the LXD 55 SCT it looks like the same optical
system as the LX90. It will be interesting to see how the GO TO system
works on the GEM vs. the Alt/Az on the LX90. Let me know how you like
the GEM. By the way....do you know if anyone is stocking the LXD 55SCT
yet? As always, thanks for your help. S. Barton
Mike here: Yes, it is the same OTA and optics as on the LX90 and LX200. Only the tube color and mounts are different between the three models. Don't know who is stocking it yet; you will have to check around. And this LXD55 Site has my experiences with the LXD55 8"SC.
Subject:	LXD55 8" vs. LX-90
Sent:	Monday, February 10, 2003 06:59:30
From:	"S. Barton" (ssbarton@westelcom.com)
I e-mailed a few weeks ago about the ETX-125. Thanks for the quick response.
I have decided to go with the larger aperture over the portability. Now my
question is why did you choose the LXD55 8" over the LX-90? Thanks in
advance for helping me to choose the right scope for me. Stan Barton
Mike here: Price was one factor. So was having an equatorial mount without the added expense and hassle of a wedge. Yes, there is a lot to be said for Alt/Az but for my purposes, the GEM mount was perfectly acceptable.
Subject:	What is the latitude range for LXD55 mount?
Sent:	Saturday, February 8, 2003 09:38:04
From:	"Ong YC" (ongyc@starhub.net.sg)
Pls advise what s is the latitude range for this mount?

Can it be used near the equator?Thanks
Mike here: It will go to 0 degrees.
Subject:	Meade Autostar
Sent:	Thursday, February 6, 2003 07:14:58
From:	imw@imwilliams.plus.com (Mr. I. M. Williams)
Further to my earlier e-mail. I forgot a firther two questions I needed
to ask. The answers may well be obvious but they have eluded me.

How do I tell which Autostar I have (with my LXD55) and how do I
ascertain what revision of software it contains?

I hope you are able to help me, so thanks in anticipation.
Mike here: The LXD55 telescopes all use the #497 Autostar. When you turn it on you first see the short version of the ROM version. To see the full version (or if you just didn't see the version flash by), go to Setup-->Statistics and scroll until you see the version number. It will be something like 2.6Ea (2.6Ec is the current version).
Subject:	etx-125 or 10" lxd55
Sent:	Thursday, February 6, 2003 12:19:29
From:	elee_29@yahoo.com (e lee)
Great ETX site!  

Want any insight you can give me since you owned an ETX-125 and an 8"
LXD55.  Which of the two do you think provides more value for the money?
The portability of the ETX is nice, but I don't plan on transporting it,
although I do plan to move the telescopy in and out of the house to the
backyard.  I plan to do planetary and "deep" space observing and was
wondering if you preferred one over the other.  If I decide on a LXD55 I
haven't decided whether to go with the 8" or 10".

Ed Lee
Freehold, New Jersey
Mike here: For spur-of-the-moments things I still use the ETX-90RA. For when I need more aperture and plan to do an extended observing session I use the LXD55 8"SC. The ETX-125 sits comfortably between the two. So, if portability (or ease of movement) isn't a criteria for you, then the LXD55 would be a nice telescope. Word of caution though: there are reports that the 10" SN is a bit too large to be stable on the LXD55 GEM mount and tripod. The 8" seems OK.
Subject:	Meade Autostar Manual
Sent:	Thursday, February 6, 2003 04:55:28
From:	imw@imwilliams.plus.com (Mr. I. M. Williams)
Having just taken possesion of a new LXD55 I was wondering if you know
if Meade make their Autostar Instruction Manual, and any other,
available in "pdf" format, (rather than just as a html document on their
web site), so that I might download and print it for easier reference
and browsing? A computer screen is just not the same as leafing through
paper copies.

Yor web site has already proved invaluable as a central resource for all
the different questions I find myself asking. Thanks.


Mr. I. M. Williams - (e-mail) - mailto:IMW@imwilliams.plus.com

West Midlands, United Kingdom
Mike here: Check the FAQ page on my ETX Site. Some manuals are noted there.
Subject:	LXD 55 SN 10 
Sent:	Wednesday, February 5, 2003 15:53:12
From:	"Terry&KellyPierson" (terryandkelly@buckeye-express.com)
I was wondering if you knew who I could speak to at Meade regarding
exchanging my LXD 55 SN 10". I have a crack on the OTA that came from
the cold weather where I live. The scope has NOT been bumped, dropped,
etc. I spoke to Meade about repairs, and they told me to ship to them at
my expense, and it'll take at least a month!

Meade provides about the worst customer service I have ever experineced
in my 39 years on this planet. I know that you have contacts at Meade
and would appreciate any help you may be able to provide.


