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Last updated: 14 June 2008
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As of 31 May 2008 I no longer support the LXD55 and LXD75 as I had since 2002. However, the following Email Etiquette is still appropriate although I will not be able to provide support nor will the LXD55/75 web site be updated.

The following "Email Etiquette" applies to items sent to me asking questions or offering tips and contributions of material for the LXD55/75 Site. I have had to make these requests due to the volume of email I receive and the work that I do on the ETX and LXD55 sites. Thanks for complying with them.

Subject Line

You must use a meaningful subject line entry when sending me email. Otherwise your email will get interpreted to be SPAM and deleted UNREAD. It may also be returned to you as "undeliverable".

Email with a subject line like "URGENT REQUEST", "Request for Assistance", "It's here!", "I need some help", "What do you think?", "It didn't work!", or even a blank subject will be moved to a SPAM handling folder and will likely be deleted UNREAD. In fact, any email that has an email address and/or subject line that looks like SPAM will be handled similarly.

Please use a specific subject like "Autostar error", "LXD75-8SC observation report", or "How do I use the Autostar with a Mac?". It should describe in a few words (typically less than 10) the nature of your email message.

Thanks for understanding.

Your Email Address

Use a valid From: and optionally a valid Reply-to: email address when sending email. Due to the volume of email I get, please avoid requesting that I use a different email address for my reply. Also, if your ISP uses a "Spam Blocker" to prevent "non-authorized" emails from reaching your inbox, please add the email address "mweasner@optcorp.com" to the list BEFORE sending me a message. I will not request authorization for replies that I've sent and so my reply might not reach you. If I reply and the reply is rejected due to an invalid From: address or a SPAM blocker, you will not receive my response and the item will not be posted so no one else will benefit from your question, answer, tip, or photo. Thanks again for understanding.

Email sent to my email address as noted on this Site is subject to being posted (at my discretion) to an appropriate section on the Site. Your name and email address will be posted with your feedback, technical tip, astrophotography, or other submissions so that other users can contact you directly with answers to your questions or to provide or get further information. If you do not wish to have to your name and/or email address included or you do not wish to have your item posted, explicitly state this in English in your original email to me. Email addresses posted on the Site will not be sold or otherwise distributed by me, although they are visible to other users and to the jerks who scan web pages for addresses to which they can send SPAM or VIRUSES.

Image Files

Any photos sent should be in JPEG format. Some email systems may require that you encode the image file using Zip or StuffIt.

Message Text

Do NOT use all CAPS when typing your message text. It is hard to read.

DO use paragraph breaks (blank lines) between paragraphs (if appropriate). Avoid using more than one blank line between paragraphs however.

If possible, do not mix questions and/or tips in the same email. That is, don't ask an Autostar question in the same email as a digital camera question. Similarly, please do not include an astrophotography tip with an AutoStar question or tip. Multiple unrelated items in an email message forces me to manually divide up the message for posting in the appropriate areas of the web site.

Please be specific, clear, and provide appropriate details when asking a question or submitting a tip. Emails that ramble on are hard to interpret as to what exactly the problem is. Also, if you have an Autostar question, please include the model (#494, #495, #497, Autostar II) and the ROM version number. If you have a telescope question, please state the model telescope. The same applies to cameras and imagers; state what you have when asking a question or submitting examples of your astrophotography.

I prefer to receive plain text email as opposed to HTML formatted email. If you can configure your email software to turn off HTML for my address, please do so. If you can not turn off HTML, please avoid fancy formatting or fonts in your message. It is really difficult to read white text on a light background or red text on a blue background. Yes, I have received email formatted this way!

Site Announcements

Site Delay Occasionally I will post a Site Announcement to alert visitors that I will be offline for some period of time. It will appear under the "Other" section, as seen at the right. Sometimes I just note that my responses to emails will be delayed; other times I request that email and files NOT be sent to me while I am gone as I will have limited, perhaps slow, and sometimes very expensive access.

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