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Subject:	Meade AR6 questions
Sent:	Tuesday, September 9, 2003 00:28:46
From:	"Teddy" (teddy@tclhk.com)
I am living in Hong Kong, China. My home is in country side (Hong Kong'
country side) near a reservoir. I am planning to purchase a telescope to
see the sky.

Meade AR6 is one of my choice. Unfortunately, Hong Kong is a small city,
it is hard to have a place far from city and away from light pollution.

I would like to know is AR6 suitable for city's sky?? and what is your
suggestion for me.

Many thanks for your time.

Teddy Lee
Mike here: All telescopes will be affected by "light pollution". Small aperture telescopes less so than large ones. But then which telescope is best for you depends upon how you want to use it.


Thanks for your info.

I will see your web for more study.

Teddy Lee

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