Terry Pierson
Mike here: Sorry to hear about the problem. Is the telescope under warranty? If so, contact your dealer first. Even if not still under warranty I would suggest contacting your dealer. I didn't see an operating temperature specification mentioned in the manual and so I don't think the tube should have cracked due to temperature, or if it did then it would seem that you have a valid claim for repair. Let me know what your dealer says.
Subject:	Re: Thermal Equilibrium - LXD 55 8" SC
Sent:	Wednesday, February 5, 2003 3:17:50
From:	GHVideos@aol.com
Sorry to bother you again, Mike.

In your [ETX] book, you talk about "thermal equilibrium" and allowing
the telescope to adjust to the outside temperature.  I guess the 8 inch
SC will need nearly three hours for optimum performance.  I assume you
need to cover the optics during this time to prevent any dew from


Mike here: Well, covering the optics will prevent dew-ing but may prevent the optics from cooling down. Also, you can shorten the cool-down time for the air inside the OTA by leaving the eyepiece hole open (just don't let dust or other foreign objects enter).
Subject:	LXD55
Sent:	Sunday, February 2, 2003 17:42:21
From:	"Shane Allen" (shanea@danka.com.au)
Have read the recent post by  Dick regarding alignment using "LXD55
Adjust" in the telescope submenu of setup.  I attempted this procedure
yesterday. The trouble I had was that the procedure in the manual tells
you to set the latitude to 45 degrees or higher, which I could just not
do, even using maximum force on the T-handle screw.

I thought I would use this method, as the first one described to align
the RA and Dec axis was a bit complicated!  Is the mount supposed to
show such resistance when setting the latitude to such a high setting?
Is setting it to 45 degrees or higher necessary to complete the

Just another quick one:  my go to's have progressed to the point where I
am consistently getting objects in viewfinder FOV, but not 26mm eyepiece
FOV. I read in the review of Sky and Telescope that there is a feature
in Autostar where you can do a circular search once the go to is
finished, to locate an object. Where do I find this feature?


PS.  Sorry to watch the events surrounding Columbia.  I had printed out
details from Heavens Above of a pass STS-107 was to make on Saturday
night at 20:14 (AEST) and watched part of what was one of it's last
orbits from Rathdowney, Queensland.  I was devastated to wake up Sunday
morning and hear the sad news.

Shane Allen
Mike here: I haven't tried the manual procedure but have noticed that the latitude gets more difficult to change as it gets higher. That may be one of the reasons that it is suggested to change the latitude with the OTA removed. As the "spiral search", press GOTO again. After a few seconds the telescope will start slewing in a spiral box pattern. Press MODE to stop.


This is a section of a post from Yahoo regarding goto accuracy:

"Then went to M42, which is another no-brainer visually, waited for the
slew to finish, centred it with the arrow pads, held and double-tapped
enter to synchronize and I was dead-on the rest of the night. I always
sync my targets throughout the evening, especially planets; they seem to
be close, but off a tad."

What is this synchronizing procedure the author is describing?  Is it
some means of updating Autostar for future goto accuracy?

Mike here: SYNC is a local update of where the Autostar thinks it is. GOTO an object you know (not a planet or Moon). Press and hold ENTER for about two seconds. When you release the button you will see a prompt to press ENTER to SYNC. Center the known object in the eyepiece and press ENTER. The Autostar will now update its current position to that of the object. It is accurate for nearby objects but the further you get from the SYNCed object the less accurate the position will be. I used it a couple of times tonight while observing.


This is a great feature!  It's a shame they don't mention it in the
manual for the telescope!  Thanks Mike.

Subject:	LXD55 8"SC counterweights
Sent:	Sunday, February 2, 2003 10:40:55
From:	GHVideos@aol.com
I've now got the LXD55 8"SC.  I am setting it up at the moment.  I
assume both counter-weights are required to balance the scope.  Some of
the pictures on your web site appear to show only one being used? 
Thanks again.

Mike here: I only use one counterweight. I think the other one is for use if you add heavy accessories.
Subject:	Diagonal size
Sent:	Saturday, February 1, 2003 19:59:42
From:	David Geiger (dgeiger@rcn.com)
I've been looking for awhile and can't seem to find any information on
diagonal sizes for any of the LXD models in particular the SN10

D. Geiger
Northampton, PA
Mike here: I think the AR and SC models all ship with the 1.25" diagonal. The SC model will accept the Meade 2" diagonal.


Mike as you can tell I'm bad with proper scope terminology :(  What I
was referring to was the size of the secondary on the SN models.
    Sorry and thanks in advance
Mike here: That I haven't seen reported.

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