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Last updated: 17 February 2003

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Saddle Plate Damage

Sent:	Tuesday, February 11, 2003 12:52:42
From:	"Breivogel, Christopher" (breivogel@mailcenter.campbell.edu)
A slight impact the the OTA of my SN-10 (which shouldn't ordinarily
happen anyway), broke the saddle plate in half. I had just gotten the
scope so I contacted Meade and they replaced it free for me. I have
heard of at least one other SN-10 owner breaking the same part. I won't
try to move the scope fully assembled any more (I was carrying it from
my deck into my house, only a few feet). Have you heard this one?

Chris Breivogel, Ph.D.
Mike here: Ouch. Haven't heard of this before. But I have read that it is "soft metal". Glad they replaced it for free.


I haven't looked this up yet, but I was told by Lee Roane of Camcor (a
shop in Burlington, NC where I got my scope) that somewhere on this
Yahoogroup there is a fix fir the problem--filling in the empty spaces
at the bottom side of the saddle plate with epoxy or liquid nails. That
indicates to me that the problem can't be that isolated.

Chris Breivogel

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